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Teacher 1: Prelude to 36 Lessons

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Redo Teacher’s 36 Lessons to tight up my thoughts and eyes to shepherd and disciple.


Perspective to preach 36 lessons: 1 year acquire the secrets to 40 years of trials (the Torah = Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), covenantal message, belief system and ideology on how to rely on the Holy Spirit towards answers of life / power / Emmanuel.

Hear/see God to start preparation in preaching 36 lessons (not about emphasising sin (rights and wrongs) —but–> keep and follow the bible knowledge in everyday living (perfect will))

* Method of Sharing:

1) Meet God (Know God, Restore God) -> Converse with God -> Walk with God – this sharing method naturally causes (not forcefully teaches / instructs) people to love God = Emmanuel

2) Centered on Cross + “Holy Spirit” – you share in a way entered on the cross and the Holy Spirit, so that once a person meets the cross, there are no longer any struggles. The cross is not a struggle, but is itself…

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