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Relying on the Truth (Part 1)

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Is relying on the Holy Spirit a feeling? The Holy Spirit is already a feeling / conviction, so actually, relying on the Holy Spirit is not relying on a feeling, but actually relying on the truth of God’s word and perfect will. I am going to try to write a 4-part blog series on “Relying on the Truth”. Here is the first.

Most religions have an abstraction (or a supernatural side) to go into denying themselves, losing themselves, and thereby enter into a state of cleaner, purer and trained heart, so that they be freed from all guilt, inferiority and problems in the heart. (Sometimes, we also say that our heart has to be healed so that all our lifestyle and interpersonal relationships can be healed, but the gospel does not really say that; in fact, the gospel says that our heart is only healed when “what God says” come to us.) The prince of the air (the spirit in the world) tells us that we must “totally have confidence, reliance and belief” in some “innovation, for the better good, or for integrity sake” in order to live a life of motivations and unwavering direction. These are the strength of idols. Their examples can be seen greatly in the lives of great philanthropists, celebrities, politicians, leaders or great commercial organizations. “They truly believe in their hearts”, so that in keeping their hearts cleaner and more upright than ever, and this gives place to the spiritual strength to come upon them.

However, when we talk about the Holy Spirit, it is totally different. If God is already with us, when we die, we resurrect at the same time. If God has entered us, when we “die”, we allow His truths to reign over us. Religion is about denying oneself and having nothing to replace in (because they believe in men’s merits and ability). But the gospel is first having the truth that God is with us, faithfully ministering to us at every moment, and His loving kindness and providence are already with us, therefore, when we die with Christ, the truths that are borne in our hearts become alive in our hearts.

How do we know that the truth (Holy Spirit) has entered into our lives? We know it when we see our mindset changed after prayers. More relevantly, we know it when we see a change in our lifestyle 15 min after prayers (quote: George Muller). Relying on the Spirit is not an abstract “relying on some peace that has come upon you so that you can find back your faith”, but relying on the Spirit is just a “eureka!” simplistic understanding of the very simple truth that “God is alive and He rewards those who seek after Him” <Heb 11:6>. Without such a faith, it is impossible to get the Holy Spirit. (In fact, you might have slightly be influenced by the evil spirit if your faith is not based on truth but on some peaceful feelings.)

Hebrew 11:6 And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

What are the truths of God? God the Father faithfully loving and providing us, Christ the visible faith target, Holy Spirit the unlimited wisdom through faith, the bible correcting our faith, the angels ministering and fallen angels driving us to prayers, the kingdom that is with us expanding till ends of times, myself a vessel called to proclaim light from darkness, the church that groups and grows a vision, the lifetime purpose that spurs us to model after Christ, and the limited time that calls us to discipleship understanding eternal judgement and daily crown to be received. The truths of God give the correct Holy Spirit. But the correct Holy Spirit will confirm the truth by signs that accompanied it. Therefore, we do not form a religion of building up truths, but we have a faith that is from heaven, where the truths are already revealed totally and fully to us. By relying on these truths, we rely on the Holy Spirit.

If our faith has an object (God’s Truths – what are God’s truths, in the next part of the blog), we have come to an original realm to realize the former things that God has planned in our lives. What God has planned originally for us is not a life of “serving Him”, but a life of “restoring Him”. It is not a life of “chasing after Him”, but a life of ‘discovering Him”. Christian living is a life that sees our “old corrupted perception” driven away and be replaced by “the originally refreshed heartbeat of God”.

We will explore more of this in the next part.

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