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The Root of All Problems and The Answers From The Root

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A very straight and fine thread of understanding of where your root problem is, is a very important thing to know.

If you want to find direction in life, you have to know where you are going ultimately on earth. Your problem is not about having no direction, but you have no one to give you assistance. Man does not live alone. Even if you have a direction, you will still not find answers and meaning in life. Yes, ultimately, you know you want to be useful to God’s kingdom in the purpose of living. However, you still do not know that your problem is that you do not know when the Lord is actually progressing you in work. Your problem is a spiritual problem.

If you want your children to be blessed, you have to know that as parents, you do not love them enough so that they do not receive your spirit of blessings. You have not created an atmosphere of a Christian culture to seek after the Lord with an altar in the family. But that is not the root problem. You and your spouse create this atmosphere, and this is why your children cannot get it. Yet, this is not the root problem. You cannot find total enjoyment in body, soul and spirit with your husband because you do not know how and what the Lord is already doing between you both. Your problem is a spiritual problem.

If you have financial difficulties, that is not the root problem. The problem is that you still want to get certain things so that your motives and desires can be realized. Yet, this is not your root problem. The problem is that your inferiority gives place to pride, so that you cannot conquer your wants and desires. Your problem is a spiritual problem.

How do we solve the spiritual problem then? One try and it comes back worse? Since this is a spiritual problem, you cannot expect visible promotion in your career first; you cannot expect your spouse to love you first; and you cannot expect any financial aid first. Yes, they may come as grace of God, but you won’t be able to see them as “grace” if you expect them to come. You have to find “God loving you first”.

If you find that “God loves you” through Jesus Christ, you can do anything. I emphasize this: “anything”. I discover that “love” is the greatest power in the world. If love has descended on you, you can do anything and all the way. And that will touch any kind of people, and that will touch God for non-people related problems.

If not, the root problem has to be emphasized again. Your problem can only be solved by the source of your life, which is Jesus Christ, the Creator of Life.

You must find the ultimate assurance in it. You must find the ultimate purpose of joy in discovering this assurance and living the purpose of this. You must then find all your healing in conversing with God.

The check to realize the thread “to the root problems” and the thread to realize “to the solution in Christ” must be kept in the spirited and lively mind always. A person must be totally torn apart and newly rebuilt in his heart and mindset. But the knowledge of the two threads is really important. This is because, along the way of rebuilding your life, grace of God will touch you and Satan will take the chance for you to forget the temple God wants you to tear apart and rebuild up. Then you can understand your timetable of healing, and also at the same time, know where to put your strength in the spiritual battles to “lose yourself” and “receive the love of God” in that area that needs healing.

At the conclusion of life, you will find that your life is made to emphasize the cross of Jesus Christ, a testimony to your family and to all nations.

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