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Millenialism with respect to Missions

Here is my take of the 3 main views on millenialism with respect to “gospelization” and missions as I went through recent revelation overview.


1. Premillenialism (exalting true sanctification, as the gospel is the sovereignty of God)


– Honoring literal historical-grammatical interpretation of Scripture first

– believing Christ direct intervention after missions, thus believing what is more important is daily holy living and witness of the gospel while waiting for Christ’s return

– the focus on missions is on biblical grounding and correct teaching

– Christ’s coming could be hastened, or that Christ’s coming could come any time, so that missions work is so urgent for attaining crown

– emphasis on personal sanctification and worship, that bible study should guide missions






2. Postmillenialism (exalting cultural transformation of the power of the gospel, thus gospel is important)


– Presuppositionalism interpretation?

– hope of societal transformation through the gospel right now

– The power of the gospel to fulfill all promises of OT one day

– Puritans

– binding of satan makes missions and evangelism possible

– Early modern missionaries hope of all nations to be filled with a knowledge of the glory of God




3. Amillennialism (exalting back towards the core of the gospel, regeneration itself is the gospel)


– The optimism of the power of the gospel right now

– bleak end times and Satan attacking the gospel core, but gospel is already unstoppable after Jesus Christ resurrected

– focus on gospel doors

– whole bible overview and connection

– glory of the assurance of a regenerated and transformed life

– thus the focus of missions is focusing on building leaders knowing regeneration

– binding of satan makes missions and evangelism possible

– all amillenialists are reformed




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Unreserved Holiness


There is an unreserved holiness that only brings wisdom and praise out from the innermost soul and from everyone around you. It is not only a destination; it is the light brought about by the scepter of Christ!

1. The search for the complete gospel that has already found me

You can refer back to my previous year 2008 blog where I wrote about bible verses that impacted my life:


I remember I was searching for the verses that illuminated St Augustine so that he was converted. I heard from my senior pastor Rev Leechull spoke about the bible verses that influenced St Augustine to conversion. At that time, the orientation of the church pulpit message kept on consoling the congregation, and gave me the impression that to accuse people would be the last thing God desires. i.e. how can these verses fit into a person’s life so as to make a person convert? Are not the verses below a result of conversion (born again) rather than something that converts (makes one born again)? Therefore, I could not fully understand why the following verses actually caused St Augustine (the way I interpret – the start of Christian theology that accords to his own experience, i.e. he wrote “The Confessions”) into conversion. Therefore, I did not list the verse down in my previous year 2008 blog. The following verses were what happened when he was prompted by a childlike voice, and took it as a divine command to open the Bible and read the first thing he saw:

Romans 13:13-14
13 Let us walk properly as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and sensuality, not in quarreling and jealousy. 14 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and
make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.

God changed him then at 32 years old through his mother Monica’s prayers of despair but continual hope since young.

Even though I cannot fully understand why the verses nailed St Augustine’s conversion, I kept the above verses deep into my heart. I just cannot forget them as they are from the bible. I cannot twist what I read from the bible to fit my own theology or what I, if my weak mind, has heard.

Along with the above verses, I remember

Psalm 19
1 The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
2 Day to day pours out speech,
and night to night reveals knowledge.

8 the precepts of the Lord are right,
rejoicing the heart;
the commandment of the Lord is pure,
enlightening the eyes;

12 Who can discern his errors?
Declare me innocent from hidden faults.

14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable in your sight,
O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

For all these years, I realized one thing is absolutely true – the Lord is Holy and His glory is such that I must never show consideration for my weaknesses so that I worship God with compromise. Your weaknesses may come from the conditions and fields God has given you. But those are not for you to compromise God’s greater power through you to open the doors of evangelism. Those weaknesses are placed not for you to show consideration to (as if God loves you so that He will forgo every weaknesses as His favored child of God) so that you can live a more carefree life less of guilt or reproach from God. (If you hear no grief of the Holy Spirit, you either already have your conscience of faith tainted or that you are not born again.) Those weaknesses are placed for you to understand your spiritual calling, to be willing to suffer everything and to go to your end to face God in prayers, so as to attain Christ’s resurrection in getting practical wisdom.

2. Not to abolish the Law or the Prophets, but fulfill them

The 36 lessons are not an end to your conversion, or the experience of the “second” born again. They are a guide, and only a guide. They guide you to live unreserved from the Lord, to the Lord, and in the Lord.

If you really want to evangelize to the unreached, the young that is out of your generation, or a culture that is far beyond yours, you must really know how much you must suffer in the Lord to hold on to God’s promise. Do you value the gospel and the promise of gospelization more than anything else so that you test and approve the things you must do in your work place? When you test and approve, one must know what the absolute conditions are and what the relative conditions are. i.e. when you are at your work place, the relative conditions are about doing your best at your office work. The absolute truth is that you cannot be a slave because you have a gospel too important to compromise. When I face the Lord with even my closest ones worrying for me, I realized I had to do it my way – the way the Lord has shown to me. There is a peace in me that I am not disobeying the people around me, but a peace that God will bring me through, and God will definitely bless the people and company many folds through my obedience. It produces some anxiousness, but I slowly confirmed that those anxiousness are as a result of Satan’s attack as I obey the Lord my God.

If you find it hard to live in your workplace, then make it a point to have a church-centered and brethren-centered lifestyle. Then your perspectives can be build on solid ground and you will not waver like a ship among waves. You might be disobeying the earthly authorities if you keep on having a pulpit-centered, brethren-centered and serving-centered lifestyle, but be sure that if you follow the Lord this way, the Lord will not only deliver you out of it, but the Lord will give you your heart’s desire in the gospel promise of God.

This, in a word, means “unreserved holiness” in all things 24 hours, a point made to focus there and go towards there.

Matthew 5:48
48 You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

“Unreserved holiness” created in me a new heart. There is a New Creation. That new creation is not by grace that has been made cheap, but by death and resurrection – grace that is made sovereign, and glory that makes every word in the bible alive in you.

3. Praising in the Gospel vs Conscience-Pricking in Religion

The greatest difference between gospel and religion are two folds:
– The gospel is that God has already found you unconditionally, and religion is that you need to keep on trying to find God.
– The gospel is that you can live in unreserved holiness that surpasses every law, but religion from man can never perform this miracle.

An unconditional love may have started to produce unreserved holiness, but a person is transformed when he is trained to go into a total willingness to produce unconditional appreciation for unconditional love of God gives praise from the innermost soul.

Do you notice how the Christian faith differs from all other religions? We praise God! Religions that rely only on the conscience will ponder why their gods need praises from men. (If they praise their gods, their gods will be embarrassed because their gods rely on conscience to help the earthly people.) Do we praise God out of a conscious debt of His love? Frankly speaking, no. God is not a judge who checks if He can impute to us His judgments, for He chose to impute all on His Son Jesus Christ already. We praise the God of Yahweh because we find Him awesomely amazing many times, and we especially find Him awesome because He is steadfast and faithful to us all the time. You would not praise a friend who helps out as a friend in need, but you will praise your own father who has always been so awesome and steadfast by your side, who will make sure you walk right, and who will even give his life for your true happiness.

Psalm 108:1
1 My heart is steadfast, O God!
I will sing and make melody with all my being!

Psalm 109:30-31
30 With my mouth I will give great thanks to the Lord;
I will praise him in the midst of the throng.
31 For he stands at the right hand of the needy one,
to save him from those who condemn his soul to death.

The child of God does not praise God only because he finds the Lord awesome. He only desires to find praise to God.

Sometimes, he may be unconvinced to obey God’s word. However, if he is born again to seek the unconditional love and unreserved holiness of God, you can be rest assured that he will never be at peace unless he submits with an unreserved love to God.

Therefore, pastors, elders, deacons, small group leaders and coworkers, you must teach the sheep how to praise God. Keep your focus right there, and you will forget your own troubles. We do not get crazy for the gospel only when we find it amazing. We know the gospel is our life so that we live in the gospel through praising God.

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The Know-How of Unseen Strength in the King’s Authority


The mystery of strength in the Holy Spirit lies in submission to the Kingly authority. The strength also lies in the power to say “No”. Not sacrifice, but mercy flows from the King’s throne, for that is His greatest desire.

1) The King eternally never changes but we change -> get the first light of wisdom for Christ’s finished work on the cross

<Ps 90:12> Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

God works in imperfections. Limitations give unlimited wisdom.

There are whole lot of difference between men who lived apart from the King and men who lived in the King.

2) Face the King and receive His approval of praise, for strength from Holy Spirit neither comes from knowledge nor fervor

<Ps 91> When a man relies on the King, His grace can then be seen

When there is an opportunity to give up your closest and your life, will you lose to have faith in that chance?

3) Evaluate: unless you have a life of transparency before and rooting into the king of Kings for all things, you will react at certain things by escaping

Experience His grace in all things. Then you can see all assurance, guarantee and insurance in the Lord in all things <Ps 92>. All things empowered comes this way.

4) Do not depend on feelings, but stay inside of this Kingly authority by following the truth, then He will manifest on you

Do not say, "Follow the Lord" yet you do not know what to follow. You have to know His word, for He uses His word to dominate. God has fixed everything. Therefore, do not be muddle-headed to follow.

But take Jehovah as King! For when we rely on Him, His fear, eternity, power, laws, holiness will manifest <Ps 93>. He reigns, therefore, do not fear and worry.

5) Do not become self-defensive when you discover the King’s revealed discipline on yourself

Once we resolute in our hearts, we will meet with problems. Evaluate your own life, for it is somehow a discipline. Face the Lord. Even if you have prayed and your family or the church has not received the kind of protection, take it as discipline, represent your family / church to repent, and receive transcendent peace that God will have blessings. Why become self-defensive? God opposes the proud. Be humble. There is definitely blessings if it is discipline to a child of God. <Ps 94>

6) Be humble to the point of being dominated by Jehovah King

Are you willing to surrender, be left totally contrite, and be dominated by Jehovah?

<Ps 95> The people who Resign and are dominated by Jehovah will then praise Him. If you do not harden your hearts Today, “Oh, that today you would hearken to his voice”, you will hear the Holy Spirit. That gives way to surpassing special grace that abounds.

7) Train and exercise yourself to witness and preach the gospel in and even when out of season; then the King’s domination to all nations flow through you

Allow the King’s domination of all nations / peoples descend into you.

<Ps 96> Jehovah dominates all nations and peoples. Therefore, those who receive the <promise> will dominate all nations and peoples. Not only that God dominates His saints, He also dominates all nations and peoples through His saints.

David sang this Psalm till his pants dropped when he brought the ark of covenant back. Why is He so much in joy? "This is because the Lord is going to dominate all nations through me who brings the ark of covenant back!"

The foundation of all praises come from the cornerstone of the Messiah. Therefore, in all things, find and restore back the cornerstone of the Messiah that is present in all things. The message of His blood is the center of all your evangelism.

8) Judge the hearts of all living AND the dead through the domination of the King

<Ps 97> Jehovah judges the living and the dead. The living are those who follow His dominion, the dead are those who disobeys His dominion.

Judge the hearts of all. There is a dead part in them and there is a living part in them. Make them realize both the dead and the living parts. Some of them will rise from the dead and awake from their spiritual senses.

9) But realize that the Gentiles and people around you are not saved and harvested because the church has not submitted to the King’s authority

Total submission to God and to the church God has planned for you. Then you will definitely influence the people around you.

<Ps 98> When Israel submits to the Dominator, Gentiles and all peoples will know God’s salvation (there is meaning of missions); therefore, there is the purpose of [Kingdom, King and People] in God’s dominion.

When Israel totally submits to the Lord, the nations become saved. Why are the Gentiles not saved? This is because the church has not submitted to the Lord. When you submit to the Lord, you will definitely influence the people in the office.

10) The absolute power of Entrusting and Exploration, since all that the King dominates is already correct because He is holy by nature

<Ps 99> Jehovah is a great God, because He is holy by nature (i.e. All that He dominates are correct). Entrust everything to God, for everything that the Lord has done in your life is not a coincidence, but He has dominated it by His Holiness. Therefore, be totally creative and flexible in exploring on how your ministry can become the core of every gospelization work, since you cannot go out of His dominion.

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Rejoicing in Sufferings?

Through 10 years of discipleship training, I gathered the “revelation” from God how He led our Christ Life Churches through.


1. Being loved and whether our motives of living on earth as honorable children of God are right




Despite being blessed believers, the attacks of the Enemy do come in very real, very tangible ways when we honor Christ with our lives. But this only means that we are true believers, as Satan thinks we are worthy to be attacked. This is on the basis of the identity of the child of God and the promise of God to the ends of the earth, and what we have been learning since the beginning of the church, to be steadfast and be firm in it. Do you have the Spirit of a child of God? We can see it in our motives and our actions, whether we are touched and have the greatest joy when our spirit becomes aligned and restored more with the Spirit of the child of God. This is why we fear God: because a child of God desires to please God. Accusations cannot remain long because it is disconnected with the feeling of how a child of God faces God. God is on our side as we are a child of God, more than how any relative conditions are with us.


2. The truth is still the greatest power even though there is sufferings



Yet, choosing Him doesn’t mean you will escape suffering—it means He will help us be strong enough to endure it. This is the promise that the Holy Spirit is with us. How will He help us to be strong enough to endure through? It is because the Truth and reality that He is with us is still stronger than any of our conditions and sufferings. Through the process of healing, Emmanuel causes us to overcome each and every situation. Over and over again, we become less and less affected by the sufferings, but only look to and value the presence of God more and more. It is through the process that we realize that the truth is still the truth, and that absolute truth can hold everything together just because God is in it. Christ is the only way, the only truth and the only life. We just cannot deny this above all things else.


3. Submission to God in all things is our remnant belief




And with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to celebrate that we are getting lumped together with Peter, the disciples, and those who truly suffered–first and foremost, Christ. This is victory, that we have submission already in our basic belief. Even though we are not yet healed or have not overcome in certain parts of our body, we can submit to God. Submission to God is the only matter that can still remain in our lives even if everything fails. This is where the glory of God is manifested. We can have no faith, but God is still faithful to us. You can be weak, but you cannot be weak enough so that you do not desire to submit and walk with God. When this reality dawns upon you, through training, exercising, facing and obeying the Lord over and over again, we then understand that we are people who cannot but submit to God. It just cannot stop at the heart. We preach the gospel not because we are equipped enough to do so, but because it is the commandment of the Lord for us to follow Him, we can still be witnesses because the remnant of our belief is to submit to God, our ever-Almighty Father. One day, our nature just becomes that of one who just listens and follows God as closely as possible, never leaving His sight out from us.


Where are we moving to?




Lastly, God not only allows sufferings. Sufferings are actually shown to be the glorious plan of God. Paul received the promise that he will receive overwhelming understanding how much God can stretch him through how much he must suffer. Through Revelation that Jesus Christ is coming very soon, the reality of symbolism becomes ever closely to discerning each and every Spirit and timetable. It spans the whole history of mankind. It opens a wide variety of understanding that must change from a Gentile mindset into a blessed God-people mindset. All our thinking has to change. This, not only in the content or process of it, but the very whole “chemistry” of it. What I mean by chemistry is this: God’s love Jesus Christ proves that God is already with us before the creation of the world. It is in our spirit that we desire to submit to Him. However, the slightest bit where we cannot see God in this world makes the whole world and ends of the earth groan for Jesus’ second coming. The slightest bit where we cannot see, rely and submit to God is the greatest sufferings. God must show us how much we must suffer. The book of Revelation reveals a great truth: every burden of suffering becomes our burden to complete, preach and give the Spirit as much as possible the purest gospel message. In other words to people suffering, “Rejoice! For you suffer more as you yearn more for the second coming of Christ” and “Do not look at things on earth, but set your eyes on things above.”

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Finding the voice for the current era through my unique conditions of life


Do you have a Christian voice for this era? Both believers and non-believers need the gospel.

There are some who continually have something to say academically, but it might not be sentences that are constructed finely so that they can be used by God. Some voice out because Christian quotes makes the only belief softer. Some voice out because they hope that people may see that God’s word is all-relevant to all our lives. Some voice out because they want their lives to be meaningfully placed in God’s ultimate purpose. Some voice out because they understood and learnt something foundational and true to the gospel, and they want to make what they learn impressed on their hearts. Some voice out because it is what they experienced uniquely out from the valley of death and they hope their experiences can be of help to others. Some voice out so that there can be more variety and an encouragement of spiritual gifts for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. But we should all move towards a direction of understanding the needs of the era, and voicing out for those gaps of needs.

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Christ for the building of His church. The church is Christ’s body. There is nothing wrong with the church since she is Christ’s body. But because the church is in the world, having the mystery of coexisting the faithful and the unfaithful, there is a mission for the church to continue ever-glowing. The evidence that proves the church as perfect, which is the body of Christ, is the unceasing prayers of a small group of people for the church within the church.


What is the English world of churches lacking right now? What is the Chinese world of churches lacking right now? Everyone has a different calling. Some are called to establish theological foundations. Some are called to preach what is spoken only in the bible and not deal with theology. Some are called to preach verse-by-verse bible expositions. Some are called to preach against the demise of morality of a nation and bear love out of it. Some are called to preach for raising a younger generation. But there is one calling that sees and knows what the current era of church is lacking and need our prayers and voices. That calling is found can only be found through “my own unique conditions of life”.

1. Finding the springs of only Christ’s Life

Jesus was born and raised up in less-than-good conditions, but He saw that He was loved by God from the very start. He has no hint of inferiority because He understood that His very own conditions were to reveal the real love and righteousness of God. True gold covered in mud would reveal more of its trueness through refinement and gold-plated mud would soon expose its fakeness. If the set of conditions you have compels you inevitably to go towards the Christ as the only answer, your set of conditions become honorable immediately, and at that moment, thanksgiving overflows. And at that very moment, your set of unchanged conditions make you confidently boast only about Christ as you understood the honorable reason of the existence of your conditions.

2. Enabling the mighty Word of God to take root in one’s life

Jesus was accused so badly, but He never felt accused in His heart because He knew what mighty word of God has come into His heart, and which can actually come in! How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? <Ro 10:14-15> “And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” It could not have happened unless the Holy Spirit has convicted me to believe and accept, thus allowing the mighty word of God (what Christ has accomplished and God’s eternal righteousness and love) to take root in my life.

3. Holy Spirit convicting the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment

Jesus knew He was in a world unfair, unrighteous and almost everyone wanted to kill, steal and destroy Him. He knew He is going to be deceived but He was able to lay His fears aside. Yet, He willingly allowed the Deceiver Satan to cause harm on Him so that every word of what is written about Him can be fulfilled. Why did He choose the path of submission? John 16:7 says, “Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send Him to you.” Are you willing to go through timetable after timetable of refinement in your life? Your conditions never change, and it seems foolish to continue being deceived in the world awaiting the second coming of Christ. But when you allow the Holy Spirit to come in to convict, heal, comfort, and teach, through God’s righteousness and love accomplished by Christ, He will gradually mould you to become a holy and powerful life. Only exciting new things of doors of evangelism await you.

There are many Christian voices in the world. Yet, many of them are researching God but never enjoying God. It is not the bible that we need to study. Rather, it is the message (in the Scriptures) that needs (to be preached in order) to study us. If you allow yourself to be studied by God’s word and the Holy Spirit in this current era of voices from churches around the world, your subjective experience will enable you to draw out an objective sword of God’s word that knows what to preach to this current generation / era / world.

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Ministry expansion: the Lord looks at the heart

The start of a ministry is not an excited vision, but rather, a faithfulness. There is an undeniable fact that “People need the Lord”. Gradually, we see people being blessed. Is it not due to the Holy Spirit going forth to prove His blessings from the ministry people of faithfulness? When there is an undeniable conviction to live in the Lord, “faithfulness” becomes the start of a ministry. This is what started our church and all our ministries, even the pulpit ministry. We have gone through ups and downs, discouragements and all. Yet, through all these, the higher than men’s efforts of the Father’s sovereignty and glory can then be proven. Faithfulness is borne through humility.
The fruits of ministries make a cause for more leaders to stand out and progress the ministries. Leaders start to see the importance of the ministry. People start to reply and give thanks. These are the greatest fruits a ministry can have. Ministries expand because there are still a lot of content in Christ’s accomplishments to bring forth. Through tweets, facebook and blog posts, people would like to express their thanksgiving and what they have received from the Lord. But it is not about doing more ministries. It is about bringing the essence of the gospel message out to the world. The ministries move to the next level of bringing people into the main content of the gospel message. Through hymns, short snippets of the pulpit message, artwork, etc, the ministry aims to captivate and bridge people to the gospel that it thinks have been dearly missed. Thankfully, God does not really work by a spark of fire in people’s hearts. Rather, God’s timetable waits till there is a team to see the need and the importance of the ministry. Fathfulness first, but a personal experience of the edification of the gospel message puts burdens into the hearts of men to push ministries to the next level. It is not really about counting more numbers of people receiving grace, but a natural response of the Great Commission to get the message out to as many people as possible.
The expansion of ministries on more levels will be judged by the Lord. Wisdom from the heart is required to test and approve. Getting the message out is one thing, but the quality of it is another. While men looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart. It is not just faithfulness and understanding the importance of a ministry that makes it move and be pleased by God. Can a short tweet work? Can even a 5 minute hymn presentation that is practiced with at least 7 hours work? It is now about facing the Lord. Is whatever I do reliant on the Holy Spirit work in me? Disciples will be slowly found here and the great joy of a ministry starts to appear.
On the next level, something has to be recognized. The ministry has to set people apart at this time. Where is the ministry going towards? The messages are there to find hidden disciples. There is a difference between just thanking for a message that really helps, and having a life that is turned to God. True disciples want more. They want something that really helps them walk with God day-by-day. The ministry has to set apart followers. Captivating ministries have to go to the classroom. The messages need to be longer. Bridging is the first step, but without spending time before God, no amount of Holy Spirit’s convictions will make a person understand and follow God.
No amount of ministry from a local church can compare when another church is planted. This cannot be left as an option. Ministry has to go all the way. The gospel is a good news, and it has to go all the way, uncompromised, to commitments in planting churches, if it really the gospel that rises people out of hell. The ministries that can happen are not only double-fold, but on a scary level of expansion. Ministries have to go towards setting up a church. Then disciples can be protected by living in that environment to continue receiving perspective training. The local church that is planted, when it is ready, does not need to totally go from scratch again because it can rely on the present ministries of the parent church. But the spiritual gifts and anointing of that local church planted will be vastly different so that it complements to a much greater extent than the parent church will have if she has double her congregation numbers. Connectors and teachers have to rise up; literature and various forms of training ministries for establishing the foundations and essence of the gospel in its purest form have to take precedence.
Gradually, a seminary is required to train leaders of various local churches. Christian ideologies have to be studied and established.
Why do I write this post? It comes when I try to think about where the internet and media distribution ministry should move for all the experiences given by my church so far, ministries inward and outreach. Is it by doing more? It is both less and yet more. The Holy Spirit speaks to me that even though creativity is important, it can never take the place of a heart that truly loves to spend time quieting down to face the Spirit in all situations. The heart that loves God’s word moves a ministry beyond any human capacity. Faithfulness, having burden, seeking for wisdom, setting apart, uncompromised pureness/devotion and establishment are more important than a surface elaboration and expansion of a ministry.

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Sit Down and Consider, and Move Into The Future


1) There is a calling from God in the problems you still have. Fix your eyes on Jesus and leave the problems to His time to heal. Those problems are as a result of the era.

2) When met with big and serious problems, some people can just be unaffected. This is because their foundation in the gospel is very strong. It is not about building up from the root so that your spirit, heart, body and lifestyle are all changed, but it is about being very close to the root in your spirit.

3) It is neither about rebuking nor giving grace, but because the root problem is the matter, you have to give rebuke/grace at that appropriate time.

4) If your desires have been bothered a lot by too much information, a practical way is to write them all out so that you can put it aside. This is for prayers, so that you can make the best of every opportunity. Then you can prioritize/format all information that come, see your timetable and God’s guidance all these while.

5) Move on. So what to witness? You have to find your own niche through the calling God has for your church and yourself.

6) The era lacks nothing of Christian doctrines and inspirations. But the current Christian trends prove there is a lack in some areas. Get in touch with them to understand the wrong ideals in the spirit of teachings, the non-hungering spirit and the compromising spirit. They all point to God’s perfect will on what to emphasize.

7) Conclusion: the Word of God and the Holy Spirit have to be preached:

(1) The clear, grounded and formatted doctrine that must open people’s eyes first on “Blessed” and “Promised”. Comforting as it may seem, the purpose is to bring people to acknowledge their total need for Jesus, and a total need to live out the Jesus in you. An opening of the eyes that “God is indeed with us” then comes with no exception.

(2) A need to live Jesus out in a community (church, family, or office) that purports reconciliatory message, setting to remove selfish pride and pursuit in brethren-living. The Emmanuel atmosphere can then start to take effect when it is acknowledged that a constant pursuit and desire to heal must take place.

(3) Having the foundation (1) and atmosphere (2) built, the heart needs to be tested. This is so that one may know and drive out the spirit that has been tainted. The remnant of pure and devoted love to God has to happen.

(4) When the heart is now correct, preach the Word of God to dispel the angels (their limited work is still in conscience) and activate the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit must descend in this era so that the next era will have hope.