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My Jesus Satisfies

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Drafted 2012-10-25

Hell and destruction are never satisfied, and the lust of the eyes, flesh and boast of the world never satisfy their hunger for us.

Pro 30:15-16 puts this in the best of words, saying

The leech has two daughters— Give and Give!
There are three things that are never satisfied, Four never say, “Enough!”:
The grave,
The barren womb,
The earth that is not satisfied with water—
And the fire never says, “Enough!”

Death/Hell is never satisfied. Emptiness wants even more evil. Our human ways always loves the wine and merry-making of the world. And the desires of our flesh never finish burning!

Of course these things happen to us when we accidentally fell. But what happens when you do not seek for anything in the world any more? What happens when we know it in our hearts that we really do not have any desires for these anymore that the world keeps on racing to get? By centering on brethrens, going through confirming that all conditions given to us are the best, especially the more difficult relationships of those around us, we may have gone through many roads of the cross. We have born our own cross for some time, so that when we look back, our hearts have died to the things of the world. Even when we fall, we know we just need God more by coming to Him as children of God, receiving the power of repentance, and renewing ourselves. But what happens when we have died?

A small voice comes. As in <Matthew 16>, The Spirit of Christ says, “Who do you say I am?” As in <John 21>, “Do you love (agape) me?” Do you take it with your utmost joy when we respond to the Lord, “Feed My lambs”? I cried when I heard this. (<John 21> never fails to convict me over and over again.) What about you? We may need Jesus and hunger for Him because we have problems. Once the problems are solved, we may need Jesus because we want to see His Word imprinted on us to give us the promise that the world cannot give us. We may want to follow Jesus because we want to view everything in His covenanted perspective because the pulling power of the world is just so strong. When we see that we long for Jesus, the Spirit in us comforts us that we are drawn to Him, that in our true self, we actually love Him. When the seal upon us has begun sealing us a second time, so that we cannot deny but lose our lives for our families and those around us because we have prayed for them and they are God-given to us, we go through sufferings to battle through understanding that the Lord is pleased with us. We know, but do we really love Jesus? When we have time to spare, do we want to read the bible and go into the realms of prayers? When we are tired, do we go to the Lord to be filled with strength? When we are tempted, do we run to Him, not because we are pitiful, but because we want to be found in His love? When God tells us to prepare messages to lead small groups and messages, do we love to go into receiving insights of His word? Are you in a state so that you cannot live without Jesus, or are you in a state of enjoying everything Jesus planned just because He lives? Do you like Jesus?


At our state, we may say “Lord, I love you”, but really, as a friend. How can I love You as You have loved me unconditionally? But the Word of God always talks about unconditional love to God and to brethrens. It is found throughout the whole New Testament Bible. The reality of weaknesses (Satan’s great lie) and the reality of people’s self-righteousness (She eats and wipes her mouth, and says, “I have done no wickedness.”), the true face of Satan – have we not seen and thus be greatly thankful to the Lord for His deliverance so that we may become sons of God?

To love God because He has given us salvation – this is the greatest love. To love God because He has directed my paths to eternal inheritance to the ends of the earth – this is the greatest love. To love God because He sets me free by giving me the Holy Spirit. To love because I am provided with the best conditions everywhere I go – this is His love. To love because I am sanctified to be purer – this is His love. To love because He gave me fruits of brethren relationships that last – this is His love. Fill this in, you little man. All these are unconditional. Without the love of God, can you love Him? Agur said,

“Surely I am more stupid than any man, And do not have the understanding of a man. I neither learned wisdom. Nor have knowledge of the Holy One.” <Proverbs 31:2-3>

This is the start of understanding. This is the start of you grasping further about the Love of God. This is the start of you being able to agape love God.


One or two times of saying “I love Jesus” is easy. But can you be continually satisfied of His love? This is the mystery of prayers. The natural reaction of loving God is communicating deeper and more lovingly than before. More than continuous prayers, it is about scheduled prayers. Scheduled prayers are about “not forgetting His loving unconditional words of accomplishments”, let His perfect will renew your mind and thus transform your heart to love Him from a phileo friendship love to an agape unconditional love.

1) Give the right words of life:

Praying to my Lord, my God, I am Your son. All my life, my everydays are in Your hands of holding to the ends of the earth. May Your kingdom not pass but come into the depths of my spirit. I seek Your concrete plans for each thing I do, for You have already purposed in all things for my heart. For all that I need daily, open my eyes to see spiritual insights, wisdom, health, necessities, and testimonies. Let “love and submission” become the standard of whether I have sinned. Allow me the power of repentance. Expand loving relationships with all around me. Bring them out of their problems to see You clearer. May You abolish away all evil and temptations because I want to remain in You. Because I just want Your glory to be filled all around me.

2) Receive the gentle and upright Spirit:

Waiting upon His living response to us, His convictions reaches my heart. Your love and grace follows me. At each moment, I can feel the Spirit supporting me. Strength, love, self-control, peace, joy and freedom appear in my heart. A natural desire to praise Jesus all the days of my life praising enters. Satisfied upon being satisfied, seal upon seal, submission, continuous prayers, turn of timetable, strengthening the battle in the heart no matter what, it all comes in the heart. The heart receives a heart of a big courageous man, driving away all that is fake.

All the days of my life, Lord, I want to die to the prince of the air, be totally satisfied in burying myself in Your unconditional love for me, and make a love story movie between You and I before the end of days.

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