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Mizpah Movement – The Word Movement (Part 1)

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There are 4 word movements that Samuel did in the restoration movement at Mizpah in 1 Samuel Chapter 7. This is also the era that the Lord has called us enjoy and bear the Word Movement. (The word movement as described below are all connected in sequence.) I will split the four messages in the Word Movement in two blog posts.

The First Message: Rid of idols, turn to Jehovah (repentance movement)

Israel drew water and poured it out before the Lord, signalling a totally contrite and poured-out spirit of nothing being righteous except only the Lord. This is not just repenting to try to have more love as head knowledge, but because of seeing the overwhelming possibility of Emmanuel answers in every condition at all times, i.e. God is living and active, there is a realization of flesh, death and sin in myself of why one does not or cannot bear the fruits of love from inside out naturally to all people, beautiful and ugly. Everything that happened to him, good things, and especially bad things, are the Lord’s definite discipline and voice to him.

The Second Message: Restore the sacrifice of blood / burnt offering

Samuel skinned the suckling lamb, taking out all inner organs, burning all of the lamb, showing what has to be gone through in our lives to know Christ. This is not a one-time prayer, but going through dying and resurrecting, willing to let Jesus be Lord and submit to Him, receiving Holy Spirit’s convictions that come to a child of God. But who are the ones who call “Lord, Lord…”? They are the ones who receives forgiveness from Christ dying and resurrecting for them in all things (because they see it is their inner problem in all things), and being loved all the way, they thus receive the born again Spirit with the mystery of the gospel always convicting them. The heart of a child of God is a heart that can receive Holy Spirit’s convictions in everything through the gospel. The blessed one is no longer himself, for he is no more, and he cannot be hurt by anyone and he knows needing to be recognized by people is not a part of him anymore. If Christ recognizes him, he is as happy as being on top of the world. Through dying and resurrecting with Christ, they receive convictions to love everyone deeply. It is not serving, but it is about loving to restore a complete heart of a Lamb of God inside their hearts.

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