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God’s Opposite Meaning Through His Strong Emphasis

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Not many parents have known the heart of God the Father on what to give to their children. Because parents want their children to have the best, they keep trying to give the best of everything to them in whatever they know. But the Father God wants His children to have the best; therefore, He takes away everything from His children.

The earthly parent gives everything as a hope that the child can be everything. But God the Father hopes the child can be everything, that’s why He plans what to take away at according to the best times and season. Ask yourself, what do you really want for your children? Is it not full health in the spirit, soul and body? God the Father does not first want His children to live to glorify Him first, but His heart as a Father wants His children to be in full health of spirit, soul and body.

The best model of a father to a child of God is how God the Father treats God the Son, Jesus Christ. God takes away the royalty of the heavenly throne from Jesus, and make Him live among humanity. In fact, 30 years of servant hood of humanity, and 3.5 years of servant hood to the church. God takes away Jesus’ life, through sufferings and death, so that He can resurrect with all men to bow down before Him on bended knees. Through that, the Holy Spirit came to all the adopted children of God, whom Jesus is most willing to call them His own brothers / siblings.

=> Think deeper of what is meant by a child of God. What does God want to give you and thus take away from you? Is it prosperity? Is it sufferings? God wants to take away yourself, give His Holy Spirit to you.

The bible also gave us another identity, and this is the bride of Christ. Nothing pleases Christ more than to submit to Him. Christ died for us for the greatest love of all; therefore, as a bride of Christ, He does not want us to die for Him; He wants us to follow Him. If He is going to die, we follow Him to deny ourselves and die with Him. If He is going to be buried, we follow Him to bury all our past hurts and relationships until He makes known the perfect will of why He planned everything. If He is going to be resurrected, we follow Him out of our sorrows and stand up again. If you follow Him as close as you can, doing more of what you think you can do, He is going to be pleased. If it is your greatest happiness to follow Your eternal husband by listening intently to His words that are full of love and kingly righteousness, He is going to be touched. If you get His Spirit by not only following Him but by trying to understand whatever path He is walking on, asking you to walk the same, He is going to entrust every of His possessions to you so that He can go forth and conquer the seas till the ends of the world.

=> Think deeper of what is meant by a bride of Christ, covenanted to you for life.

When you cannot think deeper, God shouts on top of His voice to hurry you when you are laid back thinking being discouraged and in disbelief; He also whispers to pause you in your busy life, focusing on only your feelings. In everything that you face in your life, there is a paradoxical emphasis that God wants to bring out of your life. God is a God of emphasis. But He emphasizes not to want you to do just what He emphasizes, but He wants you to turn to Him and know deep into His heart. It is to bring us out from a disbelieving Christian belief that God speaks by emphasis and in parables.

1. God predestines and is in charge of all things

No matter what we do, we cannot override what He has planned. He will still accomplish no matter how Satan, angels or men try to interfere. There is no weakness that God cannot fulfill unconditionally. There is no love God cannot change the heart. There is a spiritual reason behind everything of what God wants to emphasize to turn people to Him, not to solve matters on earth. By turning to God, the perfect will of the Lord will be revealed.

Therefore, shall we live as we desire? Such person is to be condemned, who act like a ruler or authoritarian. This is not being understood by those called servants of God, who has a Lord in their life.

There are stories in the bible where the choices of people seem to pave the way for God to work in the gospel. Jacob deceiving his brother Esau to earn his birthright, Tamar seducing Judah to give birth to seed of Jesus Christ, God binding Israel’s disobedience so that He might have mercy on Israel, etc. It only means that God will accomplish no matter what. But it also means that if let’s say, Jacob and Rebekah had not deceived Isaac, Esau might just be killed in finding hunt for his father. God’s predestination cannot be overridden.

It only means that God is with us, and that if He protects those He loves as His children, He has already given us every single word of God and Holy Spirit at our timetable. Therefore, the meaning of predestination means that it is totally our responsibility of free choice and will to make decisions based on His already provided guidance through His Word and Holy Spirit. Accomplishments always come, and the important matter is God’s providence; how well you perform in God’s predestination is secondary. The emphasis is not on how you perform in measures of rights and wrongs, and not on how you just leave everything to nature as if you think that there is nothing you can do right now in your timetable.

God emphasizes on your continual submission to God for accomplishments. God wants you to think of the reason why you always cannot restore the blessed thoughts and lifestyle. That reason is simply submission.

=> Every moment the Holy Spirit comes upon you, your family and all nations are blessed through you. God is doing it, not you. Therefore, God’s sovereignty means how you come to seek His perfect will to manage all your belief system and lifestyle system by all that He has already given.

2. No matter how weak you are, God still wants to bless your family and all nations through you

This is not only a comfort. God is still working, and He is working with all hosts of angels in all universal churches in all chronicles of era, even right now. How can a person’s piety and moral ethics overcome a person who has the Lord, the mystery of Old Testament and New Testament, with all these angels working in him? This is how we know that God has chosen and called a person! It is because that person has understood the gospel message as revealed by the whole bible, spiritual world and the history of mankind. Are we not such people who have such understanding in us? In this person, there is a prophetic, priestly and kingly authority. It is not that you are God’s free or casual love, but if Christ has so come into your life (the gospel has gone in), Christ is the One in your life which is the Prophet, Priest and King, not you.

Yet, if anyone thinks that God loves everyone, or must be caring for you in all that you desire and hope for, so that he thinks, speaks and lives as if everyone should respect him since he is a child of God, so that he becomes proud (if this is ever possible), he is to be condemned. That is a heart of a hire or an employee, not a heart of an heir.

It only means that you are called to bless your wife, children, siblings, brethrens and relatives. It only means that you are called to bless your neighbors, colleagues and friends. Don’t try to make more friends, or be sad by why not many people love you. Why have many valueless friends or worldly friends, who cannot humble down before the gospel (that is in your heart)? Be more in sorrow if you cannot be a friend that has the gospel; be more in sorrow if those loving you are not because of the gospel you have. To emphasize this in a greater measure, if you are filled with the Holy Spirit and see your loved ones not humbling but being against God’s sovereignty and calling, your spirit will curse them, even though you hope to bless them by human terms.

It only means that since the Holy Spirit’s convictions, instructions and anointing are in me, then why do you not believe that by these Holy Spirit’s convictions, instructions and anointing on me, I still do not believe in prayers that shall surely fulfill 100% for all my family and contact network? Therefore, the emphasis is not on being noble enough to be able to glorify God in all things, and not blaming on your family, brethrens and contact networks that they are not blessed at all. God emphasizes that He has given you the authority of an ambassador to bring to them a totally Christ-centered culture from the Holy Spirit already given you.

So what are the evidences we should be looking for that the people we bless are getting more and more blessed? Be peaceful and have all answers in life. Yes, but in this world, there are really people who specializes in how to take care of children, and their children really grows to be fine ones. There are people who specialize in how to earn money, and they really earn much because they research into stocks and the flow of money. There are also people who research on abundant yet hidden nutrients found in nature, and their research can really make people avoid cancer and make them live longer. Yet, when we go this path, the Holy Spirit in the core message of the gospel diminishes, and all of us Christians should already be in poverty, be out of health and fail all exams by the 4 meetings we try to preserve our spirits for. The God-driven way of managing health, family, children and finance are totally different from how the world manages health, family, children and finance. When the Holy Spirit is in you, He gives instructions on when to endure, when to fight, when to rest, when to wait, when to hope in your loved ones and in your own health and finance. This is our way of managing health, family, children, finance and time. This evidence is not external, but inside your spirit, that can be seen by all men.

=> Every moment the Holy Spirit comes upon your family and all nations, they will understand and turn to the Lord. God is doing it through you, not other people or when you are nobler. Therefore, God’s sovereignty in choosing means He has given you a right to pray and angels work 100% by the prayers of saints. Every of your relationships can be protected by His perfect will and by His ways.

3. Amidst the whole process, God’s special emphasis is on the born leadership in you found in Christ

The spiritual blessing God has already given us is in the heavenly rain that He provides and in the fertile lands He provides. Everything has already been provided for you. You just use it to serve the Lord. There are more ahead. When you rely on the springs of life to come out first, then the streams, rivers, and great seas will gush out. It does not happen when you do not submit to the very conditions God has been with you and given you. It is only by this principle that a Christian’s blessedness and success continue to come.

If anyone thinks that by being earnest as much as he can, being a hardworking person or giving whatever he can afford with his busy schedule to the church, and he receives peace thinking that God will return favor, he is to be condemned. That is not the spirit of a pure, simple, lovely, innocent, cherubic child of God, who leaves every care to his Father in heaven, but of a slave.

The promotional success of Christian leadership is not found in hard work or earnestness, but in blessed meetings God determines to give. This blessed meeting is very important. The blessed meetings met by Joseph to Potiphar, chief cup bearer, and Pharoah, and even the blessed meetings met by Joseph’s brothers who betrayed him, of especially Judah, and even Potiphar’s wife, all are planned by God to promote Joseph. Do you believe that God has given everything to you already? Do you believe that He gives every blessing on time? Your successes and children’s maturity are planned by God’s special meetings.

No! You are already the most successful if you are already serving a church that is doing world gospelization work, or a work that goes into the core gospel message that the world does not know. It is already accomplished, don’t wait for it.

God emphasizes that you be faithful in things God has given to you right now to the fullest. Be responsible in the stewardship of God. Do not try to save God’s face or give God His honor, but build your lifetime according to this truth.

=> Every moment the Holy Spirit comes upon your hands, your leadership starts to build. God is doing it through your true belief of His presence in your conditions and how you can cowork with brethrens for life. Therefore, God’s sovereignty in calling you means He has already provided you the world to build your skillful hands.

May we only give this core message of the gospel to all peoples. May we only seek the zealousness of God to follow Him zealously all the way. May our descendants get this spirit and pass it on.

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