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The Already Victorious Lord Jesus Christ Right Now

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Drafted since 2012-04-16


Recently, the message on Revelations and the proposition that our Emmanuel message is closer with Amillennialism struck me. In my belief all these while, I haven’t been as clear as before when I realized the reformed theology of Amillennialism actually means to say that Christ is victorious right now as we are living in the 1000 years of joy where Satan is already bound up (Revelation Chapter 20). I realized the importance of the foundation of theology through this. It is not the study or research, but the very foundation that brings me to realize and understand why I do not have to toil or work hard for the gospel, but to enjoy and be led by the zealousness of God that is already present right now. I realize how important the message of Revelation is. If we know the past, present and future, everything we live right now is different.

I came from a traditional church. The spirit of it brings the proposition that Christ second coming is before the 1000 years (Pre-millennialism). The 1000 years where Satan is bound up is yet to come. This means I have to slightly suffer and endure till the end of the days come. The perfect will for God to propose this is not totally incorrect, because as the end of days are coming near, the works of Satan are becoming greater. Yet, while it is not totally incorrect, the spirit only means that I need to serve and serve, and wait for the better good days to come.

Because Christ is already with me right now, which is Emmanuel, I am already successful. Yes, Satan’s works are getting worse, but Jesus Christ has already won, and has won far more than Satan can get hold of Him and His church. I see overwhelming hope for our church, and I see God’s perfect will for every situation and condition that happens to me, my family and the church. To everything that happens, there are not only good plans, but there is a perfect will and an already victorious reason why God allows them. The Lord is with me. The Lord is going to use me to bless all nations. Yes, because Christ is reigning with us who love Him as kings, world gospelization is definitely possible, not because of man’s zeal, but the zeal of the Lord shall accomplish it. And also, the only remaining reason why I am still on earth is so that the Spirit and life within me can become more and more blessed (modelled after Christ), that through this life of mine, the Spirit can be used to bless the people around me and to bless all nations around me. What matters is the spirit within me, for it is greater than the whole wide universe. In fact, we are given the promise that the Spirit within me has already won over the whole spiritual realms. We enjoy to live, and we have a hope to see a better church tomorrow to labour for. Yet, everything is in God’s hands, and He has helped, and is helping us, and has already helped.

Therefore, whatever happens after this – if there are problems, there definitely must have the Holy Spirit to seek out the repentance that is most contrite, and seek out the expanding gospel in it. Will you not be totally happy about it if this is the case?

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