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Spiritual Healing

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Spiritual Healing
Drafted since 2013/2/5


“Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve springs and seventy palm trees, and they camped there near the water.” <Ex 15:27>

In trying to understand the difficulties people face, I discover that the power in everyone varies. If the power is weaker, he can fall into darkness and be unable to realize where he stands in his situations. Without such understanding, he will only fall deeper and deeper into it, and it may come to be that he will snap / do something wrong. The vicious cycle of weakness happens after continually being condemned and wounded through the wrongs did, confidence totally taken away gradually. Yet, for the person where the Holy Spirit shines, the power starts to manifest, making all perspectives align, restoring the source of all blessings in him.

Discerning the convictions of the Holy Spirit

In discerning the convictions of the Holy Spirit, the following are to be vet through:

1) Convictions should be experienced not only in the study of word of God, prayers and church life, but in all things 24 hrs normal, always, daily. The filling of the Holy Spirit can be experienced in sleeping, in eating, in being a husband, etc.

2) Only the Word of God tells us what is normal, always and daily. In today’s society of pragmatism, striving for success, results, more effective process, and in the backdrop of society’s dropping morality, there are too many grey areas and definitions of what is pleasing to the principles of life and living since creation.

3) The Son of Man Jesus Christ incarnated and showed us that it is completely possible to manage, enjoy, and have wisdom in everything we do. He showed us true freedom within desires through crying and hungering. He was set apart, yet showed immense love, revealing a life full of grace and truth. He showed death and resurrection on top of all kinds of contradictions in being more than conquerors. He showed that Holy Spirit is not boring.

4) Clothing the Spirit of sonship just like Christ as the only Son of God, we have our identity and calling, defining our life and our lifestyle.We belong to Him for He has purchased us with a high price of His blood. Therefore, we will come boldly to Him even though we have transgressed, for only the need for Him can cause us to live because of Him.

5) Flow with the Holy Spirit. Rely on the fruits of the Spirit, and rely on the convictions to see the fruits of the Spirit. Diligently heed the voice of the Lord to tune to His ways. The Holy Spirit’s convictions are which comes so that you can heed and keep to His commandments in sweetness.

3 things that hinder us from receiving the Holy Spirit’s convictions

1) Ignorance

2) Disbelief

3) Disobedience

The above teaches us the importance of believing the correct one truth, having faith built on it, and obedience so that the Holy Spirit’s convictions can continue to come.

Preserving the filling of the Holy Spirit

However, our heart responds in another way when we try to maintain / preserve the filling of the Holy Spirit. (Instead of 1) Ignorance, 2) Disbelief, 3) Disobedience, the Holy Spirit stops flowing from 3) Disobedience, 2) Disbelief, 1) Going into Ignorance.) Holistic healing starts from the spirit, but healing can continue from the spirit, heart, body, all the way till healing in all things only when the filling of the Holy Spirit continues and continues in a person’s spirit. I guess this is why the Old Testament books are arranged in this way: Priest books of the Torah, historical books of Kings, Psalms and the Prophets. The intention is not to teach and understand, but to give the Holy Spirit.

1) The spirit of disobedience -> throne of God

Sins, weaknesses, but more accurately, the guilt that comes that is not brought before the Lord to experience His love and righteousness is the first thing that Satan attacks the child of God. Sometimes, it is a great misunderstanding of what truly displeases and pleases God. Sin is disobedience to His love relationship and the calling to being His righteous vessel. If this is not solved, the continual sanctification work done is clogged up. But when we boldly come to the throne of God to hear whatever He has to say to us through His word and perfect will, the filling of the Holy Spirit continues.

2) The spirit of fear and disbelief -> assured faith

We cannot be bold unless we are assured we have salvation, are assured that we have the life of our Father in us. If we try to live as children of God but not to live as His children, we lose strength and courage. The Spirit starts to work from a total surrender from timidity, but He cannot continue to work “for God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” <2Ti 1:7>. The Spirit works through an assured faith. There are definite spiritual battles. True peace does not come after it is experienced in the midst of spiritual battles, because such peace overcomes no matter what kinds of darkness arrives. Once there are fears and worries, the mind is no longer stable, and fixed perspectives will be undone. But if we know His calling, perfect will and timetable right now, strength and courage come, and the gift of the Holy Spirit can be stirred up once again.

3) The spirit of loss of spiritual knowledge -> actively choose the predestined guidance to decide on next actions

Now, if we know His perfect will, yet cannot confirm His guidance over me every moment, place and time, we lose and cannot keep in step with the Holy Spirit. The Lord never accomplishes things without first revealing them through prophets. King David proclaims that the word of God can be found in all of God’s creation, the most important of all is on mankind, and the emphasis is that the Word of God is found on you and your fields. The great power of the Holy Spirit comes upon you when you believe that there is absolute guidance of <Romans 8> in all moments of your life. Even if there are things that you seem to do that thwart God’s grace, it is never above God’s power to cause all things to work out when you seek for your Father’s love. It is true that the perfect will of God has to be tested and approved, but <Romans 12> is not taken in carefulness. Rather, the perfect plans of God found within our life and fields are tested back to us being His blessed & predestined choosing, calling, love and favor. Therefore, starting to believe does not only mean starting to test and approve alone. It means starting to arrange your tasks-to-do by the Lord’s convictions. After you confirm the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you keep following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Testing and Approving Practically

How do we test and approve practically, so that we enter into spiritual healing?

For example, you may have 4 things to do right now:

(1) emails to clear,

(2) tasks to help and support,

(3) go into the study of God’s word, pulpit message and prayers,

(4) prepare messages, singspiration or testimony to share.

Let’s say you need to (4) prepare messages, singspiration or testimony to share. The natural state of man tends to want to do the ones that can easily pass by like (1) and then (2). But after meddling with all these things out in a hurry, squeezing things into the limited time allotted by God to you, the heart becomes less sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit to even do (3). By the time you finish (1), (2) and even (3), you may not be able to do (4) any more, because (1), (2) and (3) are done away from the Holy Spirit’s convictions. Do not put out the fire of the Holy Spirit if He emphasizes to you to do the important thing of (4) first, but plan time and actions according to where the Holy Spirit can best continue to activate your thoughts on His guidance at every moment. Test and approve the time and actions accordingly of (4), not according to convenience of (1), (2) and (3).

Then when you do the tasks, the Lord will change your heart into one that has no dilemma, or even shows you to a higher calling to the things that He wants you to obey right now.

To emphasize this, the Holy Spirit is a Person; He can ignore you when you ignore Him. But if you love Him, He will show you things you never expect to see and have your heart changed like never before. If you love Him more, He will show you everything.

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