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Comparison vs Loving The Anointed One of the Lord

Drafted from 2012-02-03


As they (the women) danced, they sang: "Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands." <1Sa 18:7>

In Samuel 18, Saul could not overcome when women liked David more than him. He also could not take it when people famed David more than him. Finally, David was more successful in battles than Saul could ever imagined, as he executed tasks more skillfully, beyond what he could even do (Saul thought he could kill David with 100 foreskins of Philistines, but David killed even 200).

Why does Saul have jealousy out of comparison? Which leads him to no peace, fear, and which caused him to try all agendas to bring David down. The matter is about his values. Saul valued women, fame and success more than anyone in the first place. At first, he was just a simple person in the tribe of Benjamin. When Samuel called him to be the king of Israel, he became able to prophesy by the Holy Spirit. He tried to confirm the promise of God by becoming quiet even though people doubted him how he could be a king of Israel. But I am thinking, he probably felt hurt, and was never healed at that point in time; and his heart might have said, “One day, the Lord will show it to them that the Lord has anointed me.” Keeping this in his heart, the more success he gained, the more he could not handle the pride that can destroy a person. Was he zealous? He held on to the responsibility of the role of a king of Israel that the Lord has entrusted from Samuel to him, so much so he wanted to lead Israel to seek the favor of the Lord and lead Israel to victory. He confessed that he feared the people more than he wanted to lead the people. This, he was totally correct, but he kept this guilt in him, and was never in a state to find Samuel to knock on his door with a continually contrite heart.

Evil spirits came into Saul. The way religions try is coax the evil spirits is by comforting the dead (so they could give peace and bring more than ordinary blessings to the living). The way religions try is to purify their unclean minds and rid of all unluckiness.

But God never gives religion. He gave only the revelation of Jesus Christ. God tells us not to communicate with the dead. In truth, the spirits of the dead are not really the spirits of the dead, and it is not about luck but God’s predestination.

This evil spirit also tempted David, but he recognized his choosing by blood, grace and anointing, and not his own worth, and he retaliated against the evil spirit of deceit and untruth, “How can I kill the anointed one of the Lord?”

Where the non-gospel ways are bounded by conditions, situations and the process, so that they cannot see the works of God, only through Jesus Christ can one receive the eternal promise, and test and approve the perfect will of God in all things, and so, receive the Spirit of Truth. Where non-gospel ways give people wearier and heavier burdens, only through Jesus Christ can we be counseled and be victorious by the Counselor Holy Spirit.

Yet, what does it mean by Jesus Christ? This is the most important thing in this message. Do you believe that the Lord Jesus, Who is the Lord Creator, the One who leads the whole history and plans your whole life, is in you? What is meant by believing is not a courageous act of commitment, but it means taking yourself as Today’s Jesus. God has the greatest plan in your life; your problems are not because of comparisons, but because you do not believe that Jesus Christ is in you in God-planned special and unique way.

John 5:17 “… My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.”

Do you believe that the Father God is at work in you even to this very day, and that you are working with Him? How do you know that you are coworking with God?

John 5:19 “… the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.”

And this means even to obey even till death. This is not by courage, but by an understanding even by the most timid person that it is simpler to choose Christ the narrow path than the wide path.

And how do you know that you are following God with nothing biased in your own way?

John 5:36 “…For the works that the Father has given me to finish—the very works that I am doing —testify that the Father has sent me.”

You do not need to have successful consequences to prove that you are filled with the Holy Spirit. You do not need other people to tell you that you are full of the Holy Spirit because even Jesus Christ was not honored in His own hometown with all His preaching and miracles. And even Noah had no one believing him even though he preached for 120 years. But if you have life and authority that cannot come from that of mere men… if you cannot stop speaking what you have heard and seen what others have not… You know that you are Holy Spirit filled.

There is no need to compare. Those who have will be given more, and those who do not have, even what he has will be taken away. However, those who keep on having the heart that is cut to the hearts over and over again, they will continue to have the best of good soil in their hearts to yield a hundred, sixty or thirty times of what was sown.

Please listen to this fresh and new Sunday Message here for a complete understanding!

Video: http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/VideoWindow.aspx?m=1389&f=4767

Audio (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2012/Audio/SunMsg-20120506-ZS.mp3

Audio (English): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2012/Audio/SunMsg-20120506-HJ.mp3

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Mizpah Movement – The Word Movement (Part 2)

Drafted since 2012-04-16


The first two messages speak of the gospel messages we normally hear in the churches. However, the restoration movement also emphasize: so what if you know that you need the Lord and you have countless times of experiences that the Lord loves you? Most churches or teachers of the word would just only say, “Therefore, it is time for you to repay the debts of Christ’s love by serving.” However, God definitely does not mean us to go back to worshipping Jehovah God like how we worship idols, or treating the commandments of the Lord as a “to-do” or “not to-do”. God definitely does not mean for us to be bounded by His ways and His Spirit. His Spirit is not evil as the Spirit in God loves us even till the extent to adopt us as sons, and shows us more love than He showed Christ His only begotten.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

So what is God’s plan after giving His life to us? What are the third and forth messages for blessed believers of this era?

The Third Message: Philistines retreated and Israel regained her territory

Samuel set up a stone of Ebenezer (stone of God’s help) in the place where Israel was defeated 20 years ago, proclaiming that Israel was helped all the time, even in the seeming failure 20 years ago. What is greater than knowing and even experiencing the great mystery of Jesus Christ? What is greater than having Holy Spirit’s convictions in all things? It is when you confirm that you are actually one with Christ. There is overcoming victory in everything because there is confirmation till there is fixed perspective. A heart can receive many kinds of convictions of the Holy Spirit, but it does not mean that he can recognize the truths and evidences of the Holy Spirit working more zealously than him descending upon his heart. Through battles over and over again, the child of God realizes nothing is truer than God’s absolute truth, Holy Spirit and answers in all things coming in the form of love into the heart. The heart changes from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh. The heart is now changed and it truly believes! Cultivation and training still belongs to religion, but the gospel talks about unconditional unity of grace that lives a new creation in a person’s spirit, soul and body, and in all his earthly conditions. This is what we mean by “equipping”. This is the Spirit that causes enemies and unluckiness to be terrorized at the sight of you. How can demons even come near? The child of God lives by the truth, no matter how his feelings change. He has already made a covenant with God. He comes to church and stays with brethrens because he knows quietly that “this is my life, this is my way, this is what I am”. The child of God loves by the truth, a truth that he is a child of God with the same glory as the other brethrens, and such a love towards brothers and sisters is therefore unconditional to any biasness or changes, all because he has overcomed and sees much, much further that nothing can take away his peace.

Is there a forth message? So what if you truly believe? You will realize that you yourself need to and actually love to abide by the truths of Word of God, loving all the laws and commandments of God, to live out Christ.

The Fourth Message: Restore decrees, nation safe and peace

This is the time where both Saul and David were raised as disciples, though Saul was an example of a contrasting disciple that could not pass this kingdom fourth message test. Revolutionists are born through persecutions and motivations, but disciples are not only born through conditions that are yet normal, always and daily, but they seek to learn in all sorts of minute but foundational ways how to live Christ out in all types of conditions. There are definite evidences because they seek the unity of the Holy Spirit with all. It is not because he is great, but he understood that there is no one person on earth that can totally have peace and be totally sinless, because every insurance / guarantee / promises of men are never absolutely secured; they all affect the human heart. Because of this understanding, he finds that he cannot but follow the Lord. He realizes that it is only through following the Lord’s perfect will that he can have true freedom, because true freedom comes from God being pleased with him, He Himself becoming the guarantor and the promise. It is through true freedom that he can really truly love without any streak of “accusation of him doing it all because it benefits him or of any biasness”. Therefore, because of true love that comes from the Spirit in the first place, he checks whether his belief system can be understood by the people around him. It is because he loves people truly and he loves his brethrens even more, that he wants to know if they really get the rewards from heaven. He creates a joyful and spiritual mood by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, healing by patiently confirming for the weak, and raising an army of Christ’s workers by inspiring them to ultimately restore the likeness of Christ. He does not only care about training himself to receive the convictions himself, but because he knows Holy Spirit’s convictions and anointing come from God’s decision, he is totally willing to follow and submit to all teachings of God just to get the Holy Spirit’s convictions that come even more after he submits and flows with the Spirit. This is sacrificing the smallest oneself for the sake of gaining the great Person (牺牲小我,完成大我). The greatest in the kingdom of heaven belongs to one who humbles himself like a child before all men, especially to his brothers and sisters, so that they may together all receive a total restoration of Holy Spirit’s convictions 24 hours and in all things that reaches the heavens and the angels give praises to God!

The four messages of the Mizpah Movement are all important, but are also in sequence. Actually, they look like the same thing, but the shepherd knows the timetable of a believer or a worker through how much the Spirit in him responds to an ever deepening understanding of “God has already showed us everything, and He is willing to give everything to those who ask Him for everything”.

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Judging the spirits

(Elderly 15th October 2010)

This is a continuation of the small group message on Thursday as I saw that life of getting around with people is an art of projecting the image of Christ in judging them passively, so that the timetable may come to judge them actively. Though I did not get to finish speaking at the Elderly Ministry, I will just post this..

Originally: <Ge 1:1, Ge 1, Ge 1:27, 28> Image of God’s Spirit –> Judge and Subdue all things


Let all things external shape our image through the word of God = spirit gives rise to shaping this image

=> focus on your spiritual state (spirit)

1. Perfect Spirit of Jesus Christ

When tuned more to perfect Spirit of Christ (opposing the antichrist spirit in the world), then we can test and approve.

Therefore, keep focusing on the state of your spirit: learn to get God’s perfect will “in between” rights and wrongs, learn to get perfect voice at the present through past and future.

2. Spirits are judged as people felt the Lord Holy Spirit in our spirit

For focusing / protecting / training / preserving my spirit, my image aligns to and projects gospel and gospelization from my spirit

The gospel image projected from our spirit gospelizes

1) Image of Humility = This is the first and the most complete image that comes out. If you are to comfort a person, this humility image shares the burden with them. If you meet with a person who is angry with you, this image will calm them down as you seek to learn from the Lord Jesus Christ in them, even though they might be wrong -> Not a hypocritical humility, but because I am already loved, already most successful, therefore, God is continually speaking to me, so that I consider and take reference to all things said by people around me. Therefore, can give unlimited love and grace to people, for all blessed people around me are accused and need the grace from Lord Jesus.

2) Image of Grace = always in joy, forgiveness, forget their wrongs, give in -> not放任, but love God’s righteousness, love men’s souls, love eternal kingdom, therefore can let people see a new creational life of the heavenly kingdom gospel, the promise God has given, that comforts, counsels and descends on people

3) Image of God’s Righteousness = dealing with justice / fairness vs dealing with evil/scheming -> not presenting yet another judge, so that praises are given to those due, and rebuke to those who turned away, but it is about presenting that true healing of the spirit, soul, body, lifestyle, interpersonal relationships, family, finance, serving is possible. And this is truly needed, therefore, even if it is grace, righteousness has to be placed in to tell people to humble themselves down, i.e. the promise must become covenant

4) Image of Revelation and Wisdom = giving practical advice that knows heaven and earth -> not about trying to learn or get a lot of great earthly creative ideas and philosophy, or even gifts, anointing or capabilities to love God, but it is a (1) formatted holy temple continually being newly rebuilt in your life, and (2) people can see you rely on the Holy Spirit so that all things can really become blessings whatever you put your touch/hand on. Therefore, two things re-emphasized:

(1) Bible -> Life -> Temple

(2) History -> Living -> Holy Spirit / Mobile Temple

5) Image of God’s Timetable = at the right place, right time, appropriately (light or focused) handle problems -> not about being perfect, but being just what God wants you to be at the right role and time. Without being a beggar, there can be no great testimony when rags turn to riches. Therefore, be meticulous and detailed into the training of God every time, and learn as you do your best in tasks assigned by the Lord.

=> External evidences continue to appear and be remembered by angels and men

6) Image of God’s Blessedness / Virtues = having a beautiful and noble life -> not good-natured, but having the fruits of the Holy Spirit (inner evidences = Emmanuel evidences), presenting that he really has a Holy Spirit manifesting inside of him. The Lord Jesus Christ is his Master that he listens and submits all voices to.

7) Image of God’s Absoluteness = fixed perspectives in things and relationships -> not the gods, but Only One God and One Gospel, for ultimately, it is the gospel and gospelization = format temple of God’s word and rely on the Holy Spirit’s convictions. The faith that is projected is simple and yet deep; the lifestyle that is projected is easy yet impossible to learn (unless one totally destroys his ideology and rebuilds his temple of thoughts). There is only one way to God.

8) Image of Christ a Shepherd = always concerned on souls and their state of their spirits -> not lording or teaching over people, but when you receive wisdom/revelation/blessedness/fruits, another group of people are going to be shamed in the spirit. It is God’s will that their souls turn to God to receive the heavenly rewards, not keep on focusing on earthly things. Therefore, be a father to them. What matters is not success on the outside, but success on giving convictions and making people nearer to realize the heavenly kingdom descending on their hearts, so that relationships and souls are created, built and edified.

9) Image of the Commander of the Lord’s Army = Victory -> not focusing on winning, the standing and the anointing received, but being able to use the blood of Christ to always drive out the accusations and life-destroying elements of the enemy Satan, so that one becomes assured in knowing himself and his timetable, always enjoying eternal victory, hope, thanksgiving, joy, praise, daily receiving eternal crown. Give people the impression of “Jesus Christ and His cross” = “problems -> healing -> receive blessings”. Therefore, true victory is winning the beloved support of true disciples 得真门徒的心

10) Image of God’s Servant = Submission -> not following because of having assurance in “no choice”, and also not just following when there is winning, but tested and approved God’s perfect will to follow = following the Holy Spirit to judge people without any wavering

3. Judging the spirits

1) Do not judge those that should not be judged

The meaning of why the Lord tells us not to judge people, or even ourselves in 1Corinthians.

– Gentiles (for they have already been judged)

– There is a timetable (there is a reason for disbelief or not being able to overcome then)

2) Judge the beatitudes

(1) Hear from God: obey, submit

(2) Hear from people: aptly consider the suggestions/views of people

(3) First have compassion and forgiveness to protect them and then judge them especially when they are ugly and unable

(4) Appropriately renew, admonish and teach by wisdom in carrying out the will of God courageously, for God’s will is to give contriteness, a heart of flesh that listens and submits to God righteousness, yet do not persist, but let the word of God work His way into the dough of yeast for the word of God shall not fall to the ground without accomplishing

(5) After teaching, do by example and serve people (learn to be a server) = learning how people feel, how they receive attacks in the midst of going through what they go through meticulously = intercessions for the unable

(6) Judge things with ease (God is in control, so no matter what kinds of situations, cold or hot soup, tell people how to judge)

(7) Judge men with fixed perspectives = if they have been loved by God, God would love them all the way, yet must understand the spirits and timetable of men deeply, give them serving, yet do not demand too much

3) Diagnose and give answer at their faith level

The problem with men is that there are just too many things to restore and turn over (accused). If they truly know what God is doing -> then for that one matter, they will know they just need to die and resurrect over that one matter -> submission is in fact easy (confirmed through the spirit soul and body)

4) They are now under your intercessions, under your care, under your discipleship training

This also means that whatever happens to them, God will hold you account to it. This is a wonderful “all things work for good” road of born again, sanctification, gaining eternal crown. To those who can survive the tribulations, they will receive the everlasting crown.

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Quiet Down to Guard the Born Again Spirit Against Dirtiness and Ingratitude要切切保守重生之灵,防备肮脏和忘恩不足之心

(Elderly Ministry 24th September 2010)

1. Born again spirit

1) Born again is an illumination (光照) coming from God to our depraved passive spirit. Just like a plant which requires water and sunlight of kindness and encouragements, one day, the born again Spirit came into our life. Irresistible, it came and took dominion of us, making us main characters putting all relative things under our feet, and promised to continue to work in us till the ends of the age.

(1) Depraved and passive
(2) No other choice but ONLY Christ
(3) Received all answers
(4) Through all things He messages me to find me
(5) Ambassadors, people of the covenant

2) This born again spirit stays with us even now. We must learn how to preserve it and extend it:

(1) Depraved and passive -> 蒙 blessed must live in God to become alive (see and hear God)
(2) No other choice but ONLY Christ -> the Amen “Death and Resurrection” proclamation belief
(3) Require all answers -> restore understanding of “not under law of sin and death but life and Spirit” -> not to continue to be accused, let go, to fully look positively upwards towards God’s smiling face
(4) Through all things He messages me to find me -> restore the God-driven method of processing God came upon me
(5) Ambassadors, people of the covenant -> restore a spirit that resists the devil and responds to God

3) Every good thing is now in us, and the evil spirits are not inside our life. Romans 8:28 happens to us now.


2. We have to quiet down in our spirit: to confirm

1) If we do not preserve the blessed heart, we will go into the following, because we have become alive to now be affected by evil spirits, even thought they are not inside our life

(1) Accusations
(2) Numbness
(3) Habit of Doubting
(4) Stronghold of physique

2) Even though it is difficult, if you know the voice comes to you assuredly in accordance with the bible, quiet down and calm down 安静、冷静, then look it from the view that you have a relationship with God

Does God have expectations of us? Can your act of loving God be man-driven and not be pleasing to God? What is actually loving God?

(1) Accusations -> be assured (because only people born again will have accusations)
(2) Numbness -> wake up (by realizing danger of “no convictions”)
(3) Habit of Doubting -> must start to confirm in all things (by casting demons, to use each piece of evidence to cast doubts back on what the devil is doing, and point confirmation reality back to Emmanuel God)
(4) Stronghold of physique – need 3 years of healing process (at the end, it has to produce a “believe soley and really on God’s word”, therefore, in the process, don’t just wait, explain using all sorts of angles and repetition, and confirmations, to prove, to let him remain in a fellowship atmosphere full of Emmanuel, so as to make him “believe”. Don’t say, “Aiyah, can only rely on prayers for him now”, but realize that you are there in this process to help him. You can help open his eyes each moment by clearing his accused heart to believe, e.g. go closer to church, etc, and make him have feelings towards God again and again.)

3) Fully accept God’s Voice — Passage Reading: <Ps 19:1-6> (God’s words must be understood through His Spiritual Voice) = it is not God’s will to remain in accusations, but His will to accept 100% of His Voice

God is everywhere. He is with you. He is invisible and not in the voice of man or animals, but His voice is so loud that it shouts from the east to the west and from morning to night

1 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
2 Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.
3 There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.
4 Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world. In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun,
5 which is like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion, like a champion rejoicing to run his course.
6 It rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit to the other; nothing is hidden from its heat.

4) Then fully accept that God’s Laws are His love to break the curse of evil spirits affecting your blessed spirit inside of you

Passage Reading: <Ps 19:7-9>
7 The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul.
The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.
8 The precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the LORD are radiant, giving light to the eyes.
9 The fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever.
The ordinances of the LORD are sure and altogether righteous.


3. Be alive to respond to God

Are we ready to hang on to God?

Passage Reading: <Ps 19:10-14>
10 They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold;
they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb.
11 By them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward.
12 Who can discern his errors? Forgive my hidden faults.
13 Keep your servant also from willful sins; may they not rule over me.
Then will I be blameless, innocent of great transgression.
14 May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight,
O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.

1) Fighting (spiritual battles) is needed

Identity, hold on to vision, enemies and sufferings will surely appear, only way is to become perfect in thoughts, words and deeds. The reason of us holding on to vision and doing good works of God is to break the spirit of curse entering in and out of our life. That is our conscience level of faith, up it and Satan cannot come in. I discover that we are in the world. If there is no absolute formatted word of God for us to grasp to discern the correct Spirit and angels in the world, we will definitely be led away in chaotic confusion in this world of 1/3 full of evil spirits affecting us 24 hours.

2) Guard your heart <Pro 4:23> <Pro 1-9> <1Jn 2:15-17>

The English bible says this better in using the word “guard” over “保守”.

<Proverbs 4:23> “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” In the context of <Proverbs 1-9>, the bible emphasizes us to exchange ANYTHING just to exchange, receive and acquire Wisdom (the Spirit that “protects, counsels and instructs” the heart and mind).

The bible says in <1Jn 2:15-17>

15Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16For everything in the world—the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does—comes not from the Father but from the world. 17The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.

Three things to place in the correct “guard” (the use of the keyword “guard” in guarding your hearts and minds as mentioned in the bible), in order to let the Spirit of born again arise.

Resolute (= break the curse)

(1) Need of Money – Firstfruits = tithes = God first

(2) Need of Flesh – Love your wife/husband (there are unlimited “relationship” that can be built; be interested in him, submit to him, love her, be interested in her), love letting God use my flesh as a vessel and instrument of God = I am one to take care of people, don’t be selfish

(3) Need of Glamor – Satisfaction = give thanks in all circumstances = Emmanuel

3) Ingratitude Vs Thanksgiving

The Spirit of Emmanuel Message = Seeking the Highest reasons (once gotten, forever unforgettable and always remembered, impressed and sealed in the heart = eternal absolute reasons found only in the born again spirit)

4) Do by scheduled = give thanks, daily pray for husband and children, 自己好就好 It is 100% sufficient to be well in your spirit

(a) Child of God
(b) Eternally
(c) Providence (Spirit, Wisdom, Body)
(d) Family and Brethrens to live for
(e) Inheritance (promise of gospelization)
(f) Sufferings
(g) Crown

=> Let these become your set of armor

5) Confirm = main character spirit

(1) Test and approve: Absolute -> Relative => unforgettable effect of God’s word. We need evidence in order to increase our faith
(2) Power to focus and think, not held back by discouragements => get wisdom in all kinds of ways of the Holy Spirit
(3) Intercede

6) Live in seeing God pleased = seeing heart transformed

(1) Continuous prayers

(2) Concentration prayers

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Inwardly Being Renewed As If A New Day

(Small Group and Elderly Group 16th and 17th September 2010)

God’s voice is all-present in the world, our workplace and especially through how all the spirits are affected and saying. Yet, if our heart is busy, we will not be able to hear His word. It does not mean that we must become less busy in our lifestyle, for there are just too many cultures and things to explore in the world to pull us into the prince of the air, but we realize what is not being busy in the spirit – which is an upright spirit. Non-christians are in this state, but even Christians do not realize that they just do but never reflect whether their spirit is muddle-headed, not knowing what God is doing, they could never get out from waiting till they receive an assured heart, so that in they are only led into a chaotic, dry and burdensome life especially when they try to serve God, or that they just take things lightly without knowing what the truth actually is. They live in a state that is so very pitiful, that God really hopes that they could enter a state of reflection through quietness, upright to face God and all things happening in their life (spirit), so that they can test and approve through knowing God’s emphasis from time to time, and live with an assured heart seeing God holding hands with them as they walk.

Passage Reading: <2Co 4>

If God and our situations are so real, then we must sit down and re-consider Christ. This is called dying and resurrecting with Christ. This is a “one time first thing” that we need to realize for our whole life, right down to every scheduled prayer.

1. God, above all, has made Christ shine as a light into our spirit

1) An Unforgettable Light = Christ -> carved, stamped and sealed so much that it extends till eternal life

Christ is a great Light that has shone like a Laser, that penetrates and divides thoughts so that we discover His image has imprinted on me. That mindset is so deep that it extends from temporal into eternity and from changing into absoluteness. It is a gulf so great that a child of God won’t forget has happened, so that one crosses from death into eternal life. The sweetness continues daily without fail, and power continues to spring out from darkness into everlasting light.

2) This light willingly branches out into all sorts of answers in our lifestyle

Being able to meet, see and hear God, receiving a heart of peace and joy, brightness on the face, health in the body, strength for expressing, wisdom for managing my own self, bearing fruits through interpersonal relationships, getting eternal inheritance through spouse together, winning souls and producing blessed sons and daughters, understanding the Spirit’s voice in even all materials and wealth, so that I can bless many disciples of Christ and coworkers. All these come from an answer of Christ, and give praise to the answer of Christ.

3) Yet when we receive this great Light, we get in touch with our family, friends, and the world, we see a great discerning and difference of looming culture of chaotic and fierce darkness and bondage

We can discern because the light of Christ is so great so that even if we are reflectors, Christ light shone into our spirits as if we shine the light out from our spirits into the world of darkness. We became an image of Christ as we shine. The struggles and war amidst this experience are sometimes anxious and uneasy, but blessed are those who keep themselves from Satan’s clutches and realize, “Blessed is the man whose sins God never remembers”. In fact, through the darkness that God has allowed, we become God’s very instrument of love that breaks down every stronghold. It is God’s very pleasure to deem him as the very main character of the world.

4) Only that we hold on and preserve for lifetime that only purpose, vision and dream, everything that process and has to be done in our lifestyle will only pull us to restore more of God’s image and make us rely more on His Holy Spirit, accomplishing what He deemed us to do.

2. How to get that great surpassing power to manifest – especially in prayers?

1) Identity = Child of God => the crux of power comes from understanding that the true assurance and effect of the identity of Child of God actually comes from death and ressurection in the gospel (Jesus Christ). There may be two types of people why they can accept that they are the most glorious main characters of the era. One group does it because it challenges their ambitions, but they will become proud and God will deal with them. The other group does it because they have gone through the deepest sins, realizing that they cannot do without God, so that they made a huge realization that their value actually comes from what God is deemed them as – chosen and called as sons of salt and light of the world. Therefore, with humility and might, they become one whom God is pleased and loved, one having the image of Jesus Christ – today’s Jesus Christ, the seed of God, the image of God.

2) Purpose = Four gospelization => the crux of power comes from understanding that it is not “to do” or “to accomplish” four gospelization, but through this process of having this purpose, it refines us to the final purpose of becoming more and more like Jesus Christ. In other words, it is not only that Jesus Christ has wisdom and deeds that surpasses all men, but He has a heart that really loves God and loves men, i.e. He has a spirit of an ocean of love. The true surpassing power comes from the desire to have love as much as if Jesus Christ is here today.

3) Test and approve perfect will => the crux of power comes from the overwhelming and transcending peace we have when we do things with an assured heart, and that it brings the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit along with it. God tells us to test and approve in everything we do because we no longer belong to ourselves, but we are dominated by Him in all things. If we found His perfect will, we will definitely see the evidences of God. However, it is not so much to gain the visible fruits of our labor of testing and seeking, but we gain the overwhelming pleasure of God, i.e. God is pleased with us and wants to use us. This great surpassing power cannot be found in the world.

4) Whole life, 7 days in a week, all things, 24 hours => the crux of power comes from having a one united and correct spirit that continues to preserve the purest state. It is not so much that God wants us to stick to 4 times meeting, centering on the pulpit message, brethrens and serving, but it comes to a realization that if our spirit is the most important element of our life, i.e. it is our true identity of ourself, then it cannot have a split personality. It must be held in greatest honor and protection. One may feel esteemed because of what people say using the words of God, but he may feel hurt when challenged just a little bit. Always learning but never understanding so that he is unable to acknowledge, we know that he has not really understood the spirit of the child of God. This, and so on. Through aiming for all things and 24 hours needing to see and experience the power of Emmanuel, when we see gaps in our life and living, we will see a human finger <Daniel 5> appearing not visibly first, but in our hearts. That is the exact area Satan can accuse, but is also the exact area where the Holy Spirit is refining you. Once refined, you can see an all-surpassing power of evidence happening in your spirit.

3. Though the outward body is failing and dying, inwardly, the spirit is renewed as if a new day has dawned

1) We must focus all the more on the imperishable eternal glory = our spirit, which is our actual being

The eyes of our spirit must look towards the well-being of our spirit. Does it easily, automatically, go into the things of temporary, changing, relative, flesh, worldly at first of our every thought, or does it go into the first thought of eternal praise, assurance, absolute power, heavenly and spirituality? What about our habits of our lifestyle? Do we have one personality?

2) Day by day, our spirits being renewed -> count it, so that you can see evidence building up systematically

Actually we can count our crown. Our crown is not in accomplishments of learning more skills, making truer friends, or leading more people to Christ, for that cannot be counted (in fact, it will backtrack in causing bondage and discouragements). But we can place our hands over our heart after each period and each day, whether our spirits have been crowned with God’s pleasure. From ignorance to knowing the greatness of the gospel, from unborn to being born again, from seeking to realizing I am actually being sought, hungering not for more knowledge alone but hungering for heaven to dawn on me, from finding chasing after the wind to seeking the direction of the wind (perfect will), from unable to mix with brethrens to being able to cowork in gospel and shepherding, from chaos to having a set of 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit, discovering my life actually needs to love God and love people to having a sincere heart of love that is produced, seeing ever more clearly how God has dominated me, Christ has lorded over me to follow Him, what the Holy Spirit is actually performing by my certain actions and the certain hints and convictions I have, through sharing these mysteries and seeking 8 beatitues people, being able to join to more and more people of my own kind together, from shepherding one life to realizing he experienced totally what I experienced before, confirming my blessed honorable life, being all the more willing to be equipped till I am more beautiful like how Christ is so very beautiful, … All these listed are what we experience one at a time, one in a day. If our spirit is being renewed like this process, we know that our hearts are not going to lose our courageous heart, but we have all the more hope even though being pressed down on all sides. In fact, the more we waste our bodies away, the more we know that He is working to refine our very spirit.

3) Only that we continue to preserve “giving thanks, always hoping, always submission, always joyful” lifestyle, we know for sure we are living a full and abundant life

The purpose not to have 9 fruits in our life, but the purpose on HOW TO maintain the 9 fruits in our lifestyle, we shall know the most perfect gospel message that God will place in our contrite spirit of needing the gospel. Once we lose Emmanuel, we know we have something that requires cleansing and repentance because the message in us needs to be tuned closer to the fully-equipped gospel. This is why we continue to do all kinds and all forms of prayer – so that we can have authority, not to fight people off, but to fight off the heart of stone and turn them into hearts of humility, love and assurance = prophet, priest and king.

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利未记总览十一Leviticus Overview Part 11 – 得着随时安息当中更得着安息的奥秘

(乐龄事工Elderly Ministry 30 July 2010)

** 开始的话 **

2. How to walk with God? [Living] Chapters 18-27
2、如何与神同行?[生活] 18-27

1) The Holiness of the People <18-20>
2) The Holiness of the High Priest <21-22>
3) Keeping Festivals <23-25> – Sabbath Day, Passover, Pentecost/Feast of Weeks, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles/Feast of Gatherings
4) Blessings and Discipline <26>
5) Fulfilling Vows <27>



Three pieces of furniture, but for Golden Altar of Incense, it is also associated with Most Holy Place <Heb 9:3-4>. <Ex 30:1-10> says it should be tended and incense burnt morning and night; but <Le 16:12> To bring a censer full of burning coals inside the veil on Day of Atonement

(2) <Chapter 24>

Lamps must be lighted up continuously (converse with God) <24:1-4>: Everyday, 24 hours, Eternal -> Bread of The Presence (God’s word), Olive oil (Holy Spirit), Incense (Prayer)
时常点灯(与神交通)《24:1-4》:每天、24小时、永远 -> 陈设饼(神的话)、橄榄油(圣灵)、乳香(祷告)

1 西

2 使

=> 圣灵 -> 祷告


=> 在圣所(至圣所外面)

=> 早晚,也强调晚上到早晨(半夜时光 = 24时),献晚祭(祭司每一天的事奉)




=> 精金灯台 = golden lampstand = 唯一在圣所里(能光照我们)的亮光(祷告)


=> 12 个饼 = 12支派

=> 十分之二

=> 无酵饼


=> 摆列的陈设饼 = 陈献出来,也设立起来

=> 桌子 = Table of bread of presence = Table of Showbread


=> 净乳香 = 在神所给的信息上,得着祷告题目,为以色列12支派代祷


=> 陈设饼每安息日换 = 主日的信息、美意(以色列永远的约) -> 七天 -> 每天(晚上到早晨)



20 使 21







27 穿

28 便








14 便

圣所是我们生命里的实验室。神叫我们必要常常带着祭坛信息,活活(靠圣灵)地点灯祷告,察验祷告和代祷 -> 每天的早晚都纪念才能做得到 -> 有时必要集中祷告,但都为了要得着随时能一下子回复权柄的祷告,继续要研究、得着和享受多方祷告的节奏、感觉、自然、活力、轻松和灵活。随时祷告立时的果效就是常常喜乐,凡事感恩,能察验到神的美意而跟从主的脚踪。这样的同行,没有律法能够禁止。


11 西



=> 我们必要检讨的事:若我们做随时祷告,那么,我们开心吗?

(3) <Chapter 25> Sabbath Year, Year of Jubilee

Rest, Freedom, Inheritance = The original intention of God towards His saints -> the conclusion after conversing with God
安息、自由、基业 = 神对子民的本意 -> 与神交通之后的结果

The important essence is rest, not law. When we let go, we will have freedom. We must restore this spirit for our prayers.





踏进迦南地 = 享受;安息年 = 要休息

37:7 怀









8 便















21 便









27 便

28 便





不能还的产业,就是城内的住宅,因为是靠耶和华建起来的 = 加倍的均分





35 使

36 使


























** 结束的话 **