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Re-test, Rewrite, Recall

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Started drafting from 25 Jan 2012


It is better to know that you are wrong to discover the purer meaning to the gospel than keep on thinking that you are right.

God is with us, and all things work for good for the one who loves God. Sinning, committing, the intent, the slightest thought when tempted are all an act of the human will. The best test of sins forgiven and healing is when the sin has been forsaken.

God saved me out of abyss through Christ, and gave me authority to become a child of God.

Yet, after becoming a Christian, I re-write the understanding of the gospel. God has surely known me before I know salvation, because without living in God, I do not even know if any good thing can come out of my decisions. Christ’s total life was needed for redemption because my identity as a child of God is of the few precious chosen ones. It was a big self-discovery that I am a prince of God with promised blessings coming to me every moment.

Yet, after knowing my identity, I re-write again the understanding of the gospel. Blessings and promise all belong to me, but it is always learning but never come to understanding. The reason is because there is no perfect will in all things incarnated and rooted into my life. Re-knowing Jesus, I discover His Cross, the full demonstration of love and righteousness, sealed into me like a dove of Holy Spirit, and my heart was transformed. The new life ahead has to be re-thinking Holy Spirit coming down to me, and seeking the clearer riddles of what has already been purposed for my whole life.

In <Isaiah 63:11> Then His people recalled the days of old, the days of Moses and His people–where is He who brought them through the sea, with the shepherd of His flock? Where is He who set His Holy Spirit among them..

How do we live then as if we understand? Come near to God and He will come near to you. Do you believe He answers if we test and approve with the degree of faith given to us? If we meet God as living sacrifices, everything, good and bad encounters can be interpreted as the loving answers from God. They form the spirited and rational advancement of God walking with us.

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