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Rejoicing in Sufferings?

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Through 10 years of discipleship training, I gathered the “revelation” from God how He led our Christ Life Churches through.


1. Being loved and whether our motives of living on earth as honorable children of God are right




Despite being blessed believers, the attacks of the Enemy do come in very real, very tangible ways when we honor Christ with our lives. But this only means that we are true believers, as Satan thinks we are worthy to be attacked. This is on the basis of the identity of the child of God and the promise of God to the ends of the earth, and what we have been learning since the beginning of the church, to be steadfast and be firm in it. Do you have the Spirit of a child of God? We can see it in our motives and our actions, whether we are touched and have the greatest joy when our spirit becomes aligned and restored more with the Spirit of the child of God. This is why we fear God: because a child of God desires to please God. Accusations cannot remain long because it is disconnected with the feeling of how a child of God faces God. God is on our side as we are a child of God, more than how any relative conditions are with us.


2. The truth is still the greatest power even though there is sufferings



Yet, choosing Him doesn’t mean you will escape suffering—it means He will help us be strong enough to endure it. This is the promise that the Holy Spirit is with us. How will He help us to be strong enough to endure through? It is because the Truth and reality that He is with us is still stronger than any of our conditions and sufferings. Through the process of healing, Emmanuel causes us to overcome each and every situation. Over and over again, we become less and less affected by the sufferings, but only look to and value the presence of God more and more. It is through the process that we realize that the truth is still the truth, and that absolute truth can hold everything together just because God is in it. Christ is the only way, the only truth and the only life. We just cannot deny this above all things else.


3. Submission to God in all things is our remnant belief




And with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to celebrate that we are getting lumped together with Peter, the disciples, and those who truly suffered–first and foremost, Christ. This is victory, that we have submission already in our basic belief. Even though we are not yet healed or have not overcome in certain parts of our body, we can submit to God. Submission to God is the only matter that can still remain in our lives even if everything fails. This is where the glory of God is manifested. We can have no faith, but God is still faithful to us. You can be weak, but you cannot be weak enough so that you do not desire to submit and walk with God. When this reality dawns upon you, through training, exercising, facing and obeying the Lord over and over again, we then understand that we are people who cannot but submit to God. It just cannot stop at the heart. We preach the gospel not because we are equipped enough to do so, but because it is the commandment of the Lord for us to follow Him, we can still be witnesses because the remnant of our belief is to submit to God, our ever-Almighty Father. One day, our nature just becomes that of one who just listens and follows God as closely as possible, never leaving His sight out from us.


Where are we moving to?




Lastly, God not only allows sufferings. Sufferings are actually shown to be the glorious plan of God. Paul received the promise that he will receive overwhelming understanding how much God can stretch him through how much he must suffer. Through Revelation that Jesus Christ is coming very soon, the reality of symbolism becomes ever closely to discerning each and every Spirit and timetable. It spans the whole history of mankind. It opens a wide variety of understanding that must change from a Gentile mindset into a blessed God-people mindset. All our thinking has to change. This, not only in the content or process of it, but the very whole “chemistry” of it. What I mean by chemistry is this: God’s love Jesus Christ proves that God is already with us before the creation of the world. It is in our spirit that we desire to submit to Him. However, the slightest bit where we cannot see God in this world makes the whole world and ends of the earth groan for Jesus’ second coming. The slightest bit where we cannot see, rely and submit to God is the greatest sufferings. God must show us how much we must suffer. The book of Revelation reveals a great truth: every burden of suffering becomes our burden to complete, preach and give the Spirit as much as possible the purest gospel message. In other words to people suffering, “Rejoice! For you suffer more as you yearn more for the second coming of Christ” and “Do not look at things on earth, but set your eyes on things above.”

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