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I have offered so many sacrifices, but is it true that the Lord has not given you any direction in life?

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Drafted on 20120809

Have you felt the urge to be set apart from the worldly pull so that you just want to stay in blessedness, peace, vision and purpose or life?

Why do you compare with others? Why can you not stop complaining? You know it is not blessed, but you cannot help it. You always want to change to higher heights. Why are you discontented with your life? Why do you know much but the Word of God you know cannot become incarnated into your life? I tell you the truth: it is because you are "making offerings" to the Lord.

You have not known what is Romans 12:1-2 living sacrifice. Not everyone can become Paul. Not everyone can always become successful every time. God has placed stumbling stones in your life so that you can really find the reason of cornerstone Jesus Christ within your life. You are blessedly called by God to lay down your lives for people around you as an incarnated person. You are called as a spiritual main character, as an ambassador of Christ in your fields.

What if God has called you to lay down your loved ones or your desires to go to a place to serve people? What if God has called you to make prayers as a pioneer and not the leader? What if God has called you to take care of only one sheep for 30 years in your life, to bring the Spirit of Jesus in him, and that you may be totally satisfied in it? What if God has made it so that your pastor does not shepherd you in some areas so that you can love the universal church deeper? Where is the true and deep love for less fortunate, and even lending your support for the stronger?

With this understanding, you can then be unaffected by anything. And with this Spirit, you will not fear going to heaven right now, if Jesus comes again right now.

If I have some motives, I will know it because I cannot be totally transparent before brethrens at times, and that will become a topic of prayer to receive healing back to the truth, therefore, I know where I am heading. May the Lord totally tear me apart and let it be a blessing to all the people around me. What I really need is the love of Christ to be totally incarnated into me, so that it is no longer myself that works hard, but Christ living through me. And this is why I find a church, stay put in a church, and make efforts to find and test God’s promises to me through brethrens He has definitely given me for my inheritance.

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