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Unseen Idols Creeping Into Our Prayers (Part 1)

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Balaam is a prophet of Jehovah God (he called Jehovah his God). He speaks whatever God tells him to. And they are fulfilled by God. He prayed to God, and God told him not to curse Israel. Yet when there is profit again, he thought the profits must be a voice from God to go with Balak to curse Israel. He tested and approved, and he received peace as God told him to go ahead. God wanted to kill Balaam. Through a donkey, Balaam then realized God is not happy and wanted to turn back (yes, he really is not upright at all). Yet, the way he has learned prayers, and this is definitely through his non-rooted belief system of no love, he continued to hear the voice of God to try to curse Israel again. “Perhaps cursing Israel can be one of God’s perfect will?”

No one can be a sorcerer or a prophet of God to speak spiritual things or oracles unless he believes deeply what he has always formed about what God is. Then the voices will come to him. From the 5-part oracles he had uttered, we saw how a non-rooted belief has always been there in Balaam’s heart:

Oracle 1: Always only asking for the most peaceful road avoiding strong ideas about denying self so as to escape unhappiness in the congregation <Nu 23:7-10>

Oracle 2: Always searching for mightier and stronger things, despising the meek and gentle (which in fact, are people of 8 beatitudes) <Nu 23:18-24>

Oracle 3: Always thinking that prosperity in spirit, soul, body and materials are better than the poor in spirit, soul, body, having satisfaction and thanksgiving in all things <Nu 24:3-9>

Oracle 4: Always prioritizing ruling over others instead of submission and servitude <Nu 24:15-19>

Oracle 5: Always condemning the unbelievers and weak believers instead of compassion, prayers for them and entrusting them to God for bringing them to contriteness to the grace of the cross <Nu 24:20-24>

This matter was so strangely deceiving that in <Nu 24:25> “Then Balaam got up and returned home and Balak went his own way”, seemingly that both Balaam and Balak made peace and went their own ways home. It turned out that the fact is that the Midianites had deceived Israel <Nu 25:18> and it was the scheming counsel of prophet Balaam to tell the Midianite women to entice Israel into harlotry with them <Nu 31:16> because through the 5-part oracles, Balaam had seen that God would definitely not harm His people. In fact, at the 5th oracle, he saw that it pleased God to bless Israel, so he blessed Israel. In a way, (my own interpretation) I think Balaam finally saw through the way to get to curse Israel, which is through blessing the Israelites with no cross of Jesus Christ. With Israelites receiving blessings without limit, they would not understand why they could not receive the “blessings” of pleasuring their bodies with idolatry and immorality. With no love for God’s people, he must have thought that it is only right to punish Israelites if they still cannot follow the Lord’s voice even with earthly blessings, because he can do one thing that he is proud of, which is, he can only pronounce what God wants him to pronounce.

Balaam were influenced by the same spirit as Reubenites, Dathan and Abiram, and Korah, who did not get the seed of God’s heart, received no inheritance from God in the second census of Israel <Nu 26> because their spirits were in “wells without water, clouds carried by a tempest, for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever” <2Pe 2:17>. These are false teachers!

You might have learnt a lot about God’s truths, God’s words, even theology, memorized the bible, shared with people about the God you are serving, and even present zealousness towards your God; however, if you do not know God’s hidden manna (God’s hidden heart), even if you have been healed of your problems and thus become faithful in many things to God, all your faithfulness will bring you instead to idolatry and immorality. Yes, it can happen (see the message to the Church of Pergamum in Revelation).

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