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Asking The Right Questions of Diagnosis

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Drafted since 2012-03-08


Asking questions is a skill. Yet this skill is not learnt, but it comes from holding to an unwavering but absolute truth and thus checks him or her life on all the matters and state in the heart.

Many of us ask “Why do I not follow the Holy Spirit?” If this comes from a heart that is accused, you will continue to be accused. Do we have a choice to follow the Holy Spirit? Is not the Holy Spirit guiding us already? This is not about knowing that we have some form of disobedience. This is not the “knowing sin” (知罪) that will bring exaltation to the value of the gospel. No amount of repentance can bring us closer to God with a heart that is accused. A heart that is accused can never bring glory to God and intimacy with God.

Yet, we should ask, “Why do I not have a heart that listens to the Holy Spirit?” If we ask this, we will immediately come before the Lord, tear our hearts apart, and plead the Lord to change our hearts, complete demolishment and newly rebuilding my heart in all ways of the gospel.

But what is the gospel? The gospel is the very heart of God at the beginning of all things. The heart that is before the requirements of the law is the spirit that is pure and upright freed up towards all willingness to follow the intentions of God’s very own heart.

When we ask the right questions, we inevitably come to a conclusion that goes into our very spirit that faces God in the Most Holy Place: “Do not Weaken the Value of the Cross”. Have a listen to the message here:





English Translation


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