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Relying on the Truth (Part 2) – The Truth Brought To Light

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Drafted since 2012-06-15


The truths have never changed. It is us who have changed. The Holy Spirit has never changed, but we have left Him in trying to explore Him psychologically. I realize that we can continue beating around the bush of talking about the concept of truth and Holy Spirit, but never getting it there, unless the truths are spoken, and the Holy Spirit is continually understood. When the truth is revealed, the Holy Spirit is revealed, and all the mysteries of Relying on the Truth just will just happen. Let us join all the truths of the bible together in 10 connected truths.

1) God the Father – He is the King, holding dominion of all, in control of all our lives, has already planned our lives. Therefore, our joy is found in desiring Him and in offering ourselves as living sacrifice in exchange for a renewed mind. He measures and judges all our lives, yet He protects us to keep us from falling. There is a time for everything – His providence comes not later, not earlier, but right now. He provides on time so that the essence of practical faith based on truth can be borne in us.

2) God the Son – At the right time, God made Christ the original Word, perfect model and testimony of His word. He is the light that exposes all darkness. For we all need a visible example to follow, so that all who receives Him, authority is given to them, and they are neither borne of man’s will nor a strong abstract feeling, but that truth and grace are given birth to those called the children of God. Christ is the only One Who tramples on Satan, where only salvation is found, and He is the only way to go to the Holy Spirit.

3) God the Holy Spirit – The Spirit of promise hovering in all the earth enters so that the truth can be sealed and breathed into our life, that we become a person with a living soul, i.e. because He lives, we will also live. If we desire Him, He will love us. If we love Him, we will follow His commandments, so that we can be enabled to believe in Him. Believing is to understand, so that this peace already overcomes the world, where the prince of the air resides. A spiritual man sees through and judges all things, because the Holy Spirit causes him to remember God’s teachings and voices them unlimitedly. When His covenant fills us, we will be caused to become witnesses to all nations.

4) The Bible – all teachings from the Bible that you have ever learnt and been assured before, keep it as a connected thread from when you are young, for all Scripture is God-breathed and are edifying for rebuking and for restoring correct paths. It is living and active, discerning all hidden intentions and motives, exposing areas we have been deceived. Only the word of the Lord stands forever un-swayed and absolute, and we will not receive the spirit of the world, but the Holy Spirit set apart from the world. For all that the Holy Spirit wants to fulfil is every word of the bible. Those who hear and obey all that is recorded are blessed, because the time is near.

5) Righteous Angels and one third fallen – angels are ministering spirits often coming from God and going back. They are moved when we pray to restore every word of the scripture to be fulfilled, and they perform works on earth to answer our prayers. They are what are in the air, not in the heavenly realms where the absoluteness of God cannot be shaken. Yet there is Satan leading a third of the heavenly hosts to fall with him, always desiring to eat up Christ. The great dragon, accuses the saints day and night, yet all these are to give birth to testimonies through their blood of suffering with Christ. With limited time, they disguise cunningly as angels of light to give worldly wisdom through God’s laws and enjoyment in feelings of lust. We were formerly dead in sins, unknowingly being controlled by the prince of air. Yet when we are revived in our spirits, there begins a spiritual battle where we are called to wear the armour of God in defence and in counterattack by relying on Holy Spirit, praying in all forms. We can drive demons away victoriously because we know he is surely thrown into lake of fire at the end of time.

6) Kingdom – Though we need to go through ministering angels to reach the unshakable God, and are often beaten, we have already been seated at the right hand of God as Christ has been resurrected in us. We now belong to this Kingdom with heavenly citizenship as the kingdom has descended upon us. Therefore, when we continue to seek first His kingdom, all answers can be realized, and the kingdom expands, and all who are appointed are gathered to Him. By the signs of times, we know the kingdom is near, yet it comes only when the gospel has been preached to all nations. At the end, the new heavens and new earth will descend, where God will be our God forever in praises and blessings, God with us and us with God.

7) God’s people (myself) – The kingdom can only be descended to those who are chosen before the creation of the world. When we hear truth of God’s word, we believed, and the promised Holy Spirit came into our lives. We become the Holy Spirit’s temple, a vessel, an incarnation of the Holy Spirit, where God uses us at every role to build body of Christ, the church. For we are the only chosen tribe, honoured priest, holy nation, called to proclaim the gospel that calls people from darkness into light.

8) Church and breathren-relationship – there is a group called out to be worthy of our calling received, therefore, in all gentleness and humility, endurance and love, serve one another. May one Father, one Christ, one Holy Spirit, one belief and one vision baptize into us all as a bigger me. When we as a group persevere in the pulpit messages, brethren-living, and relay prayers, miracles follow, all brethrens come together in sharing and relying on one another’s grace in their hearts in daily spiritual and practical individual poverty, evangelism, discipleship and missionary needs. Yet, as they praise God with absolute answers, they receive the favour of men. And the result of it is that the church receives added numbers daily.

9) Lifetime purpose (four gospelizations) – This is the intercessions of Christ for the church, that by the mercy of God, we can offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, as this is pleasing to God, and this is our reasonable service to God. Be always empowered through being filled with the Holy Spirit, for four gospelizations happen naturally through personal witnessing of God’s work. Make disciples of all nations, baptize all in the Name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, teach them, and you will see how “I will be with you when you preach the word”. Those who believe will be saved; those who do not believe are already cursed. Christ sits on the right hand of throne of God confirming His word by the works of God done through the intercessions of saints, who know the intercessions of Christ for the church. Yet, through all these, God’s emphasis is to restore love. If we love God, He bids us to feed His sheep. Through agape love, we will one day be led by the Holy Spirit totally, where we restore to be like Christ. For the time called day, follow His steps with this lifetime purpose.

10) Limited time, eternal judgement and crown – For all will die, and they are judged at the end. At the conclusion of Christ’s intercessions for the church, we have a daily account and testimony with Him, i.e. we need to face the Lord’s Spirit ourselves individually. All who worship the devil will have a mark; sufferings and great wrath follow them on earth. We who are on earth must persevere, for the Lord will come again, and give crown to all who pass the kingdom test. It is up to the individual of how much he realizes and follows Christ. For all those who take up their cross, leave their houses, families, money and follow Christ as disciples, they can see a hundredfold on earth immediately – possessions, family, inheritance, plus the blessings of persecution as in the last test of Mount Moriah – coming to them daily as crown. Lastly, in ages to come, and they will receive eternal life when they cast their crowns before God.

I have added another part to the series (so that one blog would not be too lengthy too), so this makes this series a 5-part series.

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