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Relying on the Truth (Part 3) – Driving Demons Away Creationally

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If you have some problems you cannot solve no matter how much you pray, then you must first understand that all your driven-to-prayer battles are not wasted. The Lord remembers them. All these time, the Lord is interceding for you. In fact, the problems that you face are the channel God has placed in your life so that He can sanctify and heal you. However, you must be sensitive in your spirit: the Lord wants you to know that you have to change your prayers, i.e. change your mindset about what are prayers. Prayers are an acknowledgement that “I have to receive the Creator’s power”.

Before you ever know God, God comes to you as a promise, because you cannot ever understand God at all before being born again. After you have come to know God and the Holy Spirit entered you so that you have the assurance of born again, God comes to you as a covenant. A covenant made is where both hearts are exchanged with one another in an inseparable relationship. This means that He has already given you enough power (to rely on Him) to rise out of your seeming impossible circumstances. Do not give yourself an excuse that you cannot overcome your problems. You know that it is not by your own strength to overcome. You must learn to rely on His creational power that is newer than what you knew (I place a past tense here for “knew” because that was what you experienced, so do not despise what God is doing right now in your life). Those who know the concept of relying on the Lord’s creational power will know how to drive demons and difficulties from their lives.

Jer 33:3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

This is not done through resolution. It is neither done by “trying”. It can only be done by relying on the power that is already the truth and that this truth is with you. ‘It is not far, it is not near, but it is in your heart.’ This is the reason why the Lord tells us to “live in” worship and praises to the Lord all the time. This is why sometimes, repeated proclamation heals, but only because the truth is continuously being fed into our inner heart. (It might not work again because we rely more on the method rather than embracing the truth itself; the truth itself is the essence why it works for the first few times.) Why must we continue to bring ourselves into an atmosphere where God truths are always spoken? Why must we read the Bible and keep our lives be fed with manna continuously? Why must we live in a 7 days 24 hours church? Why must we rely on the voices of brethrens praising the Lord? Why must we serve, to live our lives as a random just like Christ? Because we know we need Creational power, and this power is in the truth. If you know this truth, and if you really hate that sin that keeps on clinging to you, you will know that it is your own responsibility to enter into the practical and concrete realms where His creational power keeps on coming into your life. Parallel to this, you must realize that Jesus is praying for you.

If you know the truth, you will know how to act in reality based on the concept of having a Lord that already dominates everything in His control, i.e. you won’t give yourself another excuse that you can’t. Stop the complaints and hints that keep appearing in your heart “I can’t; it is difficult; I can only wait till my strength is enough..” All these are deceptions. Joseph knew His life depended on seeing “God is with Him” as creational power continuously comes to him. Therefore, with this fact, at the time when Potiphar’s wife came to seduce him, He relied on the truth, and the fact at that time is “running away”. Joseph did not depend on “works’, but he depended on “the life of His Truth = The Holy Spirit”. Our prayers are always answered, but some are “No”. But Jesus’ prayers for you are always “Yes”.

1Co 10:13 No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

Even for listening to blessed sermons and attending meetings, the blessed heart is not just an open heart. When the pastor speaks, the Holy Spirit is speaking through the pastor, so that unless a person relies on the “truth of God’s word” (not just “the words”) that the pastor speaks, “you will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.” <Mt 13:14>.

If there is a tinge of disappointment, discouragements, slowness, feeling half-way there but never there, there must be a devil in the works. Do not let it remain in your life. Drive it out completely and replace it by the truths of God. The truths of God are revealed in Jesus as His perspectives and His unmovable perfect will (and many more as revealed in <Revelations 1>). When you drive the demon out, the kingdom of God has descended upon you.

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