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Given, not made


Drafted since 2012-03-01


I come to realize more and more what life is.

Grace is given, not made. Babies are an inheritance given from the Lord, not made. Brethrens are given, not made. If you attend gatherings in church, they are grace, not works. Life is actually grace, given freely to all who have never earned it. This is always the hope, the sermon and the emphasis. This is blessedness, and this is our calling, so that we cannot don’t speak what we have seen and heard about the promise of God to His children.

What about those who feel shortage? What about those who have not yet seen? That is where love grows. Love is the joining up of all brethrens. Love goes all the way to fill the gap. Love is patient. Love is not self-seeking. Love rejoices with the truth. Love always protects. Love never fails. Love reaches the unreached. The shepherd grows in love when lamb goes missing, and at the end, they grow in the unity of the Spirit, building the family and the church up.

Yet, it is not praying and requesting (offering sacrifices for even spiritual blessings), but it is all about submission to whatever vision the Lord has shown us and whatever relationships He has given us. This is where all life goes to appreciate more and more inwards, and springs of life just gushes out.

2 thoughts on “Given, not made

  1. Thank God, that’s the great essence of the Gospel. And it’s Power, Power of Grace and Love which moves all things.

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