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Learning from successful people – what is their secret?

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Started drafting from 26 Jan 2012


Joseph and David had one thing in common: they not only knew that God is with them, but they always see that the Lord always with them.

<Ps 16:8> I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

<诗16:8> 我将耶和华常摆在我面前,因他在我右边,我便不致摇动。

David, Daniel and Paul had one thing in common: their hearts were a mobile temple, and they were very talented people.

<Ps 78:72>And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.

<诗78:72> 于是,他按心中的纯正牧养他们,用手中的巧妙引导他们。

All four of them above had one thing in common: they had very spectacular lives, but they were a bit blind and weak towards the end of their lives, to show the Lord’s choosing over man’s greatness. Joseph chose Manasseh but the Lord chose Ephraim. David was disciplined for counting fighting men and was weak before giving charge to Solomon, to show the Lord’s zealousness in building the temple rather than men’s. Daniel wanted more visions and understanding, but the Lord told him to just go his way till the end, and this is to show that the Lord has His final say in time and allotment of inheritance. Paul went his life to be imprisoned in Rome, but he would rather be consoled in suffering this way so that he can comfort himself better of the unforgettable guilt of killing the believers before he followed Christ. I believe that they were more blessed towards the end of their lives, but being spiritually blessed more does not equate to having more testimonies.

Then there were people like Ruth and Naomi who failed the most of their lifetime until they returned to the Lord. Yet God accomplished greatly to the admiration of many Israelite woman, to bear sons to Boaz, and to be the ancestor of King David.

So what is their secret to success? Their successes were not at the end of their life. Their testimonies of great use were not at the most blessed state of their life. Their secret to success is that they believed God’s promise to them, and they thereby truly believed that whatever God has given to them is the best, and they continue to expand from there in prayers, trusting God’s promise at each step.

To whatever faith God has given you, even if you have little, you can put whatever has been given to “good” use. There is only one thing “good” and that is if it is in the heavenly kingdom. Therefore, ‘putting to “good” use’ means letting them be an instrument of God for the kingdom. Start laboring in the right way.

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