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Outside In

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Drafted 2012-05-23


Many of us know the term “inside out”, where our lives should be lived and expanded from the heart because it is the wellspring of life <Pro 4:23>. But I would like to pose a question for thought:

Are you trying to find out more about “how to deal with issues of life” instead of “does my heart desire having springs of life flowing within”? <Mt 6:21> says “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Your spirit is bigger than the whole wide universe. Why try to expand the universe outside when you have a universe inside? Nothing outside makes a person unclean except what is inside a person’s heart <Mk 7>. But everything outside can make a person cleaner if a person’s heart is clean.

The child of God identity finds himself belonging to the kingdom of God. Greatly loved by God, he finds God’s promise of 4 gospelizations coming to him because he is loved by God, dispelling all forms of inferiority complex, because God wants to use him greatly unlimitedly. Through testing and approving by the covenanted promise between him and God, God shows him wisdom and perfect will in dealing with the issues of life. We all know “inside out”.

There is a term in Chinese that I cannot find in any English bible. This word is 爱子. The Apostle of Love says this, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God” <John 1:1>. But he also says that God is love <1Jn 4:8>. Every emphasis in history, in the bible, in myself, and in the church is about the child of God. Everything is about the heart of a child of God. Perhaps <John 1:1> can be paraphrased as “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Love, and the Word was Love”. Everything in the world revolves about the Son of God’s Love. This is Jesus Emmanuel, Who appeared so that I can discover myself as the inheritor of this love, so that I can be called a child of Love as well.

1) My identity is a unique child of God’s incarnated love, because I am uniquely different from the only begotten Son of God Jesus Christ. I was saved out from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Son of His love <Col 1:13>. This means that when I come to face God, face angels, or face my family and the people around me, I don’t really try to face them as a son of a bouquet of love to them (my emphasis). I do not try to become a child of God, but I live as a face of a child of God, an image of a child of God to the world, so that God and all people face me as a child of God.

2) God has promised me sanctification like Jesus Christ, family gospelization, workplace gospelization and world gospelization. The promise of God meant that God loved every of my conditions as He bled for me to make sure that all conditions given to me are assuredly the best for the unique me. He promised me so that I can come to realize that I am God’s promise. I do not face all my conditions, but all conditions face me as the source of all blessings. With this, the promise meant that I can find reconciliation through a subset of limited conditions that is given to me. The life inside of me is too valuable and precious to be limited by a set of conditions. The conditions work for me. Therefore, I don’t train myself to take in those conditions, but my goal is to see God in the conditions given to me. Training outside in, the spirit anointed with “promise” in me will be able to see God’s promise in every person’s conditions.

3) God actually didn’t only want me to test and approve His perfect will, but His purpose is that I become the perfect will of God, that I become the flesh of His Holy Spirit, so that I become a person of Wisdom, a Man of God, a Beautiful person filled with the Holy Spirit. (He does not only want me to get “some” perfect will or “some” wisdom.) With this, all paths come in front of me: they need my wisdom to make paths straight. The career path ahead of me, the inheritance of a blessed portion through the church, they speak wisdom to me, and they are the calling to me. They are the roles I immediately will receive freedom if I just grasp the flow of them coming into my perfect life. Nobody’s life is perfect, but a person’s life immediately becomes perfect when the glory of Christ’s incarnation descends into a person’s eyes and heart.

Now, if I ask “When will the issues of life have an outward visible testimony recognized by angels”, it only proves that I am either starting to doubt God’s ability to enable my life, or that Satan’s hints are getting into me, so that I begin to get the temptation to compromise with the world. I do not know tomorrow, but what I do know is that, if I continue to ask this question, the voice of God stops. I want to continue in believing the Almighty God.

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