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The Road of the Cross

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Drafted since 2012-10-16


The highest peak of the message is where the covenant is made, foundation formed. It is at the most difficult area that power, crown, and all secrets can be received. Think: what is the most difficult area? It is not only dreaming, but vision is practical. The devil is in the details, in the hard work, in putting down more than you ever do, in being more personal than you ever did.

There is a couple who went to China at age of 60 to restart everything and learn Cantonese. Imagine how they can do so at such an old age to do missionary work. Jesus became the poorest, to show everyone the poorest, so that there is no hint of success on the outside when we talk about success that is already in a child of God. He worked hard throughout His life taking care of the family for all His 30 years, so that no one could say that God’s time is slow. He started the world’s most successful ministry at age of 30, so no one can say that “we still have time as we are young”. He suffered, died, was buried and resurrected at age of 33.5, so most people in the world are already in longevity.

Do you know why you have spiritual problems coming at you? Do you know why there are no gospel doors for you until now? There is a spiritual background. Man is in depravity. There is no boast. But when your conscience is shown, do not put out the Spirit’s fire. Repent and stretch your life again. Never be satisfied by the spiritual knowledge or experience you have, for hell’s thirst is never satisfied.

In the world of electronic gadgets, success-driven formula, misdirection tips, psychological counselling, glamour-driven culture, exercising for looks, health products for no illnesses, etc, can we just be different? If we are the same at every point that people see us, how will people know the gospel? If we think we can be guiltless to change a new phone, new house, or new car, just because of a reason, are we no different from the world, who jumps at every reason to change our possessions? I mean, it is easy to say “I need to repair my car of all dents and scratches so that it can look the best for God’s kingdom. This car needs to ferry the most important people with the gospel” so that this gives a reason to spend that money you can give to the church to save souls.

I am not talking about “to suffer for the cross”. I am talking about being clear in Spirit when that decision comes to you. Without stretching yourselves a little more, after receiving the comfort of the Holy Spirit, how can you discern the spirits, and please the Holy Spirit? Without the pursuit of 24 hours and in all things, and we complain that things never move? Do not wait but live as an ambassador of Christ right now. That is the greatest joy.

Move. Then the Holy Spirit move with you.

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