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Until yesterday, I have not understood

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Drafted since 2012-10-10


Until yesterday, I have not understood the word of God, but today, I understand. This is the hungering spirit that the Lord seeks in every one of us. I have begun to seek an ever-deeper hunger in God since several weeks ago. I remember I ever told my wife that I was so hungry for God’s word. I remember I was not in the best of state. But I was hungry for righteousness. And with that state, miraculously, I know that the Holy Spirit is with me. Even though I have problems unsolved, there is peace that overcomes the world, because the evidence does not rely on any external or conditions of the heart, but the evidence is from my spirit.

Can the old Cross Message lose His power? Can a born again spirit lose the hunger for the unlimited power, mysteries and tireless explanations of an ancient old rugged cross? God is protecting you if “you confess that you do not understand completely”, because by then, you will understand completely. Are we not in depravity? Unless we admit there is disbelief in us, would there be hunger in us? I discovered a mystery. You must know that you are most praised by God and angels if you keep on thinking that you have not understood, and this keeps you on to want to hunger for righteousness, and this tells you to be in humility to come before the pulpit and before all brethrens, especially if the pulpit keeps on telling you to deny your flesh and be constantly identified after the Holy Spirit. This mystery is a realization that my happiness and complete rest do not rely on the state of my heart, but on the state of how the Spirit thinks of my spirit. The realization of this was not ever possible if God has not guided me out of every pride. The name of pride is Satan, thinking that one has understood yesterday. He is foolish to think that he has understood, because he is still in non-understanding.

I thank God for revealing this wonderful truth to such a person with little power as I, for which the conclusion is still the pursuit of 24 hours all time Emmanuel.

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