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The Hardware, The Software, and The Freedom in Christ

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The Word of God is absolute and it says that in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word was among men, but men do not know Him and darkness fills the hearts of men. The light of the world is in the Son of Man. This light shines grace and truth upon all to let them discover who they really are, as children of God. This is absolute, eternal and definitely cannot be compromised. Without absoluteness, there is no hope of resurrection. This is Logos, and is the beginning and the end.

Yet, the Word of God cannot be held strongly alone, else the structure of the hearts of men will misunderstand the essence of God’s word. Strangely, when a person grasps on the Word of God rigidly, he is already in a state of religion, man reaching out to God, and he will die. No one can see the face of God. There is no one without weakness. The Word of God is given so that its voice will reach the most contrite of men, and they will respond deep from within their hearts. The Word of God is given not to be required by it, but to allow a person to overwhelmed by the power and works of the Word of God. This is recognizing the Holy Spirit when the Word of God is received into the inner hearts of men. “Yet to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God” <Jn 1:12>. The Word of God has to melt the hearts of men, the intention and will of God that already happened before the creation of the world must pierce out from within the heart, and it must give life and voices, from the inside out. This is analogous to the Holy Spirit blowing His Spirit into men made in the likeness of God.

Yet, where is the mystery of all these? Between the hardware (Word of God) and the software (Holy Spirit), Christ has shown the best and only perfect model. The main works of Christ is in death and resurrection, or on the cross. He knew the Word of God, then He let the Word reign in His body to the full, so that when His body passes away, the Holy Spirit is borne in full. I hope I have been clear enough here.

What I actually mean is – take for example – working life. We definitely need an absolute Word of God (gospel and gospelization) to tell us the purpose of life as children of God. Yet working life must be Holy Spirit inspirational, creative and wise; seeking, testing and approving the original creational intent of the perfect will of God in that matter at that time. The only way to connect the Word of God and the Holy Spirit is that you must let yourself go totally in between the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, yet holding firmly in both, and this is called prayers. Prayer is a mystery that fulfills the total measure of death of resurrection of Jesus Christ, and allows the Lord of Creation to be honored, glorified and convicted to work beyond the limited hands of men in your daily work. Prayer makes sure it starts with love and ends in self-control. Most importantly, if we accord to the works in the spiritual world, work may seem to fail in the eyes of the world, but time and angels will prove it.

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