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How does the Emmanuel Message Work In a Church?

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Frankly speaking, we are crazy for Christ when we start the church with nothing but proclaiming that “Jesus is the all-problem solver”. Many times, I ask myself, “Will it really work out?” But we always continue persevering. Why? It is easier to believe that God is living and with us, than to follow a hypocritical spirit in half-truths, trying to rely on religious organizations that already has some form of success or foundations to start with (but which you know is not willing to go to God face-to-face to solve the bad yeast that is in the church present in every era). It is not about doing something so that my heart feels more heroic. But it just isn’t in the love of God to lean yourself upon what is less than what the Lord Jesus has given everything for. So how should it start right and continue in life that is ever attracting?

When we go through a life of difficulties, discipline, frustration, etc, do we learn what the Holy Spirit wants to teach us? It is when my life swings up and down again and again, that I made resolution not to be carried off by external circumstances, but to catch the absolute answer never to be like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind again <James 1:6>.

Is not Emmanuel God with us already? He wants us to be joyful, hope and love Him. This is where the Emmanuel message explains “born again”, or the start of Christian living. A Christian starts with assurance God the Father is already into His child with fiery eyes.

  • If God gives me happy events, He does not want me to “rely on happy things” to be joyful, but of course, He wants me to immediately give thanks and praise to Him.
  • If God allows me to have problems or weaknesses, He does not want me to dwell into problems, because problems will only suck you deeper and deeper into negativity; but because problems to a child of God always means more blessings, we can immediately greatly expect, hope and love God.
  • If God disciplines me (for the things I can actually have some control of), of course He never wants to accuse me, but because discipline only happens to the children of God whom He loves, I immediately look to Him with loving eyes, seek His perfect will, and respond “I will just submit to Him”.

When we keep on centering on “giving thanks and praising Him”, “hope, expect, love God”, and “seek His perfect will and obey”, we will come to a point in time where we will pass a kingdom test called “Ecclesiastes”, i.e. making a covenant with God. This is where a person gets God’s calling to become a servant of God. It is here that one realizes that serving is all for his own benefit, and has testimony of entering into ministry. This is the place when we begin to understand “why” God loves us so as to give us every blessing even when we are yet incomplete. Who can understand that God loves us so much, so that He wants to give us His heart? It takes time for people to understand this. Not many people can realize this.

  • When we are happy and we praise Him, He actually wants us to have an assured heart that He is always there for us.
  • When we are weak and thus hope in Him, He actually wants us to know we are made to need Him and have a heart of reliance on Him.
  • When we are disciplined and the fruit is loving submission to Him, He actually wants us to keep on experiencing heart of renewal in our life and lifestyle.

There is yet another turning point, and this is the third turning point. Instead of just serving for the cause of Evangelism and pastoring people, we will begin to realize that Christ is already even in the people we serve and shepherd.

  • It is all about brethren-living and brethren-principles fixed by God. Who is the one who relies on God Jehovah the most? David is a man after God’s heart. I have asked the Lord when I recently read 1 Samuel “Lord, can You give me David’s heart?” God gave us assured heart so that we can see others better than myself <Phippians 2:1-11>.
  • It is deeply complicated in interpersonal relationships, and it is true that forgiving people is easier said than done. David went through all that, and lived out the principles of brethren living in <Matthew Chapters 18-20>, fit for a king to administer the whole political (politics, taken positively, is actually a word for meaning “managing brethrens”) scene of Israel. Who is the one who sees that “the Lord Jesus paid my sins and forgave even me”? God gave us a heart of reliance because we also need to rely on God’s and brethrens’ forgiveness, compassion, intercessions and help for us.
  • What about the brethren-relationships that is really out of control for us to solve? The only problem is “stubbornness”, “own motives” and not coming out from thinking “it is impossible”, i.e. the only problem is “you do not face God”. When we face God, we can start receiving answers of the love of His plan, timetable and long-suffering. What you cannot solve is not for you to solve, but we can love God and remain in Him in faith. We can carry our own cross, and follow Christ. We can believe right now in the Holy Spirit’s patient and enduring work of unity. In simple words, brethren-living is about “letting Christ live manifested in from the unique you” in executing wisdom in displaying love and righteousness <Proverbs>. This is also called following the Holy Spirit in <Galatians 5>, and called “offering our lives as living sacrifices in sincerely loving others” in <Romans 12-16>.
  • *** Inside here contains the most beautiful answer. It has the answer that the people at the ends of the world need. This is because all really blessed people 1) are faced with problems that happen in their marriage/family/church relationships so that they come to the 100% gospel of no addition and subtraction, 2) need holistic gospel healing for their perspectives to gently transform, 3) need the fully-equipped gospel to solve brethren-problems that still remain after starting out 100% in the gospel and being healed.

At the end of the conclusion of Emmanuel to be said, it is all about love.

Love is right there when you discover you are born to be loved, born in grace. A little more love is where you forgive people who are supposed to bless you but did not. Great love is where you forgive and love people who blamed you for what you did not do. A much greater love is where you forgive yourself for not being able to bless people and you give whatever you have in your life conditions to love him/her. The greatest love is where you can rejoice to give your life to people to be more blessed than yourself.

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