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A Man After God’s Heart

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The heart of God is love, the mind of God is the perfect will in His laws, and the hand of God is sure fulfillment.

Christ is not Jeremiah’s love, neither Elijah’s power, nor John the Baptist repentance, but Christ is of these 3 anointing in one. Christ is not of Joab who has laws, wisdom and strategies, not Saul who represents power and might, and not the great felt love like that of Jonathan, but of David 3-in-1.

Rationale, Joab has it (he is the nephew of David, has strategies and wisdom through the laws of God) and even though he betrayed David, God had still used Joab for Israel. Saul had spirit (Spirit of God came upon him, but his temper is also great, thereby easily influenced by the evil spirit), and even though he went worse in being influenced by the evil spirits, God still used Saul for Israel. Jonathan/Michal had love (they represent the great passionate love of storge, phileo and eros. Idols became okay for Michal. Jonathan and Michal looked like weak people who seek only love and not power and fame like their father), and even if Jonathan died a tragic death with Michal an unloved concluding life, God had used Jonathan by working greatly through him to cause panic to Philistines.

God can use anyone. God can use a person who knows the wisdom through God’s word. God can use a person who relies on the spiritual realms. God can also use a person who is loved and seeks only love. But they are still far away from God’s heart. So what if you have been used by God in His kingdom? So what if you have tasted the joys of seeing God’s response to your faith? So what if you knew the ways of comfort? Few people have really known the heartof God.

David is (1) a man (2) after God’s (3) heart.

For those who love the Lord, sufferings have already taken place in their lives, because they are not of the world. But for those who continue to tear themselves apart to seek for the precise heart of God, God will show “a man after God’s heart” to them.

The “(1) man (2) after God’s (3) heart”

(1) Because of an undeniable Relationship (love) (Love started from God. Love grows in truth. Love knows. Everyone is related to one another. Therefore, this chosen, called, “beloved”, favored, blessed heart come understanding that this relationship is divinely graciously given, sealed and locked away permanently in the depths of his life. This forms the basis of all his life)


(2) He Seeks (perfect will from statutes of God, always come to face God alone, always humbly repent, tear himself apart to seek the ever glorious ways and methods of God, not before men but in plain sight of God’s throne. The laws of God must have a deeper meaning back to the heart of God, for God can make it possible to speak concisely, powerfully and wisely through His word of revelation)


(3) From his own conditions (God’s heartbeat is for a man to be found with God’s heart. Therefore, the promise given to him applies to all the given conditions by God. A person who believes will test and approve over and over again, and find God’s heart appearing more and more in his own heart).

Oh, how I wish to receive the heart of David, the heart of Paul, the heart of Christ! May the Lord imprint on me the everlasting glory of Christ’s heart that is on every of His glorious image.

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