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Where Are The Holy Spirit’s Convictions Found?

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Drafted since 2012-02-08


The Holy Spirit’s convictions are found everywhere in all kinds of people when:

1) You build up the foundation from the Word of God

2) You desire to rely on the Holy Spirit, i.e. wait upon Him to convict you (when you bring yourself into the word of God, and let yourself go in God’s word, He convicts you)

3) You notice there are situations you don’t truly believe (have no faith in), and thus repent immediately – when your heart is caused to desire to go in the path of truly believing, you enter into the kingdom of light with the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit, to receive all sorts of convictions.

4) Impromptu convictions do not always come – Relay Prayers / Scheduled prayers daily to think about brethrens’ lives to cause the actual work of God to come melt an abstract heart

5) Morning prayers (morning creativity is most important)

6) You hear pulpit messages

7) You prepare messages

And you go round again from 1).

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