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Mizpah Movement – The Word Movement (Part 2)

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The first two messages speak of the gospel messages we normally hear in the churches. However, the restoration movement also emphasize: so what if you know that you need the Lord and you have countless times of experiences that the Lord loves you? Most churches or teachers of the word would just only say, “Therefore, it is time for you to repay the debts of Christ’s love by serving.” However, God definitely does not mean us to go back to worshipping Jehovah God like how we worship idols, or treating the commandments of the Lord as a “to-do” or “not to-do”. God definitely does not mean for us to be bounded by His ways and His Spirit. His Spirit is not evil as the Spirit in God loves us even till the extent to adopt us as sons, and shows us more love than He showed Christ His only begotten.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

So what is God’s plan after giving His life to us? What are the third and forth messages for blessed believers of this era?

The Third Message: Philistines retreated and Israel regained her territory

Samuel set up a stone of Ebenezer (stone of God’s help) in the place where Israel was defeated 20 years ago, proclaiming that Israel was helped all the time, even in the seeming failure 20 years ago. What is greater than knowing and even experiencing the great mystery of Jesus Christ? What is greater than having Holy Spirit’s convictions in all things? It is when you confirm that you are actually one with Christ. There is overcoming victory in everything because there is confirmation till there is fixed perspective. A heart can receive many kinds of convictions of the Holy Spirit, but it does not mean that he can recognize the truths and evidences of the Holy Spirit working more zealously than him descending upon his heart. Through battles over and over again, the child of God realizes nothing is truer than God’s absolute truth, Holy Spirit and answers in all things coming in the form of love into the heart. The heart changes from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh. The heart is now changed and it truly believes! Cultivation and training still belongs to religion, but the gospel talks about unconditional unity of grace that lives a new creation in a person’s spirit, soul and body, and in all his earthly conditions. This is what we mean by “equipping”. This is the Spirit that causes enemies and unluckiness to be terrorized at the sight of you. How can demons even come near? The child of God lives by the truth, no matter how his feelings change. He has already made a covenant with God. He comes to church and stays with brethrens because he knows quietly that “this is my life, this is my way, this is what I am”. The child of God loves by the truth, a truth that he is a child of God with the same glory as the other brethrens, and such a love towards brothers and sisters is therefore unconditional to any biasness or changes, all because he has overcomed and sees much, much further that nothing can take away his peace.

Is there a forth message? So what if you truly believe? You will realize that you yourself need to and actually love to abide by the truths of Word of God, loving all the laws and commandments of God, to live out Christ.

The Fourth Message: Restore decrees, nation safe and peace

This is the time where both Saul and David were raised as disciples, though Saul was an example of a contrasting disciple that could not pass this kingdom fourth message test. Revolutionists are born through persecutions and motivations, but disciples are not only born through conditions that are yet normal, always and daily, but they seek to learn in all sorts of minute but foundational ways how to live Christ out in all types of conditions. There are definite evidences because they seek the unity of the Holy Spirit with all. It is not because he is great, but he understood that there is no one person on earth that can totally have peace and be totally sinless, because every insurance / guarantee / promises of men are never absolutely secured; they all affect the human heart. Because of this understanding, he finds that he cannot but follow the Lord. He realizes that it is only through following the Lord’s perfect will that he can have true freedom, because true freedom comes from God being pleased with him, He Himself becoming the guarantor and the promise. It is through true freedom that he can really truly love without any streak of “accusation of him doing it all because it benefits him or of any biasness”. Therefore, because of true love that comes from the Spirit in the first place, he checks whether his belief system can be understood by the people around him. It is because he loves people truly and he loves his brethrens even more, that he wants to know if they really get the rewards from heaven. He creates a joyful and spiritual mood by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, healing by patiently confirming for the weak, and raising an army of Christ’s workers by inspiring them to ultimately restore the likeness of Christ. He does not only care about training himself to receive the convictions himself, but because he knows Holy Spirit’s convictions and anointing come from God’s decision, he is totally willing to follow and submit to all teachings of God just to get the Holy Spirit’s convictions that come even more after he submits and flows with the Spirit. This is sacrificing the smallest oneself for the sake of gaining the great Person (牺牲小我,完成大我). The greatest in the kingdom of heaven belongs to one who humbles himself like a child before all men, especially to his brothers and sisters, so that they may together all receive a total restoration of Holy Spirit’s convictions 24 hours and in all things that reaches the heavens and the angels give praises to God!

The four messages of the Mizpah Movement are all important, but are also in sequence. Actually, they look like the same thing, but the shepherd knows the timetable of a believer or a worker through how much the Spirit in him responds to an ever deepening understanding of “God has already showed us everything, and He is willing to give everything to those who ask Him for everything”.

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