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Unsealing the paradoxes in your life (Part 1)

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Do you know that there are 7 paradoxes in your life? Let’s open them! (They are well ordered in the 5 gospel messages progressive-parallelized revealed in your life.)

1. White horse <= Emmanuel Unsealed

God has never left you, but has always been with you. You are made in the image of God, and Jesus, the incarnation of God, showed that you are the Jesus in today’s era.

Before the end comes, with limited days on earth, you are the witness to the full gospel as a testimony to all nations. Your prayers bent on conquest will conquer the ends of the world.

The times are less; the days are few. Do not let your spirit be reminiscent of the past. Because the days are evil, love and redeem every time right now. This is the day that the Lord has made, to fulfil His covenant for you.

2. Red horse <= The Only Problem Unsealed

Of all your labour, the only problem is that you do not realize that Satan has subtly infiltrated your life and put a deceitful word in it.

That word has grown into ideologies (legalism, mysticism, humanism, prosperity) so that you live your way life believing this false passage. The reason why you fail is because you slipped into a state of disbelief.

You are originally given with the full gospel like Joseph and Daniel. This full gospel makes you the original elite saint that has dreams, wisdom and understanding ten times better than all the visionary, aspiring, inspiring and creative leaders in your realm. By the Truth alone, believe, and let every Truth you have heard to come to live out into your spirit, soul, body, lifestyle, relationships, finance and ministry. There is no way to overcome the unbelieving, stubborn or “I can’t” in everyone you meet unless you influence them by your Spirit.

3. Black horse <= The Only Answer Unsealed

There is only one salvation Jesus Christ. Yet, the world is all but an upfront deepest and darkest void of the answer of Jesus Christ alone.

Humankind can promise everything; religions can help you deny desires into peace; the monotheistic Christianity can even give you a strong fortitude outlook of life. Yet, losing interest in the perfect gospel, your ears weighed and your eyes dazed, one day, you lose the need for God’s Word. You begin to only care about your own matters. Do not be carried along by fast connectivity of acquaintances with smartphones. Instant but easy relationships based on surface courtesy only push apart true fellowship that can only be formed through natural affection. The deficiency is not just inconvenience; rather the famine of the Spirit.

Where is the person who loves solitude with God at every opportunity now? Fix a time to meditate and pray. Go into the Christ altar culture as a high priest imploring on the Truth that brings the Spirit. Let oil and wine, the grace and the joy of the Spirit, become the groundwork, parcel and bouquet of your brethren living.

4. Pale horse <= The Child of God Unsealed

You have the most successful identity as a child of God. But you begin to compromise. Your conscious mind forgets that you are “the child of God”. People influence and pressing situations come, and you start to lose control on your feelings or hold more adamantly to your motives.

People who are beautiful, infamous, influential and charismatic catch your eyes. You begin in need to pursue and please their qualities in yourself to satisfy own intentions, greed, promotion, possession, success, keeping the best and leaving inheritance only “for my own child”. But in a person that God has created, there is in him what is more important than the whole world!

At the origin, such people never prepare for heaven, never really love the Lord, never in the heart desire to submit to the Lord as their sole purpose of life is “Lord, give me, give me”. Slowly, people born again pale in the midst of them. There is no more cross message in the sermons.

Four disciplines come: war, sickness, retrenchment and oppression. When children of God are strong, all beasts become small animals. But when child of God becomes pale, the strength of beasts all around strengthens. A fourth is killed.

<Is 60:1-2> says “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the Lord will arise upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you.” Your life messages must have the Cross Message. Messages must go into the death and resurrection of the heart. Be vigilant, not in anxiousness against darkness, but in keeping the watch of the full manifestation of God to the pure child of God with the testimony of the blood, the water, and the Spirit.

To be continued in part 2..

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