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Millenialism with respect to Missions

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Here is my take of the 3 main views on millenialism with respect to “gospelization” and missions as I went through recent revelation overview.


1. Premillenialism (exalting true sanctification, as the gospel is the sovereignty of God)


– Honoring literal historical-grammatical interpretation of Scripture first

– believing Christ direct intervention after missions, thus believing what is more important is daily holy living and witness of the gospel while waiting for Christ’s return

– the focus on missions is on biblical grounding and correct teaching

– Christ’s coming could be hastened, or that Christ’s coming could come any time, so that missions work is so urgent for attaining crown

– emphasis on personal sanctification and worship, that bible study should guide missions






2. Postmillenialism (exalting cultural transformation of the power of the gospel, thus gospel is important)


– Presuppositionalism interpretation?

– hope of societal transformation through the gospel right now

– The power of the gospel to fulfill all promises of OT one day

– Puritans

– binding of satan makes missions and evangelism possible

– Early modern missionaries hope of all nations to be filled with a knowledge of the glory of God




3. Amillennialism (exalting back towards the core of the gospel, regeneration itself is the gospel)


– The optimism of the power of the gospel right now

– bleak end times and Satan attacking the gospel core, but gospel is already unstoppable after Jesus Christ resurrected

– focus on gospel doors

– whole bible overview and connection

– glory of the assurance of a regenerated and transformed life

– thus the focus of missions is focusing on building leaders knowing regeneration

– binding of satan makes missions and evangelism possible

– all amillenialists are reformed



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