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Teacher 10: Basic Message 9 – Life with the Spirit

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A person who has truly met God will eternally have no problems, because he has met God, tf he can on earth and anywhere enjoy His omnipotence, love, wisdom. Sometimes, if you have some burden, or heart feels not enough, this is not a correct state. We must really wash away our tears, as we have eternally no problems and our God is for us. His love and abundance have never changed and now is actually with us. What is our problem? God is with us, but our conditions are not matched with His. His love is always with us, but we never join together with His love. Some have lived many years Christian but have never met Him. Those who have seen God cannot don’t speak, but will continue to share the testimonies of what has happened to him.

Today, we are to talk about Holy Spirit. All the authority, wisdom, love, power have come into our lives. But today, we are going to find the connection point. Some only says he is born again and has become God’s child. But how can God’s child complain and have sickness as and when? His Spirit has already come in and come to find him, but his life is like flesh, do not know what he wants, and the burden is still on him, even though he has some little bit of seeking the Lord. Many are like this, why? This is because he does not know the Spirit’s mystery. After born again, we must teach immediately about how this God uses invisible ways to talk and meet him. If not, whatever that flows out will only be vegetable and religious living.

LC’s testimony: Ignorance vs HS worked already

Because I am created before the creation of the world, I was led to a Christian missionary school. Through many classes and chapel, God was continually speaking to me already! One day, I met a Christian senior classmate and he sat beside me in the school bus. I felt a sudden power there, and it seems like my heart had some peace. Only years after that I know that the Holy Spirit had actually already touched me. He shared about how he met God. Another time, I wish so much to sit beside this upper university schoolmate. Actually I had a lot of activities, and I was a very good snooker player! After school, I will surely go into the games, and my gang is there. Yet, I was like attracted to my classmate, and we went back, and I loved the time more and more with him. After one month, he asked me if I want to meet his teacher, and he was a CCC deacon, 5 years older. My heart, “Such a Christian is really a Christian!” My heart thumped, and this is the movement of the Holy Spirit! I waited till 5pm, and a brother at the pool came to me, with a big smile, and he is so short, the second shortest person I have ever met in my life, and even before he asked, I hoped so much to receive Christ. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. He read 4 spiritual laws and I did not dare to just pray, but kneel down, he knelt with me. From that day, I hungered for 2 years and do not want to read the university text books. My wife hates this character of mine, who went all the way in if I find interest. Daily, I read bible. They rented a place for CCC, and he at first received my friend, and then myself. From that time, I do not play snooker, and do not go to pub to sing. I only took up the guitar and sang, “I got peace like a river.. I have love like the ocean.. I have joy like a fountain..” That time, there is no faking in me, as there is really joy and love in me. Yet, miraculously, there was no one to tell me that the Holy Spirit is continually moving me and touching me. Yes, we have living areas which are abnormal, but we must quickly go to normal! There is always a sigh when I go back home as I see my family members and have no joy. I go heaven, but my family goes to hell, hai! Wrong! Surely according to His timetable, He will gather! This mystery I don’t know. Thus I only go into holiness only. No, must go into all times, all places to see God’s work. Then I go army, and there are no believers beside me. Army will call Christians as “misfortune” people. Among 1000, there are only 5-6 who are, and do not look like it. All just talk about the world, relax, smoke. But those few always just read bible. I respect them a little, yet I am always in battle between NCO and CO. I respect those Christians, they are children of pastors and elders. I hope to go church, but since I am already a gangster inside, tf, how can I become “misfortune” people? These are my days – so much filled with contradictions. Slowly, I do not go to church. Yet, if I know from the beginning that when I sit beside my friend, I can understand that God has come and find me. Yes, there are teachings that say, but because of my background in Buddhist, I only attend the church by putting in efforts, trying to do good, etc. Till maybe 70-80 years old, maybe they can, as they have nothing in interest. Yet in the youth, the attractions in the world are so great, how can I not fall? Therefore, I became a fatty oil eared, and also misfortune. When I am about to marry, and my mother got cancer, I broke down for 3 years! That is actually the great work of God, who saved me, and called me to become the heirs of Chinese. If I knew from the start from my 20 years old knowing HS, even though I memorized but not confirmed, and I know how He has shown everything by Incarnation, and saved me by D&R, and often guiding me now and always, I will be able to believe “8 years of missionary teaching” and HS wonderful convictions, and there are 2 laws (singing secular music – go beach drink eat dance sashimi attracting girls – and billards). Now, give me sing, I don’t want. If I know how He has personally found me, so how can I betray Him? He comes with whole plan, how can I forsake Him? This attraction power, yet I do not know.

Vision to teach/build

We must really know the things of the Holy Spirit. Everyone of us must experience – I am the worst. Some heard the Lord and continued to grow. But for me, I alternate up and down, then I understood about the process, and have burden for many believers – often learning yet not understanding. Learn but do not pray – it is really a great fortress of barrier. I whole life with me, I hope you all also, only spread this message.

How to share

Do not only give the principles of message to one, but “This is God’s word to you as my heart is touched, look how much you hunger and believe. Go out and spread, no one believed, yet you believed. You are COG chosen by God. Through JX, HS mystery, all comes into your life.” After confession prayer, now since you mouth confess heart believe, “Since you have confirmed one time with heart and mouth, from now, there will be 2 laws battling. This is great evidence. From now, learn God’s word. It will always touch you. Try and see!” This is not about teaching, but joining him with God, bridging. If we do this, we not only bear people, but we will tell people to continue to jiao1guan4 follow God continually.

The most important thing we must look at a person is whether he likes to pray. If not, he continues to grow in church, it is a disaster. We must always ask for wisdom to teach him how to converse with God.

The Holy Spirit’s mystery must be daily and normally explained. If you grasped Holy Spirit well, no matter how your conditions – education glib appearance children – that condition is God’s special unique love to you. If you are beloved, and if you really understand how HS is with you, and how He is guiding you, even if you have the worst conditions according to others, that condition will be used for this era. Some people only say that you will be used 4G greatly, and that atmosphere is good, but only waiting only – this is Buddhist and religious Christian, “God is going to give, tf we just endure and wait.” If God’s servant tells you era’s blessings, then you must seek out the blessings in your conditions presently, then a door opens, and there again, seek the blessings, and another door opens. If you can go into the kingdom uniquely by the HS convictions,

God = Word = JX


My life and living (conditions)

When that light has shone, this is called HS convictions


God’s perfect will


Your submission


Evidence, Accomplishments = Testimonies

Those who have experienced the above can then make testimonies and change the era. Those who have not gone through God=Word=JX, it is only principles. And HS conditions is very unique. Your work, etc. If you have diseases from young, that is HS special unique work, if you get Ro 8:28 perfect will, and you accept with thanksgiving that $100 handicapped slow husband hard stubborn children, that will become testimony. “When pastor?” You wait 30-100 years, it will be no use even if God gives you global business, and your $1 will not become $100, and your $100 will not become 1 million dollars. Some people think, “JX is so good, so abundant, give so much, and All given to me!” and they Hallelujah about God=Word=JX and they “Amen” so automatically. But they must discover in their life and living. Tf for anyone who does not pray, he does not need to think he will receive any blessings. More and more love, more stories with the Lord, yet some people know God and there’s nothing happening. Some knows the Lord, yet become worse, then they have not met the Lord but devil, isn’t it so?

Teachers must grab hold of the above! Your birth, and everything, what is the love of Christ – if you discover, then you can make testimonies.


Basic message 9

1 Corinthians 2:1-16

Life that has the Spirit

-> In the past, I am just like a piece of flesh, one day, God tells me to (12 years old) go to missionary school, regardless of my intentions. I received without any rejection. The sheep of the Lord heard the word of the Lord and will nod. Yet, I am not ready and not prepared. Tf, I went to chapel sleeping. When they asked me if I believe, I told hem yes. Haa. There is not much rejection in my heart. Yet, there is still no power and strength to believe then, like many of the children now. It was only through much pain in living that I accepted the Lord. One day, our hearts become different. We must give them assurance in this area – differentiating whether a person is loved by God or not.

Ignorance of the Holy Spirit is equivalent to ignorance of God. If we do not receive the Holy Spirit, we cannot acquire new life;

-> We have already received such a new life because the HS has come in.

after receiving new life, if we still do not know what the conviction of the Holy Spirit is, we will have no way of realistically communicating with God.

-> HS is continually committing to converse with us, but we do not know!

The reason for a saved soul to be able to restore the communication with God,

-> HS face to face, a Person-to-Person

step onto the route of sanctification, enjoy and use the power of God during his daily Christian living, starts from inside his life where he himself acquired what he has never experienced before the “spiritual feelings” that the Holy Spirit brought.

-> We must experience this “spiritual feeling”. I even say this, that once I go to army, I totally went back in my old ways. But before that, I was really a saint in the eyes of men and holy in the university. Yet, when I stumbled, I then find that there is no sanctification in me. Sanctification is not the outside, but it is the relationship with the Father developed with a lot of stories. It is not the words we speak. It is not even the transformation of our interests! Definitely, we will have our concerns changed when the HS touches us. But it is how much I know HS Person-to-Person. It is not the Pharisee works so that just at one moment, everything will fall apart at a point of stumble. Tf, do not go anywhere to find it, but find it in your own life conditions, then the unique conditions will come to you. You must experience this in order to teach. Join together and alternating repeatingly must go through this “unique” conditions and convictions also.

1. What is the state of life of the person who has not yet received the Holy Spirit? <1Co 2:6-9, 14; Eph 2:1-3>

-> This is to emphasize that I am already one whose life has received the HS.

1) His thoughts, conviction and judgment are completely separated from God and completely unrelated with the intent of God

-> Yet now, we have known a lot of God’s words and HS voices. I have become a living being that has the Spirit.

2) Under the domination of evil spirits, deceived, manipulated, hinted, accused, yoke of slavery

-> That time, I do not even know myself, my parents when I was just born. If we only treat our parents as our parents, it is not correct also, because eternally, who are they? Without the predestination of the Lord, how can they become our parents?

Tomorrow in driving demons, we are going to speak. According to their ideology and thoughts, they will surely not be able to get any freedom in their thoughts.

Once, on airport, a very godly lady is reading an English book “The peace of Tibet”. Once I see, I have an answer, “She does not have peace so that she is finding peace. And if you find the peace of Tibet, you and your descendants will be like Tibet’s.” For me, I slept thinking of that 5.5 hrs. Then she will think, “I have never met such a sweet sleeping person.” I called the air stewardess and had my meal, and talked to her. I told her the two things. Whatever your thoughts are, your destination will be as such. I told her about JX burden which lightens. She asked, “You do not like a normal person.” Yes, I have joy, I am a child of God. She thought I must be some great person in the political field or some professor in Harvard University, but I told her, “Do you really want to know? I am a Christian, the position which is the most successful.” Tf, under dominion of evil spirits, they are really like this.

3) Bound under the power of sin, thought only for the cravings of the flesh and lust of the eyes, and the boastings of his life

-> Totally under the flesh ways, because this is what they have learnt!

4) Their thoughts can only beat and circle round and round the scope of the science, general knowledge, humanism and experience of the world

-> Circle and circle, spiritual things, they do not know even one. If they learn it, they will communicate with demons.

5) No matter how hard God is sought, will still live in disbelief, superstitions, blind faith and doubts

-> More and more, doubts. The worse is not in Tibet, but just find any church and you will find this: Pharisees, Sadducees who do not believe about resurrection of Christ but go believing in stock market. Their mouths speak such filth. Yet the worst situation can be seen in the church, and that which is more mystical, more legalistic, more secular than anyone is in the world! Just like Pharisees..


2. When does the Holy Spirit enter my heart to stay, how does HS work?

-> Just now when I speak my testimony, upon meeting that deacon of CCC, my heart already has been digested. As men, I have never seen such a short person. I seldom look up and speak with people other than LiangGang and Rongqian. Yet, when I see his likeness, my heart melted, and “I want! I want!” When I confessed and believed, my heart already believed, from then, from when I confessed my faith, 2 laws battled. That time on, another Spirit came into my life! I know!

1) When we hear the gospel of Christ, touches us and gives us faith <1Co 12:3; Jn 1:13; Mt 16:17>

-> I was beside the pool in University.

2) When we understand the gospel of Christ, believe in our hearts, confess with our mouths, the Holy Spirit will come in and stays inside forever <Eph 1:13-14; Jn 3:3-9; 1Co 3:16>

-> Bf I accepted, there is the work of HS. It is the preparatory works. It is a strange conviction that tells me to hunger and be in mourning. Yet, when man’s words – confession (man’s confession is really effective) – once proclaimed, lifetime has effect.

3) Gives us the Spirit of Sonship, so that we will know the love of the Father and able to call out “Abba Father”<Ro 8:15>

-> Other religions of “returning favour or returning righteousness” cannot tell anyone to see the love of God. It is only through the Son’s incarnation, D&R and throne dominion that they can come to the Father, and this is not of slavery, of endurance and putting effort. But in God’s eternal timeline, basis of child of God – judge all things. Christianity itself doesn’t even have, but it is only through the Christ’s Spirit, Christ’s belief, and those who D&R with Christ -> can acquire such a spirit.

4) Causes us to adore the commandments of our Father, to pursue a holy living <Jn 14:16-26>

-> I really am like one who is really holy. But many things are just endurance. Yet, my life is really chasing and seeking after holiness. Other religions cannot acquire this heart, because the other Judas (not Iscariot) asked, “Why do You reveal to us only?” JX replied, “Because the others do not love God.” = people through religions come to God only for their own healing of illnesses, morals, money, etc. Thus, only those who are loved can love God. Thus, God will reveal Himself to him. Thus, this love continues…

5) Through the word of God, causes us to gradually fathom all mysteries and the things that are to happen in future <1Jn 2:27; Jn 16:13-14; 1Co 2:15>

-> This is what tells a person to hunger for word of God. Why is it that you come here on Saturday for this learning? There is a lot of hungering in me, that wants to learn more about the mystery of HS, to learn from morning till night on the mystery. And tomorrow, I want to speak about the same message – JX, HS, Emmanuel. Yet, my heart continues to yearn for new grace. Even when I am on the bed, I yearn for messages. If the Lord loves us, what is there for us to fear?

6) Let us know the length, width, height and depth of love and everlasting promises that God has hidden in Christ, so that we can have exceedingly victorious living <Eph 3:14-21>

-> HS is the Spirit of Christ. Tf, how much you know Christ, you know HS how much. If you through history know Ab, Moses to know JX, you will have the same convictions that come to the same Ab, Moses, Paul. Tf, the same earthly and eternal kingdom blessings can be given to him. I myself am so boring, even appearance, but God made me gather blessings for my family. You must use your own testimonies so that they can apply to themselves, and can see how to confirm for themselves. Till this, it is still of the Letter – God’s word, JX. Only through our conditions does it become the new way of the Spirit. Unlimited abundant love of God is right here! Hope that there are really spiritual people that come up. 2 billion people Christians, but 90% are just like Pharisees, receive curses. We must really save them. Actually if the church restores gospel, regional evangelism has finished. Success theology and mysticism that attract them are fake. What is true is receiving the love of God, and thus be able to love God. I see that this era also the same – remnant of 10%. The 9 lepers only for their illnesses come to Christ. Christ’s disciples all left, and Christ wanted us to show us this very truth – that numbers are not important.

7) During prayer, the Holy Spirit helps us, moves us, enables us to converse with God <Ro 8:26-27; 1Th 5:19>

-> During prayer, it is fulfillment! After 10 years, it comes? It will never! Abraham receives Isaac then is fulfillment? No, God’s concern is for him to come before God with the covenant of the everlasting. Ab misunderstood. Therefore, God wanted to eat up Isaac, as it is a pain to Abraham. God’s reasons are all in our conditions. This condition is what we can acquire. You must use your own experiences to talk, else everything is just principle…

8) Causes our life to bear fruits, revealing the evidences that God is with us <Gal 5:22-23>

-> We as teachers ask, “Do you have?” Have! There are a lot. Yet, it comes together all at once, and disappears all at once. Therefore, we have to preserve and sustain the Spirit. And we have to let it be shown out often. How can those who always debate have Spirit’s fruits? Those who have fruits are more gentle and more soft, just like Elder Lee. He often cries.

9) In our living and serving, timely bestows spiritual gifts to help us <1Co 12:4-11>

-> Thanks to God, as when we ask, He will surely give. Teach, “This is my experience!” Tomorrow, I am going to preach, but my mind is blank, yet when closing in 1-2 hours, God gives message. What is God’s perfect will? If we ask Him, He will surely give us the wisdom as James 1 said.

10) Bestows faith, authority and power, helps us to testify Christ <Ac 1:8, 2:1-4>

-> How much we have seen, we can testify how much. Tf, in and out of season, we can testify Christ. Look at our living, “Do we have authority? Do we talk about Christ always?” This is a very important evidence of the Spirit.

11) Bestows the heart to love the church of God and parts of Christ’s Body, and when saints gather together, moves amidst and do powerful works <Eph 4:1-3; Ac 2:37-47>

-> Acquiring the Spirit. Those who says, “I am spiritual person – I go in and out of heaven”, yet do not like to be with hungering people, wish to be with brethren, confirm not with the Spirit. How can one always memorize bible, yet only in the state of trouble fear only read bible, only in own social brokenness category only, do not want to come out of his category <-> I am willing also to be with share with them, for 4G, for Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China flesh and blood – may the joy I have also be passed to them. Without this passing, how can there be blessed passing of inheritance to our descendants? Though they use God’s word and the Name of Christ, they have never seen 4G that was passed to Ab and the timetable it is now, and what role I am, and how I can get my portion of inheritance, if not, I believe they are under the spell of false prophets. This is like the age of false of prophets of Jeremiah. They speak words of God, but they are fake. If one sees that they are happier with brethren more than when they are themselves, then the era of blessings has come to them.


3. What are the causes that obstruct and wreck our communication with the Holy Spirit? <Gal 5:16-26; Ro 8:5-11; Eph 4:25-5:7>

-> Though we are born again, the disturbances still come. Why does God allow? It is for our crown through – battling on earth, sanctification, set apart from the world. The following often comes out in our lives, and I believe that if these things do not come out of our lives, we will be 100% Holy Spirit filled.

1) Ignorance, doubt, disbelief (spiritual mysteries, assurance of salvation, promises, prayer, etc)

-> Our experiences tell us. Past, we do not know Word, converse, walk with God, consistent Bible Overview, not knowing Christ. Yet, one day, the Lord incarnated D&R throne dominated, to come again, inherit all, united all, Emmanuel, King with me Christ, and the Christ that is expanding my borders right now. Tf, it is not to stay stagnant in the self-cultivation, but it is the state of more battling, and more getting inheritance.

2) Stubbornness, willfulness (disobedience, wild ambitions, selfishness, refusing to give up own motives, purpose, plans and method)

-> This is really bad. Blessed people common point is being soft. Thank God, I learn something new! I want to change immediately. One day, when I was 40 years old, and there was a 70+ year old pastor, and he is the leader of the whole consortium, and we all hear that his shepherding is really successful, numbers many. He came to me, and asked for pardon for advice. I replied him, “Your shepherding is so good, I should beg your pardon more!” Then, we ate meals and he wants me to continue to share, and in the room, he took out his pen to write, and he is not a fake person writing. He continued to say, God is so good to this young man, but I am so old, then say, “No, God is blessing me now.” I have a heart expectation to learn more from him, but in the end, I find really that this gentle heart. After meeting, I told him, “I am tricked! I learnt so much!” He is so mature – soft, and gentle. Common points of unblessed – after 5 years and 10 years, their nature is the same, why? Because they are stubborn and bitter inside. All wants to be with that leader, as they wanted to learn from him.

3) Creeds, commandments, formalities and religions (old way of the written code, judge self, judge others)

-> These are important, yet this brings the worst attack of Satan in the history of the church. It puts down the Spirit’s fire, and tells people to be proud, and tells people to continue to be in debate, quarrels. This is the history evidenced: Armenian and Calvanism after reformation. Even till now, there are fights. For me, I thank God for giving me this light. In Calvanism, I received advantages, and Armenian, I also received goodness, as they have been used by God before! Methodism has saved so many people in the past – thousands. Their active evangelism. Calvanism also good, and those teachers must have their one set. But, any people of those who love God must avoid debates! Cannot say 36 lessons is the only one, as another sect will come out – and the Lord hates this. We must really be careful about this.

4) Desires of the flesh, sinful thoughts (idleness, impulses, anger, greed, lies, promiscuousness)

-> If these come, the Holy Spirit already left. If you are bounded by desires of flesh, it is so difficult to be freed. Tf, the Lord tells us to escape. If you read the newspaper with seeing scantily-clothed, run away. Yet, when sanctified, and he sees the women shows so proud and want to earn money, he will see it so nausea, the darkness of the age, and will pray in the Name of Jx to drive demons. See a bit never mind, but daily drive demons. But seeing is no good. For youths, really avoid, but for adults, see nevermind ‘cos not so attracted. Must run away.

5) Only seek the pleasure of men, pursue the fame of the world (comparison, strife, success ideology, pride, inferior complexity, jealousy)

-> Immediately the HS will leave.

6) Influenced by the surrounding environment and the words of men, lost promises (negative perspective, no peace, fear, discouragement)

-> If lost promise, will have fear and worry. Israel before Goliath froze till David who is HS filled, and the whole battle changed course. If we have in the state of quarrels in the family, and we appear, and it dies down – just like this.

7) Human-motivated zeal (excessive consideration, speech, deeds, no heart, no conviction, hurriedness)

-> This is worse, telling people to go another place. Man’s zealousness. Actually God’s zealousness is here, but man’s zealousness leads him further, and he must come all the way back to zero returning to the basis in order to come to God again.

8) Unhealthy pursuit of mystical phenomenon (blind faith, superstitions, various spiritual gift-bestowing movements)

-> Why is man in mystical? Because your special unique Emmanuel not seen. Actually it is the best highest standard, but cannot see.

4. How to experience the conviction and power of the Holy Spirit?

-> Don’t think that front part already spoken, but there is a system to build, so continue.

1) Correctly understand the essence of the gospel and must believe

-> 36 lessons beginning I told before – to tell people of cross, sins forgiven, to get eternal life <-> to tell him how the HS is convicting, seeking for him, and now he is meeting God, and how his life is heavenly earthly is with him, and when he believes accepted, how much more to seek and test, for God’s unlimited love. This is what is spoken by incomparable hope, power, inheritance. This is found in our conditions and problems Eph 3,4. Then tell us to Eph 5 not to be foolish, always HS filled, understand perfect will of God. Tf, gospel must be clear. Some towards gospel only – past I sin, now I believe, tf I shouldn’t sin anymore – this person does not know what is sin. He continues to put effort, one day will definitely let go one. He must be transparent. Now is pastor, go back is husband, worker at office. We must not run away, but HS must be practical, with us. Some people says, “You are now COG after accepting the Lord, tf, now you need to do 3 things: daily read bible, daily pray and must witness.” This is killing people. Change a bit: God came to find you, now you are blessed person, God uses all to find you – hope/inheritance/power – mystery is inside the bible – different! First is tf you should, which is wrong. But Second – this is in all your conditions, tf continue to seek, if you discovered one now, you will find exponentially more tomorrow and the day after. Starting teaching must be correct.

2) Must know the correctassurance of salvation”

-> Without AOS, there is no way to be sanctified and to grow spiritually. Many thinks AOS is just believe, but what is God-born. Just like I 20 years how, 30 years how. Tell them evidences. Tf, chosen, called, loved, blessed. In China, why is there good things in us – all cultural revolution Jap occupation, etc? Without those, there is no blessing today. Must enjoy all of God’s blessings today.

3) Learn the word of God, and must believe and follow

-> God’s word = HS voice. It is God’s actual JX revelation.

4) Must understand the promises God had prepared in Christ, and must confirm them amidst our own life and experiences

-> If promise not clear, you will not be able to receive the perfect will of the Lord in wavering circumstances. Promise -> Fixed perspective. This is absolute, cannot be relative. The conditions you have given can be changed. Sometimes I have money, health, illnesses, child got problems good, all can be changed. If you use God’s word JX to fixed perspective, then you can understand God’s perfect will. Else cannot enjoy God’s great power.

5) Must open wide our spiritual eyes, acquire the spiritual feelings brought by the Holy Spirit

-> Especially, we must acquire the Spiritual feelings normally, daily, often. Hs convictions must be normal – when I sleep, if HS tells me on fire, how to sleep? HS filled in bed is to calm sleep, yes, can dream also. When eating, cannot be that I talk like a preacher on pulpit, else cannot digest. In training, another also. HS filled most people think is that we fall down and then jump about? Yet, when we are with our spouses, their flesh, I can get respect channel. If HS filled, all situations can acquire. God is omnipresent, omniscience, omnipotent! We must learn this. What problems are there if God is with us? God knows the problem, so what is the problem? HS filled secret we must grasp.

-> Some people says spiritual feelings – I just sit there, and then suddenly HS spoke to me this and that. Yes, such experiences also have. But if you just calm, or even when angry, is the HS dead? Sometimes, angry, yet HS filled also have. I have experienced before, HS filled to beat children – “You do not know the rage of the Lord? This is it!” And I beat them. Should parents always curry the favor of children? Such parents are not worth to be parents without authority. Born again Christians heart convictions – when they rely on God – this is the convictions of the HS. Must get this clearly.

6) Hand over the sovereignty of our life and living to God, and must cast away our old self and impulsiveness

-> Must really have one time test and approve to follow God. Some people says, “My life entrusted to God many years ago loh”. Then I ask, “What is God doing to you today?” They cannot answer. This is not handing sovereignty of our life to God. God’s people evidences is testing and approving perfect will, and love to follow, see evidences thus daily sing and praise God.

7) It is possible to walk with God only when the direction and goal of our life matches that of the eternal kingdom

-> Tf, Mt 6:33 so we must 33 years old know clear, I kneel down resolute to God, first to seek Him. Yes, this is a start, yet this Mt 6:33 accomplishments are continual, not just once. Christians religions misunderstand so deeply, tf fruits are just like Pharisees!

8) Always have the heart to converse with God

-> Have the heart to converse. “Lord, where is Your perfect will?” When asked, 0.1 seconds later, reveal to us. Sometimes, 3 days also not revealed to us sometimes, but it is that I know God will surely reveal. It is the hungering spirit that continues to seek after the Lord. What I am assured of – through evidences – is that God will surely tell us – through pastor, elders also.

9) When willing to share the mystery of the gospel and testimonies to others, greater power and anointing will come upon us

-> Serving and testimonies tells us to receive life power. When I share, I receive more. When I see you continue to be blessed with brethren living, my heart upon seeing such goodness is blessed with more and more (powerful) joy.

10) Must have fellowship with parts of Christ body, and must earnestly participate in church ministries

-> HS convictions can be seen immediately like this. Confirm there is no alone inside experiential Christian living, self-cultivation. God shows us – Israel living in wilderness is this very likeness – daily battle with brethren.

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