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The Know-How of Unseen Strength in the King’s Authority


The mystery of strength in the Holy Spirit lies in submission to the Kingly authority. The strength also lies in the power to say “No”. Not sacrifice, but mercy flows from the King’s throne, for that is His greatest desire.

1) The King eternally never changes but we change -> get the first light of wisdom for Christ’s finished work on the cross

<Ps 90:12> Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

God works in imperfections. Limitations give unlimited wisdom.

There are whole lot of difference between men who lived apart from the King and men who lived in the King.

2) Face the King and receive His approval of praise, for strength from Holy Spirit neither comes from knowledge nor fervor

<Ps 91> When a man relies on the King, His grace can then be seen

When there is an opportunity to give up your closest and your life, will you lose to have faith in that chance?

3) Evaluate: unless you have a life of transparency before and rooting into the king of Kings for all things, you will react at certain things by escaping

Experience His grace in all things. Then you can see all assurance, guarantee and insurance in the Lord in all things <Ps 92>. All things empowered comes this way.

4) Do not depend on feelings, but stay inside of this Kingly authority by following the truth, then He will manifest on you

Do not say, "Follow the Lord" yet you do not know what to follow. You have to know His word, for He uses His word to dominate. God has fixed everything. Therefore, do not be muddle-headed to follow.

But take Jehovah as King! For when we rely on Him, His fear, eternity, power, laws, holiness will manifest <Ps 93>. He reigns, therefore, do not fear and worry.

5) Do not become self-defensive when you discover the King’s revealed discipline on yourself

Once we resolute in our hearts, we will meet with problems. Evaluate your own life, for it is somehow a discipline. Face the Lord. Even if you have prayed and your family or the church has not received the kind of protection, take it as discipline, represent your family / church to repent, and receive transcendent peace that God will have blessings. Why become self-defensive? God opposes the proud. Be humble. There is definitely blessings if it is discipline to a child of God. <Ps 94>

6) Be humble to the point of being dominated by Jehovah King

Are you willing to surrender, be left totally contrite, and be dominated by Jehovah?

<Ps 95> The people who Resign and are dominated by Jehovah will then praise Him. If you do not harden your hearts Today, “Oh, that today you would hearken to his voice”, you will hear the Holy Spirit. That gives way to surpassing special grace that abounds.

7) Train and exercise yourself to witness and preach the gospel in and even when out of season; then the King’s domination to all nations flow through you

Allow the King’s domination of all nations / peoples descend into you.

<Ps 96> Jehovah dominates all nations and peoples. Therefore, those who receive the <promise> will dominate all nations and peoples. Not only that God dominates His saints, He also dominates all nations and peoples through His saints.

David sang this Psalm till his pants dropped when he brought the ark of covenant back. Why is He so much in joy? "This is because the Lord is going to dominate all nations through me who brings the ark of covenant back!"

The foundation of all praises come from the cornerstone of the Messiah. Therefore, in all things, find and restore back the cornerstone of the Messiah that is present in all things. The message of His blood is the center of all your evangelism.

8) Judge the hearts of all living AND the dead through the domination of the King

<Ps 97> Jehovah judges the living and the dead. The living are those who follow His dominion, the dead are those who disobeys His dominion.

Judge the hearts of all. There is a dead part in them and there is a living part in them. Make them realize both the dead and the living parts. Some of them will rise from the dead and awake from their spiritual senses.

9) But realize that the Gentiles and people around you are not saved and harvested because the church has not submitted to the King’s authority

Total submission to God and to the church God has planned for you. Then you will definitely influence the people around you.

<Ps 98> When Israel submits to the Dominator, Gentiles and all peoples will know God’s salvation (there is meaning of missions); therefore, there is the purpose of [Kingdom, King and People] in God’s dominion.

When Israel totally submits to the Lord, the nations become saved. Why are the Gentiles not saved? This is because the church has not submitted to the Lord. When you submit to the Lord, you will definitely influence the people in the office.

10) The absolute power of Entrusting and Exploration, since all that the King dominates is already correct because He is holy by nature

<Ps 99> Jehovah is a great God, because He is holy by nature (i.e. All that He dominates are correct). Entrust everything to God, for everything that the Lord has done in your life is not a coincidence, but He has dominated it by His Holiness. Therefore, be totally creative and flexible in exploring on how your ministry can become the core of every gospelization work, since you cannot go out of His dominion.

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Outside In

Drafted 2012-05-23


Many of us know the term “inside out”, where our lives should be lived and expanded from the heart because it is the wellspring of life <Pro 4:23>. But I would like to pose a question for thought:

Are you trying to find out more about “how to deal with issues of life” instead of “does my heart desire having springs of life flowing within”? <Mt 6:21> says “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Your spirit is bigger than the whole wide universe. Why try to expand the universe outside when you have a universe inside? Nothing outside makes a person unclean except what is inside a person’s heart <Mk 7>. But everything outside can make a person cleaner if a person’s heart is clean.

The child of God identity finds himself belonging to the kingdom of God. Greatly loved by God, he finds God’s promise of 4 gospelizations coming to him because he is loved by God, dispelling all forms of inferiority complex, because God wants to use him greatly unlimitedly. Through testing and approving by the covenanted promise between him and God, God shows him wisdom and perfect will in dealing with the issues of life. We all know “inside out”.

There is a term in Chinese that I cannot find in any English bible. This word is 爱子. The Apostle of Love says this, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God” <John 1:1>. But he also says that God is love <1Jn 4:8>. Every emphasis in history, in the bible, in myself, and in the church is about the child of God. Everything is about the heart of a child of God. Perhaps <John 1:1> can be paraphrased as “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Love, and the Word was Love”. Everything in the world revolves about the Son of God’s Love. This is Jesus Emmanuel, Who appeared so that I can discover myself as the inheritor of this love, so that I can be called a child of Love as well.

1) My identity is a unique child of God’s incarnated love, because I am uniquely different from the only begotten Son of God Jesus Christ. I was saved out from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Son of His love <Col 1:13>. This means that when I come to face God, face angels, or face my family and the people around me, I don’t really try to face them as a son of a bouquet of love to them (my emphasis). I do not try to become a child of God, but I live as a face of a child of God, an image of a child of God to the world, so that God and all people face me as a child of God.

2) God has promised me sanctification like Jesus Christ, family gospelization, workplace gospelization and world gospelization. The promise of God meant that God loved every of my conditions as He bled for me to make sure that all conditions given to me are assuredly the best for the unique me. He promised me so that I can come to realize that I am God’s promise. I do not face all my conditions, but all conditions face me as the source of all blessings. With this, the promise meant that I can find reconciliation through a subset of limited conditions that is given to me. The life inside of me is too valuable and precious to be limited by a set of conditions. The conditions work for me. Therefore, I don’t train myself to take in those conditions, but my goal is to see God in the conditions given to me. Training outside in, the spirit anointed with “promise” in me will be able to see God’s promise in every person’s conditions.

3) God actually didn’t only want me to test and approve His perfect will, but His purpose is that I become the perfect will of God, that I become the flesh of His Holy Spirit, so that I become a person of Wisdom, a Man of God, a Beautiful person filled with the Holy Spirit. (He does not only want me to get “some” perfect will or “some” wisdom.) With this, all paths come in front of me: they need my wisdom to make paths straight. The career path ahead of me, the inheritance of a blessed portion through the church, they speak wisdom to me, and they are the calling to me. They are the roles I immediately will receive freedom if I just grasp the flow of them coming into my perfect life. Nobody’s life is perfect, but a person’s life immediately becomes perfect when the glory of Christ’s incarnation descends into a person’s eyes and heart.

Now, if I ask “When will the issues of life have an outward visible testimony recognized by angels”, it only proves that I am either starting to doubt God’s ability to enable my life, or that Satan’s hints are getting into me, so that I begin to get the temptation to compromise with the world. I do not know tomorrow, but what I do know is that, if I continue to ask this question, the voice of God stops. I want to continue in believing the Almighty God.

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Things to Repent

(Gospel Station 7th December 2010)

1. Three things to repent

1) There are all sorts of problems in our lives, but we just take it too lightly not finding Christ in it, as we can still handle them. That is why when other people met with the same problem, we cannot help others, as we did not handle the problems in our spirit.

2) We saw that all our problems are “only one problem” but we do not deal with it => all sins, because it is <Ge 3><Ro3:10,23> problem, need to go through repentance of godly sorrow, so that there can be born again, sanctification and crown

3) We see that there is “only one answer” but don’t bet our life on it => only the child of God can take discipline not lightly, but through it, they can fear God, “I better turn myself around because God my Father is really alive!”

2. Repent the system: the gospel in you is not the full gospel

Repent till

1) See Walk with God = see all past till present all are for Christ purpose

2) Till reconciled = I decide to do it = till hear praise from God = what u did you see it is all through belief that is produced

3) Till you can fight spiritual battle daily = Till you are not afraid of sinning again because you are always reviewing your life daily

3. Intercession

Expect (in the following order. From my experience, if we do in love, the ones that require the most of our hearts and prayers are actually in the reverse order, i.e. from the least to the most)

1) People who see that they have no problems or that they can handle their own problems = do in love <1Co 13>

2) People needing practical help = do by much prayers

3) People in deep sins (hard to receive counseling) = do by <Mt 18:15-17>

4) People in rebellion = do by <1Jn 5:16>

5) Coworkers who need the least of being despised but need constant encouragements

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The Holy Spirit Cannot Forget Us Through The Promise

(Gospel Station 26th October 2010)

I thought someone in the office could come by and join our gospel station again. However, he could not make it. There is a stress load on the face of many tasks to perform. It is really not by human efforts to even gather in the company for a short time of prayer. In fact, we only took 15minutes, with me also scribbling on the whiteboard, but 15 minutes is also an impossible task if God does not open the way. The message today, therefore, should be suitable even for new believers. Non-believers will feel the Emmanuel message right away, if we continue to aim preparing messages of the gospel, not our own messages (I have learnt and experience that the blessed ones and potential ones would not understand if we came out with our own messages). Of course, what is written below is shared in a simple 15 minutes.


1. God’s Promise -> the Covenant that “the old has gone, the new has come!”

This message was given after I saw the promise of God fulfilling –

When we are still in the process, our joy does not seem complete When I see the fulfillment happening, the joy cannot be contained.

=> Why must we wait? That is not Emmanuel!

The voice of God is saying:

=> Do we have such an unforgettable joy that cannot be limited and capped by anyone in the world? Do we know the gospel’s promise in a way so that even tiredness cannot steal any of that joy away? That peace and joy is above anything that we have experienced previously, so that the bible uses “new creation – the old has gone, the new has come!”, and “the covenant under the rainbow”. Is what I am experiencing the great salvation / deliverance of God from the very accusations of hell, having “crossed over from everlasting death to eternal life”?

If we do not understand God’s promise in the way of “the old has gone, the new has come”, we have not understood His promise. Don’t despair, but keep working to tune your understanding on it!

You may see it far away, but it is actually very near your hearts = it is actually in your spirit. When we grab hold of this promise (four gospelizations), the Holy Spirit know us.

Individual Gospelization

Family Gospelization

Regional Gospelization

World Gospelization

Why do we need to grab hold of the promise / covenant that God has given us first? We grab so that we can confirm that absolute truth becoming what is in our spirit. Then, when the Holy Spirit comes into your spirit in full (filled with the Holy Spirit), He will give life to what is impossible in your flesh, making you become alive!

= <Romans 8:11> And if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit, Who lives in you.

<罗8:11>说, "然而叫耶稣从死里复活者的灵, 若住在你们心里, 那叫基督耶稣从死里复活的, 也必借着住在你们心里的圣灵, 使你们必死的身体又活过来"

In the process, why do we need to keep on sowing in the above way (grab hold of promise to make the Holy Spirit know us), to keep pleasing the Holy Spirit? Because in this way, the Holy Spirit that knows no end will be so pleased so as to give you life springing into everlasting and forever!

= <Galatians 6:8> The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

<加6:8>说, "顺着情欲撒种的, 必从情欲收败坏, 顺着圣灵撒种的, 必从圣灵收永生"

Our lifetime purpose is promised by God to know and receive one thing, and this is our crown: the Seal is the Deposit. The Deposit is the Holy Spirit Himself. If you see the Holy Spirit coming upon and into you, such that you cannot forget and forgo, you know that your inheritance in the promise (four gospelizations) are guaranteed. Who are we to boast, but His glory?!

<Ephesians 1:14> Who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession—to the praise of His glory.

<弗1:14>也说, "这圣灵, 是我们得基业的凭据, 直等到神之民被赎, 使他的荣耀得着称赞"

The Holy Spirit is like a parent who can discern his own child in the midst of thousands performing and acting in the earthly role. When this happens, and during searching for His Own child, the eyes of the Holy Spirit will fly (like a wind) across and upon all the peoples; those having hearts of non-living stones would not catch fire, but those having gentle hearts of living wooden trunks of wood with anointed oil (four gospelizations of God) would in a split second kindle and ignite in a great natural power of fire!



2. God’s Promise -> He is with us = Jesus Christ is Emmanuel!

The life of Christ that is with us!


Spirit of Christ realized


The Holy Spirit will know us!


Accomplishment = Holy Spirit becomes us

Identity 身份


God is actually my “Abba Father”!


Recognize who are the Father’s children to give blessings = Spirit of Sonship and Knowledge will know us


All creation in the world become ours; become the main character of the era

Heartbeat 心肠


Loved “above all” by the Father God


All life things and living events willingly welcomed as the love of God = The Spirit of the Fear of God, Forgiveness and Love will know us


A “man of God” and “shepherd / pastor / priest” to love God and love men

Purpose 目标

When we grab hold of this “Emmanuel” promise of God
= dying to the life of ours (life before born again)
-> restoring the life of Christ (life of being born again)
=> restoring the Spirit of Christ

All past, present and future have a far greater direction / vision


One simple but great Vision will come seeing our perspectives/eyes = The Spirit of Purpose and Guidance will know us


True healing (past), Hope of great expectations (future), Ever-flowing Thanks (present) = the freedom in fixing perspectives just on wanting to learn the unlimited mystery of prayers

Content 内容


All things have an essence of wisdom = absolute answer


Wisdom and meticulous details that calls at the crossroads will reach our ears = The Holy Spirit of Understanding (the love of laws), Wisdom and Revelation will know us


Hear voice and instructions of the Holy Spirit in us

Virtues 美德


Beautiful yet set apart life of Christ = the life in the Cross of Jesus Christ


Entrust His ministry and His sheep to us = The Holy Spirit of Counsel and Power will know us


Can see God delighting in us, we delighting in God; Can trust and have great expectations on people who failed, and people trust, delight and love us

Method 方法


God-driven, God must and will definitely open the way


Light and Easy life and living <Mt 11:28> always knocks on our door = The Holy Spirit of Rest will choose to stay forever on the shoot coming up from the stump / remnant of Jesse <Is 11:1-2>


Fruits / Accomplishments that discovers that there is a great difference in Christ


3. God’s Method

Therefore, the method to live this very week is “from God”. (The following is a quick summary of the key-points of the Sunday message):

1) First: authority restoration

2) New life and new living (the form of a “new creational”)

3) All for the sake of knowing how the Holy Spirit knows us

4) Compassion and love grows

5) We know people not by their outside appearance or deeds, but by their spirit of being loved by God and their spirit of loving God in their inner spirits

6) Needing Travel-mates

7) The ever-compelling love of God motivates and leads us!

After discipleship training on Tuesday, there is an urge in my heart. Previously, I learn prayers because I have no choice and want to get rid of bondages, problems and tiredness. Now, God is showing to me: it is not to try to get or try to purpose on “authority” over “learning prayers”, but “learning prayers” is the focus and endpoint! This is why we learn prayers through first seeking to see Emmanuel evidences (points 1-7 in the above order), for the mystery of prayers is just too unlimited. Some people think that they have learnt the mystery of prayers only 10% of God’s standard. But if one has really learnt the mystery of prayers, he will see that he has learnt only 0.01% — there is just too much to learn!

Who of this era can pray, see the hand of God, and preach the living Word (Spirit) of God? He is the one who learnt the unlimited realms of prayers!

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In The End Times, We Must First Know How To Live

(Gospel Station 19th October 2010)

A short message shared in the company. This is a message I received convictions when I went through editing a few Daniel Overview “End Times” notes. (If you notice, I do not create any messages. God gave me the messages through the current “Sunday message”, the current “Discipleship message”, and the convictions that I received through hearing them when I live my life. I write them here because they are the messages given by God. Hope these messages will give those people praying to open up fellowship or gospel stations an idea that it is not really difficult to open one.)

We know God has a plan in everything and we entrust to Him. But if we do not know what this plan is, and what promise He will surely fulfill, is in the midst of fulfilling, then you may just be “fighting air” and accomplishing nothing at all! It is so important to start correctly and do everything in the vision and gospel FIRST. Even the pattern of doing things is so important.


1. Human History is processed for an ultimate purpose

God’s purpose is for the whole history of mankind, from the creation of mankind, is for the ultimate purpose of setting up the New Heavens and Earth Kingdom, Exalting the King Jesus Christ, and Gathering all the people belonging to God. To accomplish this very purpose, He is working swiftly on this “Kingdom, King, People” right now amidst us, in this company.

Along this history of mankind, tribulations will grow even darker and greater, and grace will increase all the more as well. We have to notice what this grace is!


Problems Increase => Jesus Christ has to save (right now)

= Only by God’s power, strength, dominion, choosing, calling, irresistible calling.

(If we accept that problems are going more each day, even in our spirits, how can we ever think that we can choose God? The Christian message of this era has to advance out from the debates of predestination and free will because the end times are really evil, and becoming more and more evil.)

<2Co 4:16> “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.”

Do not wait (because the tribulations are growing darker by the day, and it may grow so large that you may miss more and more of it), but this is the era of grace right now (quickly grasp it). There is no more time to get touch problems, and get angry over people. There is only one way, and this is the method of understanding the Spirit of God so that we can align our life and living with Him to let Him move in His perfect way. Then, things will move right in His way.

To all who received the Spirit of Christ this way, they will be called children of God. Authority will restore in their lives.

Therefore, what is His plan for us? This is found in the covenant He made with His children. This is called four gospelizations. Know and start to seek whether this is the only plan that He has laid for your whole lifetime, for this is the only reason He has made history.

=> Four gospelizations is the conclusion of God that appears in the spirit of the individual blessed believer if he takes the spiritual meaning of “kingdom, king, people” into his spirit.


2. Allow the lifetime: Rely on the Holy Spirit

= Put down our “dying flesh”

Find a mastery (to preserve hearts and minds in this end times) -> (seek for the) perfect answer (which is the pure gospel understanding) to all problems -> Enjoy (enjoyment = all things see the loving gospel of God accomplishing) = covenant

What is the perfect answer that we have all along been talking about? It is not a great exposition of things, but it is itself the simple gospel. Or to put it clearly, the perfect answer that we seek for, for our whole lifetime on earth is the “spiritual understanding that this simple gospel is so vastly different from how I understand it yesterday”! Note: the “vast enormous difference” must be experienced, else this is not the gospel in the spirit.

It is not so much of doing earthly work or gaining earthly network, but gaining crowns in our spirit, because God the Spirit chose to reside in our spirit.

Therefore, we do not work hard just to do charity, but we:


3. Please Him daily

Joy? -> Gain unforgettable Spirit of mastery -> Absolute power

What is our joy? Our joy is the joyful Spirit that returns to fill our very spirits because we see that our struggles to abide in God, submit to God, obey God, follow Him in every step are actually the very workings of God. In fact, He works even when we think He did not work (disbelieve, etc). Therefore, we must KNOW how He is working in us. Yet, this knowing must be “above all”. This knowing is that we gain an unforgettable Spirit of mastery and conclusion in our lives. It is so unforgettable if it is really the Holy Spirit grasping our very hearts. How can we not receive an absolute power in all things by this?

This is why we can smile at problems as a child of God, receive an utterly contrite spirit when we take problems as discipline of God, and give heaven-earth-differentiating thanks to God for not punishing us as He should have, but showing grace because we “know His Spirit is working and has all along been working” in our spirits.

May we please Him daily for the rest of the week in the company.

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The What If Dreamer

(Gospel Station 12th October 2010)

I really want to talk about what happens deep in my spirit. I know there is something blessed and set apart, and though I am not perfect, as no one is, I know if we continue to dwell on the very life in me that is blessed, it will help a lot of people tune their spirit too.

Liwen and I watched “Tooth Fairy” the night before. God captured me with “what if”? “What if” God really worked in IBM? Of course God would work, but the “what if” hope needs to be much more planted on the covenant ground! “What if” God has planted us young people as the world’s most good soil in the end times, called by God to go forth in this world to give the gospel that cuts and brings healing till the ends of the earth? “What if” God’s plan is already with us – it is not far, but so near us? We have to keep the vision temperature up! In the past, it was because of no choice, but shouldn’t it be different now?

“Lord, I long to ride on this era of darkness, not to be subdued by it, but to ride on the promise that this era is given to me, because Jesus Christ has broken this era’s Satanic head, and ride it to the ends of the earth, in my spirit right now Lord! For you have not given a spirit of timidity, but a Spirit of healing, power and vision in me. Tune me and mould me, and wash all my sins away with your fiery loving Spirit!”

We are all in the book of Daniel now. From the first time I heard about the “mobile holy temple” that Daniel has, I used it in March/April and God not only gave victory in that overseas assignment, but gave me the gospel vision of the world’s current Jerusalem, which is South Korea herself. Then when I heard Daniel in my own church, I was convicted to know how much I was in the end times. The Lord brought me into great sufferings in doing tasks in IBM and also by managing the search and renovation of our church new premise. If I do not know God’s perfect will, I would have died during the process, and I mean it. I began to search, and God revealed to me the perfect will in this dark era and how the gospel message advanced parallel to the era that God Himself not only allowed, but brought about for the sake of the gospel. I will share this more in another blog as God brings my mind since the creation of the world, from Genesis, the Nephilim, Babel, Egypt, the Philistines/Moabites/Ammonites/Edomites, Assyria, Babylon, Persia/Medes, Greece, Rome, Europe, Medevial ages (a few age here that brought about theological discoveries) etc, Reformation era, charismatic era, and the era now – the Holy Spirit must descend in the form of parallelly knowing, and projecting the next era. I am praying to know because I need to know due to all forces of this era pressing against me. Though I may not understand, it will bring peace to me. See you in the next blog.

We had another gospel station in IBM. It was just 10+ min of sharing, and prayers lasting no more than 5 minutes. Immediately after the gospel station, someone came and delivered a terminal, and while he looked really tired, I discovered that he confessed himself to be a christian as I tried to test whether his spirit is of the 8 beatitudes. God led to share the cross message to him and he then understood that his problem is not about not being able to progress in his career and problems of his own family, but it is between him and God. I was surprised that he accepted this as he was a Roman Catholic, and went to many churches in Singapore not really knowing the crux of the gospel message, despite going to City Harvest, New Creation and some Presbyterian church near his home. God is with us in life and covenant. May we keep our visions alive.

<37:3-4> Joseph loved and covenanted from young

3 Now Israel loved Joseph more than any of his other sons, because he had been born to him in his old age; and he made a richly ornamented robe for him. 4 When his brothers saw that their father loved him more than any of them, they hated him and could not speak a kind word to him.

<37:5-9> Joseph the king of dreams

5 Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him all the more. 6 He said to them, "Listen to this dream I had: 7 We were binding sheaves of grain out in the field when suddenly my sheaf rose and stood upright, while your sheaves gathered around mine and bowed down to it."

8 His brothers said to him, "Do you intend to reign over us? Will you actually rule us?" And they hated him all the more because of his dream and what he had said.

9 Then he had another dream, and he told it to his brothers. "Listen," he said, "I had another dream, and this time the sun and moon and eleven stars were bowing down to me."

<37:10> Joseph interceded by Israel for life

10 When he told his father as well as his brothers, his father rebuked him and said, "What is this dream you had? Will your mother and I and your brothers actually come and bow down to the ground before you?" 11 His brothers were jealous of him, but his father kept the matter in mind.


1. Keeping dreams alive

We may be affected by the world, i.e. workaholic, passing demands to others, weakness in habitual areas through power lost in continuance in resolution of issues, forceful task-oriented words that intend to protect but hurt others at the end, etc, but the consolation from the Holy Spirit in the gospel is therefore you are today’s Joseph, who went through much sufferings by the hands of God so that he testified in <Genesis 50:19-21>, "Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. So then, don’t be afraid. I will provide for you and your children."

Affected? “Lord, it seems so difficult. Lord, where are You? Where shall I find you?” He has never left me, but is fact in my very spirit. Thank God so much!

The Lord’s prayer:

– God is in control spirit -> Always a listening ear to me

– God is alive as He is my Father spirit -> He replies

– God promises me spirit -> There is more hope than you know in the gospel and gospelizations

– I wish the laws and kingdom of God descend and abideth in my spirit -> There is more than meets the eye and wisdom in God’s words

– Providence spirit -> Do not provide me everything I want, but give me timely provision so that I can see each providence as Your loving hand

– Forgiveness spirit -> Above all, join me together with you in relationships, join my spirit, soul and body together, so that I love and pride myself because of the gospel that comes in, and join me together with all compassion and mercy for all those around me

– Spiritual warfare spirit -> Help me be sensitive, till I shun, hate and despise the grievous hatred of the unholy and ungospelized things inside of me: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the vanity in the world

– Perfect Answers in the gospel for You dominate and live in all things spirit -> There must surely be an answer in all things; I can do everything through Jesus Christ. Let each day be filled with lessons of perfect will for me

– Forgive all men for the sake of receiving forgiveness spirit -> Seeking the elect and disciples who truly loves God and wants to seek Him, the highest attainment of theology equivalent to

(1) "My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working." <John 5:17>

(2) “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.” <John 5:19>

(3) “For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, to your amazement he will show him even greater things than these.” <John 5:20>

(4) “For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son gives life to whom he is pleased to give it.” <John 5:21>

(5) “Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son” <John 5:22>

(6) “that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent him.” <John 5:23>

(7) “I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.” <John 5:24> = the speech and voices from my mouth -> “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer!” <Psalm 19:14>

= “I and the Father are one." <John 10:30>

2. In the gospel, being affected by the corporate culture

Since the Father is in me, I only need to pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit, to know what God is doing around me, what God allows to affect me, and what is God’s hand on those who are around me in humbling them to process their spiritual eyes in order to open one day.

1) Only that we discern what we are affected of is from Satan -> Hold fast to the gospel in your spirit

2) Appropriateness on the outside vs appropriateness in the spirit

The great power of the west only knows one thing, and this has thoroughly disappointed me. Yes, I have things to learn from them, but they do not know what is so important about the appropriateness of the spirit, but kept packaging the outside. All the great economy market powers package their products and services more and more appropriately, so much that their processes are set up to make that package beautiful. This is the era of making a lot of carbon copies of the true Holy Temple that God has given us.

Values of the corporate world at a glance (taken from IBM 3 core values)

(1) Dedication

(2) For customer

(3) Continue to innovate and be creative

(4) Do what really matters: prioritize

(5) Responsibility for our company

(6) Social responsibility to the world

(7) Trust and and personal responsibility ethics

(8) Build relationships

=> A package on the outside that we must discern and fight. They disguise themselves as the angel of light Lucifer.

The practical message of the gospel will accomplish all these, but not for these. We discern not to despise them, but to get the correct spirit, to bring these values out. The gospel appropriates and fits not the environment first, but with the gospel in your heart, see the background of every event and relationship happening, see your spirit, test and approve the Word accomplishing and the Holy Spirit moving amidst for the ultimate purpose of the gospel.

3) Seek for every conviction, seek the perfect conviction within the convictions you receive, and seek where the Lord Jesus Christ’s Spirit already touches people. If the people know you by how you present your spirit, the Lord has touched their lives. Intercede for their soul to stretch into eternity.

3. Yet God provides the ability to cut back

Turn around, and receive the power from on high. Is God not alive? We receive all convictions, but what are those for? They are for the very image of Jesus Christ to born-again build up in me, and this image is the covenant, borne to bring the images of Jesus Christ to the elects and chosen ones, to let them know the gospel.

1) The greater received, the more humility earned

Humily image: to bring peace to ourselves, and to give the spirit that God is loving them most (people in the flesh do not know how to see God looking at themselves with all love) as the main characters of the era. We can do this because God has promised me that the people around me are the best gospel doors for me to learn the gospel and to learn giving it freely.

Grace image: through humility, to give the spirit that always let go and gives more and more. Lord, if You promised me the covenant so I would never lose out, I would of course try to lose everything, to show people what is the spirit of grace!

Righteousness image: grace is not just “good things” but when needed, and when God really showed, we must perform judgments and speak the truth in love, right there, right then. This cannot wait. There is a time God has planned for you to praise, and there is a time to rebuke. We work all our best for the company, but where time to serve the company is concerned, yet we have church meetings to go, and our hearts and minds to preserve, and if this has happened so many times, then go home even if there are deadlines yet to have met. This will give the spirit to the superiors, to the company that the gospel is above all. At the right time and right moment, not every time, so as to bring humility to people around. If the company fails because of this, then it will bring humility due to the failure, and the gospel can then take root. This is how one manages his time for the church and family. Lord, give me the correct spirit to cut back on my overtime and workaholic satanic culture.

<Proverbs 3:27-35>

27 Do not withhold good from those who deserve it,
when it is in your power to act. Do not say to your neighbor,

28 "Come back later; I’ll give it tomorrow"—
when you now have it with you.

29 Do not plot harm against your neighbor,
who lives trustfully near you.

30 Do not accuse a man for no reason—
when he has done you no harm.

31 Do not envy a violent man
or choose any of his ways,

32 for the LORD detests a perverse man
but takes the upright into his confidence.

33 The LORD’s curse is on the house of the wicked,
but he blesses the home of the righteous.

34 He mocks proud mockers
but gives grace to the humble.

35 The wise inherit honor,
but fools he holds up to shame.

Wisdom image: righteousness be performed in a wise way. This is an era of multi-tasking (I will speak more in my next blog of understanding this inevitably and with much confirmation as the era unfolds from the creation of the world till now. Look: the CPU processing power of this era, along with internet has grown. It is God’s perfect will in the background of why the Internet is borne so that everyone knows everything). Therefore, wisdom is no longer “no need to know much, but just the right thing”, but “know as much as possible, yet being able to compile and get the right information at the right time”. Perform things in wisdom, at the right time, at the right place, with the right spirit. Give the right expressions to people, the right compassion when needed; withhold when not due, bless when needed. Above all, go into the details of resolution, do not just pacify and package the thing. What is needed in the end is a solution.

Fixed perspectives in all things image: solutions matter the most. The one who is able to look at the right spot and continue to move in that correct perspective wins everything. Focus when you receive the right perspectives. Give people the spirit that there is a solution to every answer. When you tend to complain, pull your tongue back in and discipline your tongue not to complain again! Why should I complain when God has given me the perfect answers in Christ? Cannot I do everything through Christ? Give the spirit to people that you have a Master, you have a God. No matter what we do, there is a spirit to give – always and always Emmanuel.

3) Remember: why we need the highest love and vision, never to feel accused on us being the main character of the era and the 4 gospelizations

The measure of how far you saw is the measure you will see how much God has compassion on the souls around you = Holding the gospel dream alive in our spirit

Lord, fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Heal me and make me, for You know I really love You.
Calm down, son, and look at how I have already placed all beautiful things around you. It is I Who will accomplish the gospel, kid.
Then Lord, show me the beautiful evidences, so that I can follow You!


Facing Giants in the Corporate World

(Gospel Station 05th October 2010)


1. The vulnerability of people with higher positions, deeper meanings and quicker wits

They only want success. They want resolution to problems = They want peace. They struggle to make things work. They have a spirit to want their products to live as long as possible. God gives limited life span to let people know about the only problem and the only answer Jesus Christ. Their spirit is actually sinning and against the gospel work. If we place this evil spirit unknowingly (also wanting to solve the problems quickly because of human reasons of the impact had on customers) in our hearts, we would have failed in our hearts.

2. Conquering the heart to talk to supervisors = Having the five values in your spirit

Face your own enemy in your heart first – do not look down on it. If you only seek for the five values, you will be able to immediately discern the evil spirit and the Holy Spirit’s voice standing by your side.

(Quote from Sunday Message)

(1) The reason for the existence of man’s history is to establish God’s eternal kingdom, exalt everlasting King and gather God’s people. Thus, there is no better reason to live for than this.

(2) Because man’s spirit is where the heavenly kingdom is and also the door for the operation of spiritual realm, so it is more valuable to guard heart and mind than any other activities of the flesh.

(3) Because man’s soul is more valuable than the entire world, so a life’s born-again, his sanctification and serving (to receive crowns) is more important than the entire world.

(4) Because already understood spiritual truths, so to resist the desires of flesh, lust of eyes and boastings of this life that often come near us, is more valuable than receiving the world’s success and enjoyment.

(5) Because believed God’s word (God’s faithfulness and rewards), thus see being persecuted (suffered losses) for righteousness (follow God) as most valuable.

3. Willing to die -> Wishing to die

If we get our perspectives and purpose of life correct, and we know the covenant, we must start to confirm from the values God already places in our lives, even though it does not seem like it first, and let the evidences manifest from the spirit, to the heart, and to your willingness to die. However, the willingness to die is not enough. It must change to wishing for the covenant to be accomplished. (Remember how the Japanese soldiers kamikaze (translation: divine wind) = suicide attacks for their Emperor, believing he is divine. I think they are still a little bit different from the terrorists doing suicide attacks nowadays, for they showed no fear. Their spirit: It is their glory to suffer because their inheritance is there.)

(1) Focus not on tasks but God-driven reasons: Prayerfully seek hidden disciples even in task-oriented pushes / meetings. Hidden 8 beatitudes people are a special breed with specially prepared character. Discern the 8 beatitudes while people manage and speak.

(2) Skills and specialization: There is no rights or wrongs about what you have done, as everyone is learning in this internet era. Yet, since they are your managers, and you treat them as God <Ephesians 6>, self-introspect which areas you have not relied on the gospel to make the difference, repent not by what they say, but by the new life and new living planned for you, and pick up the skills even from the giants that roar at you. They are planned by God. There is no limit at learning. The one who seeks to be humble and learn wins in the corporate world.

(3) Globalization: Once you found people, comfort them. Pray for them. Show them how you rejoice in the Lord. Show them how problems have a solution different from how all others solve it humanly. Problems in their heart will come if they are blessed. The corporate world can easily take their hearts away, so prayerfully check if it is God-given opportunity that cannot be slipped away. Bring people to this gospel station. They will need the message of how to conquer the spirit. This message is greater than anything in the corporate world.