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Victory Only By The Martyr Spirit

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Drafted on 2012-10-12


The moment you live Christ out, you will be faced with ironies in your heart; then you will know what disbelief in your life needs to be healed. (Before that, the need to be healed always has another selfish reason besides God.) Only when we enter into the lifestyle system of <Romans 12:1-2>, we can then understand the "Spirit of sonship" where we call out "Abba Father".

The Spirit of sonship is a Spirit of martyr. When we reach a state where we know we are totally helpless, even to confess that "Can it be that I should gain, that You, my God, should die for me"; how can we live by the identity of a child of God when we know guilt and inferiority are just lingering around at our doors, but yet, we cannot deny that God the Creator is in dominion; He never plans wrongly; He looks upon us as the apple of His eye, and thus, there must be a perfect will for me; there must be a perfect voice for me to conform to His lifestyle, we are near to God’s complete rest. When we carry this, i.e. when we carry our own cross and follow Christ, and this is the Spirit of martyr.


The reason why we must go through the cross is so that we will not ask questions on "why is my flesh so weak? I just cannot do it", but when the problem is so gravely emphasized, all our attention will turn and we begin to ask questions on "How can I get rid of this flesh? I have utterly no hope in this state! Can God provide a place for me to run to and hide myself in His dwelling place?"

It is not that we can do so by our own efforts or will power, because any intentions and resolutions, even if good, cannot overcome the flesh to do right. It is our own views deep inside that cause us to have wrong feelings and wrong frustrations. When our own views are removed, we can then start to get things right. If God tells us who, where, with, what, how, (who we are, where we come from and are going, with what heart we bring, what content in our mind to perspect, and how to do things by hearing His instructions) we can then start to think right, feel right, believe right, and do right. It is only then we can start to do everything through Christ Who gives us strength.

However, complete victory will not come unless it “continues despite” anything and everything because of a fixed perspective planted deeply by the full Spirit’s conviction in the living covenant of God. Complete victory will only come when “I know God is alive and will save us; and even if He does not, I will not bow down to compromise but persevere in progressing what I believe” <Daniel 3:17-18> “If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire; and He will deliver us out of your hand, O king. But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up.” Without vision, without the goal of passing the book of Ecclesiastes, or without getting an “only” purpose of lifestyle system, no complete victory can be borne.

Martyrs envision something so that nothing can clamp them down. The more they die, the more they resurrect because there is vision. Vision and compassion for the whole world comes with seeing and experiencing the message in the previous paragraph. They know that this is what the whole wide world needs it. They know this is going to blow the whole world over by a huge storm. This is why they continue and continue, even if their bodies are slashed with blood hurts, and they continue with scars as their testimonies of overcoming the world. And they continue to tell this message to the whole world.


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