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Teacher 20: Healing Message 10 – The Serving That Bears Good Fruits


Healing Message 10 (Healing of Serving)


<John 15:1-17>


The Serving That Bears Good Fruits


Upon being born again, we restore the eternal belonging and purpose. Our remaining limited earthly days exist for the preparation of the eternal kingdom.

–> Our family living, spousal living, do business, are all for the kingdom!

It is the time to live a life of touring, competing, battling, sowing, and fostering.

-> Read slowly here above. It is just like this!!

Every born again saints have the full conditions to receive victory and the ability to bear good fruits.

-> If you are handicapped, your conditions are given for you for victory and fruits. If you are smart, if you are foolish, God uses these conditions. These conditions are already fully prepared and already ready.

The laborious and unfruitful serving of many believers

-> Why so suffering and so unfruitful?

all comes from them having no knowledge of God, no heart desire, no conviction, no power!

-> ignorance, no heart, no convictions, no power

1. The living and serving of many believers are “laborious and have no fruits”
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Teacher 20: Healing Message 9 – To Live in God’s Abundance


Healing Message 9 (Economic Healing)

-> very important. I discover that all men are roughly bounded by Financial, telling us to lose very important blessed portions.

Philippians 4:10-20

To Live in God’s Abundance

The whole universe is filled with our Creator’s abundance,

-> If we open our eyes, we will be able to see that everything actually belong to us.

everything is created to glorify God and is also in the absolute control of God. It is absolutely right for God’s children to enjoy His total abundance. But it may not be so in realistic situation. Because in the saint’s life, the economic view that has not been corrected cannot let him receive God’s abundance. Before a saint receives economic blessings, he must first receive healing in his economic view.

-> Most important about this receive healing in economic perspective first. This is very important. If the abundance comes first, I guarantee that he will fall first. The God Who loves us will never do such a thing. Therefore, before a person knows about the heavenly abundance, the more money that is given to him, his thinking will definitely go thoughts of going where for a tour: Europe, Australia, etc. This world, such a short timespan, everything will be lost in a flash! I am not saying that touring is not good, but even tours are for RSYRJG. All anxiousness and worry for the sake of being able to go for tour is not needed actually. It is good too, for tours can be treated as a form of rest, to know more about the works of God. However, before a person has not restored financial healing and goes for this, he will definitely regret when he goes back to heaven, “Such a precious time, but I have wasted all of them thinking of what to eat and what to eat.” Because got money, open parties, buy.

Only upon receiving the life and perspective that is pleasing to our God, will we now be able to enter God’s abundance.

-> Therefore, for every healing message, together pray and together proclaim! We have received healing for everything! And then, important healing will be obtained in the process aftermath. This is the goodness of the gospel.

Jesus Christ, Paul, David, Solomon

Who has enjoyed the highest form of financial healing in this world? It is not bill gates nor is it Rockefellow. But it is our Lord Jesus Christ, and Paul! They are really enjoying all the abundance. And they are actually poorer than most people too. And another is David and Solomon, who have enjoyed all glory and abundance, so that annual gold that is entering is how many carts. But all these gold are placed into God’s temple, and they are made into gold plates(?) pai2 to preserve. And then, to glorify God. And David not only enjoyed, he also 100% offered everything into the holy temple building in 1Kings. He managed well for the money for the sake of the later generations, and he built his temple to bless Israel. There are lots of such examples in the bible.
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Teacher 20: Healing Message 8 – The Key to Bearing and Raising Blessed Children


Healing Message 8 (Children Healing)

-> There is no way that I can see hope in the children of this era. I live in front of a school, see so many kids of all kinds of colors. I was just trying to throw trash at night and I saw kids in a car, one of them a neighbor, and they are taking drugs. Thank God, that through our problems and the problems of our kids that God permits, we can bless the children of this era, for through it, we can gain very important answers and prayer topics for this very era.

You must proclaim:

No matter how bad your children are, from today onwards, if you are blessed, your children’s fate will change. One person blessed. We see many blessedness of bro/sis come from their children’s problems.

Augustine’s mother’s Monica blessedness may just come from Augustine himself. Because his life is important, so need his mother’s prayer. So young at age of 20, and he already became a professor – super intelligent. But he is a playboy. The more Monica prayed, Augustine became worse. Yet, because of her kid, she stuck all the more to the pulpit and center her life on blessedness. Abraham’s blessedness comes from not having a kid! And after having a kid, his concern is also on his kid! God wants to kill him! To him, he suddenly must bring his child to Mount Moriah, but for us, our child suddenly receives cancer, or something that Satan wants to take back his/her life. For my daughter, she already passed death, and with calculations, her weight is already beyond hope of living. Yet, with blessedness, blessed days can actually be seen. Therefore, I am a witness before God and you. One eye not needed to blink, children got problem? Just be blessed yourself and it will do. This is the absolute principle in this lesson.

1. It suffices if I shall just be blessed
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Teacher 20: Healing Message 7 – Father and Mother of Many Nations


Why need healing messages? -> For me, I wrote each point and I am surprised at each point. These answers from the gospel.

Healing Message 7 (Couple Healing)


Ephesians 5:22-23


Father and Mother of Many Nations


Best title.. How can spouse separate?

I am shocked about the swapping couples from a report in the newspaper about Italy. This is the era which I do not know what will become of to our children.

Some sister has gone into a relationship with a married guy. The guy divorced and the wife just committed suicide. Just because of this one careless wrong of falling in love with him, the sister was guilty for life.

Another case is when the two already married, divorced, and they cannot come together:

1) The sister still feels lonely, but cannot take it as if it is the Lord’s plan for a blessed single life

2) There are two children already, feeling very much in contradictions

3) Husband and wife still love each other so much.

==> Already husband and wife, which according to the bible, is not about the law joining two together. Once they are joined in the spirit mind and flesh, they are considered as husband and wife already. “Let man not separate what God has joined.”

Do you think it is simple to just say about joining marriages?

Do not think from man, from the narrow and small heart? Why can’t just accept the husband (even if he has none other), accept the younger wife to bless them (like Sarah), accept husband to bless him for life?

Another example is where wife is so suffering because husband went out, have affair and already have 2 children! Her wife received wisdom and told him, “Why you not like big man, should take care, yet come back so timid? But I make bargain with you, just Sunday service.” “Later, if you come for one more meeting, I give you one more day.” Later, wife can pray well, take care of many people, “Why not you just live there, and just have in mind me and 2 children will do?” The other small wife (because younger) continued to persecute him, “When you divorce? How much $ property to give me?” Husband more and more comfortable with the older wife, more and more blessed with church meetings, and he cannot just let go of first wife. Children also saw the case.

We really pray that there will be a lot of such bright examples. Also for many Aquila and Priscilla. All are wrong before being blessed. But with the gospel, all sorts of answers can be received.

When you lead this small group, you will meet many different kinds of situations of spouses. If you only deadly and fixed just one message, they will surely leave one-by-one. Most wives actually have marriage problems! If we just follow the bible saying that if we see with lust, cut off the eye, then all people in the world will be blind. Do not divorce! But what if you already divorced when you heard the blessed message?
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Teacher 19: Healing Message 6 – Joined and Held Together in Love


Healing message 6 (Interpersonal relationship healing)


Relationships = Love God Love Men

Where do heavenly blessings and earthly blessings come? They actually come from interpersonal relationships! The meeting, the joining together, and then acquiring the grace that is on our brethrens. This is also what God emphasizes most. Therefore, all the perfect will of God in one sentence is “love God love men”! Really, God continues to emphasize on “relationships”.

Challenge / Efficiency to achieve

Here, ask them, and give them a challenge. Is your relationship with God getting better? Are you getting better with your own self? The past guilt, inferiority disappeared, so that I have confidence on my own life, and you are having a better and better relationship with God, and now, you can even smell God’s fragrance (glorious image) that is always before my very eyes. And then, my relationships with my wife, my descendants, and the relationships between me and brethrens – are they all becoming better? And, are all the interpersonal relationships that you have met all precious gems (not unfortunate event)? Are the people whom your mouth always proclaim saying, “Oh, this kind of wonderful person” often around you? Give them this challenge. After reading this lesson, we are to give them this blessed portion.

Remember that practical efficiency comes with one-time realization

Actually real blessings do not come through a lengthy time, but a one-time eyes opened, one-time upright heart to pray – it is from this moment forth that real blessings come. Therefore, in your 40 to 50 or 1 hour of small group leading is an important moment when miracles and signs will happen. Every time when you share, do not merely talk about the knowledge inside this lesson, but to focus on bringing out the practical efficiency. Especially for our 10 healing messages, we have such prayers for every lesson.
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Teacher 19: Healing Message 5 – No Longer Wandering in Bewilderment


Healing message 5 (Lifestyle healing)


The Lord gives us gospel for the purpose of doing His word, doing His perfect will, walk with Him. This is true and living faith. Conclusion on faith is that our living must be restored. Some have much knowledge, 36 lessons memorized, but living not, living has no focus, no priorities, and then the method of living is not correct, it is equals to not believing. This is what the book of James says. Actually some says that the book of James is contrary to the book of Romans, but actually both of them say about the same thing about righteousness through faith. The only thing is that James emphasizes that we must diagnose important things on “what your faith actually brings about”. Therefore, the conclusion of faith is to do His word and blessed living. Blessed living is about walking with God and having evidences filled.

The conclusion of the Lord giving us faith and the gospel is to tell us to have power in living, and to tell us that one day’s living to bring one day of crown.

Some saints godly appearance but no power

I see some saints are earnest to be godly and want to follow the Lord. But when we look at their life, they do not even have a bit of power, and their zealousness actually brings a lot of sufferings and contradictions. They run with by risking all their lives, and I saw pastors doing this, and they mainly goes to the airport (like me in the past). However, their life is very bitter. And then, there aren’t any good fruits. After 3 to 5 years, the 20-30 people that he gathered so uneasily becomes 2 to 3 divisions, and one day, the shop is closed. This can be seen frequently.

Pastors dare talk about health and psychological counseling

This is seen especially many in Chinese churches in America. This is because most believers here are very smart. However, the only secret to win over such intellects is the power of the gospel. However, this gospel message is not strong, and they dare to speak in front of the doctors about knowledge of health and living, therefore, when they get angry, the meeting gets chaotic. They dare to talk about psychological methods with the human way of counseling before psychological doctors. The PhD sitting in front will laugh. There is no authority about the pastor at all like this. Therefore, like me, proclaiming that I know nothing but the cross. With even this, this can even press two PhDs. I have what you do not have. Want to follow? “Yes I want.” And they want to cowork too. And the great power will be exemplified. The perspective of the gospel is very important.

Not joined together

Some believers only make efforts for so hardworking, and they have portion of knowledge. Their knowledge of health and counseling has no big wrongs actually. Just like a chain not connecting to the other chain. The gears are not connected. If we go to factories doing wheat, we can see that the engine keeps on moving, however, there no moving. The chain must be connected so that the engine’s power can be transferred to all areas to be seen with power.

..             _..
\ ..  ..     (_))=,  _..
(_))=, \ ..       ‘=(_))

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Teacher 19: Healing Message 4 – “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk!”




Our Lord Jesus Christ has already let us seen all the eternal glory of our Father, and has already died and resurrected, and He is now throne dominion having authority on heaven and earth, and He has also prepared eternal good things so that He will continue to reveal to us daily on earth. Therefore, Jesus Christ’s gospel is already completed and perfect! If we know it very clearly, we will be able to see His blessings, help, His accomplishments every now and then, and this is for the sake of letting our life be more blessed. Inside our life, there will definitely be some problems, or diseases, and even for illnesses, God will slowly remove it according to His timetable. However, I discover a very great mystery and this is that if only a person really brings a heart of loving God, a heart that continues to seek for God, and a heart that submits/follows Him, there are absolutely no problems!! And then, he will totally be able to continue to receive the love of God, and absolutely be able to enjoy living that is simple, easy and very light, yet with much power and efficiency le.

Normally in our life, there are some annoyances or entanglements, fear or some unpeace, some dissatisfaction, some unjoy, all these are the consequences of our life not fully receiving healing yet. Therefore, we must learn the mystery of the gospel for lifetime.

The Holy Spirit is the great unlimited power. If a person really knows the great power of the Holy Spirit, very simply said, “Those who believe there is truly a God, God is living, God is One Who loves him, God will definitely reward him who seeks Him”. Actually for one who even does not know the whole bible, only that He knows this one message, and this is actually the compression of all our gospel messages in the most simple form. God is living and thus is loving you, and in the future, He will definitely bless you. This one sentence of God’s word, if you can grasp, you will lifetime absolutely be able to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit works through the understanding of that person that descends into our spirits, and accurately speaking which in the past we do not know in full, that it is not that we do not have life inside us, but the Holy Spirit comes into us to make us alive, but the meaning accurately is that the Holy Spirit that is always with us, our spirits understood le, and therefore, from then onwards, our spirits will unleash that function and usage. When unleashing that function (love God, want to seek after God, want to submit God), the Holy Spirit that is always with us will unleash His great power out, telling our spirits to be strong and courageous, and then, the things we see, the words we speak, will receive the same work of the Holy Spirit for those people around and with us – this mystery.

However, if you only know simply this way, “God is living, God is One Who loves me, God is one Who rewards me” – though you know, you will not be able to concretely and meticulously receive the convictions of the Holy Spirit. This is because there are a lot of contradictions in our lifetime. “Why if God loves me, this thing has happened in my life?” “When I meet with this scenario, what should I do ah?” If you need more concrete answers in the gospel, we will receive clearer Holy Spirit’s convictions liao, right? Not muddle-headed, not foolish, but we will receive wise, intelligent, and when we have more understanding in God’s plan, that plan may even be like Daniel’s 3 friends who went into the furnace, but the hearts will be strong and courageous in going into the furnace one! God’s miracles, signs and protections, blessings will immediately follow one. The more difficulties are met, the bigger the problems, God’s power will manifest even greater.

Therefore, if we really know more of the gospel, the consequence is healing, changing us, giving us power, and then, through our life, will bear abundant fruits. This is the mystery of the gospel. Of course, when we enter into the heavenly kingdom, there are no more battles, no cries, but for eternity, our likeness will be fixed le: our crown. The remaining days that we have more years of life to live, and then having more days of health, are actually very great blessings that the Lord has given us actually.
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