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Ministry expansion: the Lord looks at the heart

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The start of a ministry is not an excited vision, but rather, a faithfulness. There is an undeniable fact that “People need the Lord”. Gradually, we see people being blessed. Is it not due to the Holy Spirit going forth to prove His blessings from the ministry people of faithfulness? When there is an undeniable conviction to live in the Lord, “faithfulness” becomes the start of a ministry. This is what started our church and all our ministries, even the pulpit ministry. We have gone through ups and downs, discouragements and all. Yet, through all these, the higher than men’s efforts of the Father’s sovereignty and glory can then be proven. Faithfulness is borne through humility.
The fruits of ministries make a cause for more leaders to stand out and progress the ministries. Leaders start to see the importance of the ministry. People start to reply and give thanks. These are the greatest fruits a ministry can have. Ministries expand because there are still a lot of content in Christ’s accomplishments to bring forth. Through tweets, facebook and blog posts, people would like to express their thanksgiving and what they have received from the Lord. But it is not about doing more ministries. It is about bringing the essence of the gospel message out to the world. The ministries move to the next level of bringing people into the main content of the gospel message. Through hymns, short snippets of the pulpit message, artwork, etc, the ministry aims to captivate and bridge people to the gospel that it thinks have been dearly missed. Thankfully, God does not really work by a spark of fire in people’s hearts. Rather, God’s timetable waits till there is a team to see the need and the importance of the ministry. Fathfulness first, but a personal experience of the edification of the gospel message puts burdens into the hearts of men to push ministries to the next level. It is not really about counting more numbers of people receiving grace, but a natural response of the Great Commission to get the message out to as many people as possible.
The expansion of ministries on more levels will be judged by the Lord. Wisdom from the heart is required to test and approve. Getting the message out is one thing, but the quality of it is another. While men looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart. It is not just faithfulness and understanding the importance of a ministry that makes it move and be pleased by God. Can a short tweet work? Can even a 5 minute hymn presentation that is practiced with at least 7 hours work? It is now about facing the Lord. Is whatever I do reliant on the Holy Spirit work in me? Disciples will be slowly found here and the great joy of a ministry starts to appear.
On the next level, something has to be recognized. The ministry has to set people apart at this time. Where is the ministry going towards? The messages are there to find hidden disciples. There is a difference between just thanking for a message that really helps, and having a life that is turned to God. True disciples want more. They want something that really helps them walk with God day-by-day. The ministry has to set apart followers. Captivating ministries have to go to the classroom. The messages need to be longer. Bridging is the first step, but without spending time before God, no amount of Holy Spirit’s convictions will make a person understand and follow God.
No amount of ministry from a local church can compare when another church is planted. This cannot be left as an option. Ministry has to go all the way. The gospel is a good news, and it has to go all the way, uncompromised, to commitments in planting churches, if it really the gospel that rises people out of hell. The ministries that can happen are not only double-fold, but on a scary level of expansion. Ministries have to go towards setting up a church. Then disciples can be protected by living in that environment to continue receiving perspective training. The local church that is planted, when it is ready, does not need to totally go from scratch again because it can rely on the present ministries of the parent church. But the spiritual gifts and anointing of that local church planted will be vastly different so that it complements to a much greater extent than the parent church will have if she has double her congregation numbers. Connectors and teachers have to rise up; literature and various forms of training ministries for establishing the foundations and essence of the gospel in its purest form have to take precedence.
Gradually, a seminary is required to train leaders of various local churches. Christian ideologies have to be studied and established.
Why do I write this post? It comes when I try to think about where the internet and media distribution ministry should move for all the experiences given by my church so far, ministries inward and outreach. Is it by doing more? It is both less and yet more. The Holy Spirit speaks to me that even though creativity is important, it can never take the place of a heart that truly loves to spend time quieting down to face the Spirit in all situations. The heart that loves God’s word moves a ministry beyond any human capacity. Faithfulness, having burden, seeking for wisdom, setting apart, uncompromised pureness/devotion and establishment are more important than a surface elaboration and expansion of a ministry.

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