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God’s Paradox

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Drafted since 2012-09-17

Paradox is not just using a figurative of speech to emphasize something opposite. When God emphasizes, He can both use things supremely above everything to emphasize, or to use a totally opposite scenario, but the reason is neither to play around and cause confusion, nor tell people to think deeper or think again. God’s reason of using paradoxes, planning a process that is long-suffering and parables, in order to bring out the spirit / truth / substance that is “above all”.


Why so?

1) Man disbelieves always (in the substance of things)

2) The spiritual important content God wants to bring out is the focus of Satan’s attack

3) God is hiding the most important truths for His children

1. God emphasizes His Sovereignty (and Predestination) amidst man groping in darkness => emphasize “Blessed”, God-driven Christian life, God-driven ministry => Love

1) Believers always say that they are blessed, called, loved, favored, but they do not live believing and living in the truths of being blessed, called, loved, favored.

2) Believers always do not know how to restore God-driven lifestyle, always learning but cannot do, i.e. what is learnt about “Presence, Protector, Provider, Guider, Accomplisher” cannot bring out testing & approving, understand, submit, rely, and entrusting to God.

3) Believers still do not have perspective on who are the people God loves (8 beatitudes) and do not persevere to believe God will give such people to you by His covenant for you (4 gospelization), remain in discouragements and do not have the heart on how to expect, intercede, bless, help and wait for their family or sheep. After prayers, they do not know how to look at God’s works and timetable on them. Discipleship finds people whom God touched, let them go through death and resurrection (baptism), live out Christ, give them 4 gospelization covenant/commission, restore Acts to expand their ministry.

=> God is emphasizing love, not the law. This is why God’s greatest emphasis is concentrated on Jesus Christ, who showed complete love. There is an emphasis in forgiving others that is actually not about losing but gaining eternity (like Christ is not losing but breaking Satan’s head by being nailed to the Cross), but about forgiving yourself (accepting God’s great plan for yourself because you are most worthy); There is an emphasis in forgiving yourself, because you have to face the Lord to find out where your life is at fault in not aligning with God. Love and grace is the only way to restoring true God’s sovereignty; and God’s sovereignty is the only way to understand God’s agape love. Above all, being a Christian is recognizing that you are not your own, you are owned by the Master Lord of all.

2. God chooses to bless all nations through believers who understand His calling, even though they may be discouraged along the process => emphasize believers have authority to intercede and bless

1) Believers have a holy authority in their soul: “prophetic, priestly, kingship” mystery that is at center and highest place of all history and spiritual world

2) Believer’s prayer must rely on the Holy Spirit to do: in His name, see He is with us, those who love God and obey will see God’s appearing, Holy Spirit will remind in the midst, discerning the Spirit’s conviction that gives peace that the world does not give, convictions that give a child of God spirit, convictions that tell us to test and approve perfect will, convictions that can receive 9 fruits of Spirit, telling us to receive complete freedom, fixed perspective, temple is built up, understanding of convictions of Holy Spirit will be clearer, truly believe, continue to preserve such a heart, continue to test and approve, continue to experience His help and accomplishments, we will be clearer in grasping Holy Spirit’s convictions and thus have clearer assured believing heart to intercede.

=> God is emphasizing restoring the Truth more in prayers. Do believers only suffer under persecution and humiliation? Do believers only remain in weakness and cannot overcome the powers of darkness affecting them uncontrollably? <Ge 12:3> says “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."” The Truth of all truths can seem to go further away from you, or can come nearer to you, but it is neither far or near you, it is in you. The Truth of all truths is in your spirit, a holy authority where the King of spirits resides. Tell it to Jesus. Pour out to Jesus. But what justice will you ask God for? A judge to make the rebellious disbelieving heart awake to turn to God, but also an mediator to make God’s wrath turn away His discipline from the one you actually care about. But pray for yourself to have more humility in spirit and in appearance, because God has given you the center and highest point of the universe in your heart.

3. Through the whole process, God wants to emphasize the authority of the firstborn

The birthright is an eternal blessed portion.

1) Already the most successful, do not aim for more, believer’s conditions wrong use will go awry, but make the best use of your conditions to glorify God, bless people and build kingdom.

2) God’s success is not through hard work, but through blessed meetings, i.e. there is a priority program (faithful in all things -> blessed meetings come one day)

=> God is emphasizing using whatever you have to live out Christ (witness the gospel out of your life). This is complete rest. Why is God telling us to let Him take vengeance? Why is God telling us not to feel sorry? Do we live without having a choice? Why complain it is easier said than done; why not “just continue to do it” because God’s provision comes in His best time? Why be in fear because you have tried and met with many failures? Why must there be progress? Why do you look down on yourself so that you cannot provide suggestions? If you want to be what God wants you to be, I tell you the truth: God wants you to be like Christ. God wants to put in failures because those will not bring only Christ out. Rejoice if you have nothing left but Christ. Lk 10:41-42 says ““Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”” You are made to be one Person. Christ is your head, you are His body, and you have many other cells (brethrens) who are actually yourself. Choose the better – choose Christ.

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