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Why Is The Lord Forcing Me?

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Drafted since 2012-02-08


When you felt it is the Lord forcing you, do not suspect God’s love for you in all things. All peoples who are used by God go through great sufferings. Hidden in the sufferings are great blessings of His Holy Spirit. God wants you to receive every power. Do you want to receive such a healing? It is because you have that one thing you think you need or learn or attain to do in order to be able to say something, prove something, and you unknowingly bind yourself into the requirements of the law. i.e. This is accusation. All men are in this situation: they think they must accomplish first. Realize that this is not yourself but the trickery of Satan. This is the Gospel: God does not have conditions or strings attached to bind you so that you can be promised, be healed, and be used. Realizing of being deceived, there is an urge to find resolution: there is only one way, and this is to deny self, take up your own cross, and follow Jesus. We follow not because we are free to do so, but because He heals us at the cross (we die and resurrect with Him – His cross meets our cross) we carry. In this way, we are healed. The method of grace actually means that we do not have to know everything to start with, but we CAN learn along the way.

When you begin to walk, you will realize it is not easy. But do not suspect that the Lord will not walk with you, carry you through and give you strength timely and appropriately. The sufferings are to emphasize that it is God’s choosing not men. God’s emphasis that you come to face God to receive the promise/covenant yourself, and this is not a commitment, but a realization that there is nothing greater than what God has planned everything (about gospelization in all things), so that you see a hope to put yourself in this path that God has already laid. When you do this, you then realize that all your conditions are not only given by God, but they are totally complete for you to accomplish the covenant through you. Through being able to “use” your limited conditions, you will begin to see that it is completely possible to have wisdom in “all things”, even things in all other people.

Along the road of sufferings, you will see that God wants to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Do not give yourself an excuse that you can do everything but think that God cannot accomplish that one weakness you have in yourself, your family, or your conditions. In fact, you will come to realize that it is through the most sorrowful thing that is going to bring you THAT blessing. Through that, you will discover that because you have overcomed the enemies’ gates, you no longer have fear in anything, and you can enjoy every single thing, managing them in the back of your mind.

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