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Sit Down and Consider, and Move Into The Future

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1) There is a calling from God in the problems you still have. Fix your eyes on Jesus and leave the problems to His time to heal. Those problems are as a result of the era.

2) When met with big and serious problems, some people can just be unaffected. This is because their foundation in the gospel is very strong. It is not about building up from the root so that your spirit, heart, body and lifestyle are all changed, but it is about being very close to the root in your spirit.

3) It is neither about rebuking nor giving grace, but because the root problem is the matter, you have to give rebuke/grace at that appropriate time.

4) If your desires have been bothered a lot by too much information, a practical way is to write them all out so that you can put it aside. This is for prayers, so that you can make the best of every opportunity. Then you can prioritize/format all information that come, see your timetable and God’s guidance all these while.

5) Move on. So what to witness? You have to find your own niche through the calling God has for your church and yourself.

6) The era lacks nothing of Christian doctrines and inspirations. But the current Christian trends prove there is a lack in some areas. Get in touch with them to understand the wrong ideals in the spirit of teachings, the non-hungering spirit and the compromising spirit. They all point to God’s perfect will on what to emphasize.

7) Conclusion: the Word of God and the Holy Spirit have to be preached:

(1) The clear, grounded and formatted doctrine that must open people’s eyes first on “Blessed” and “Promised”. Comforting as it may seem, the purpose is to bring people to acknowledge their total need for Jesus, and a total need to live out the Jesus in you. An opening of the eyes that “God is indeed with us” then comes with no exception.

(2) A need to live Jesus out in a community (church, family, or office) that purports reconciliatory message, setting to remove selfish pride and pursuit in brethren-living. The Emmanuel atmosphere can then start to take effect when it is acknowledged that a constant pursuit and desire to heal must take place.

(3) Having the foundation (1) and atmosphere (2) built, the heart needs to be tested. This is so that one may know and drive out the spirit that has been tainted. The remnant of pure and devoted love to God has to happen.

(4) When the heart is now correct, preach the Word of God to dispel the angels (their limited work is still in conscience) and activate the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit must descend in this era so that the next era will have hope.

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