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Before Running The Race

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Started drafting from 26 Jan 2012


Have the Lord impressed upon you that you have to continue to labor? Have you understood why the Lord commands good stewardship? Have you realized why the Lord tells you to continue to live our normal daily lives even if the Lord makes His second coming for you tomorrow?

The wise man in Ecclesiastes said that there is no use if you want or have already gotten everything. There is a time for everything, and all things are for the glory of Jesus Christ. If your aim is to find fruits of prayers, you will find it meaningless too. However, if your heart yearns for Christ’s exaltation, your joy syncs with seeing the power of the gospel 24 hours and in all things, you will have gained a great joyful life. The conclusion of the matter is to fear God and to keep His commandments. If you can have fun following Christ, you already has the conclusion of the matter, not when you have accomplished anything. The crux of every matter is whether the love God increases. It does not matter to have great fruits, because God determines everyone’s role. If the Spirit in you can leave a legacy behind to tell people to truly love the Lord, it is to God’s praise. If the love of God increases, that fruit is a crown to you.

<Mt 20:15-16> Don’t I (God) have the right to do what I want with my own money (gifts/talents to give)? Or are you envious because I am generous (to some other people)?’ “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

<James 4:8> Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

I believe that “if I go near to the Lord, the Lord will come near to me”. It is not about how many insights you have. It is about “when I go near to the Lord and meet Him in prayers”, so that immediately, something happens – there are no problems or complaints that are too big that the Lord has not gone through.

“Wengang, you must follow Me. Believe in Me, and believe in My promise. What I have promised is a man whom I can place my Spirit in. Are you working towards that?”

“Lord, against all, I repent. My purpose on earth is to be more like Jesus, and thereby, to live Him out always. Lord, I repent. I have not been pure in the purpose. I solely want “Only Jesus”.”

And it does not take me ages to live Jesus out – it is immediate. My role is praying for gospelization, a culture that can be God-driven everywhere. This is the absolute reason we cannot feel inferior, but where we can be joyful for people who are better than us.

When I have written the above, the Spirit asked me whether the above are too perfect for our brethrens. It is not easy to come to a realization at every point in the race. It is even harder to continue running the race. I have realized umpteen times, but realized also that without healing into my nature, it is hard to continue. Times have I been that I cannot find my heart, and times have I that I am deceived. Yet I have written the above down to serve as a reminder to all of us including myself. Know only Christ, but continue also to be healed, and realize that you are pulled to run the race even if you do not want it. The best evidence about correctness in Christ is if you are able to continue to “die and resurrect daily”.

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