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Teacher 1: Prelude to 36 Lessons

Redo Teacher’s 36 Lessons to tight up my thoughts and eyes to shepherd and disciple.


Perspective to preach 36 lessons: 1 year acquire the secrets to 40 years of trials (the Torah = Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), covenantal message, belief system and ideology on how to rely on the Holy Spirit towards answers of life / power / Emmanuel.

Hear/see God to start preparation in preaching 36 lessons (not about emphasising sin (rights and wrongs) —but–> keep and follow the bible knowledge in everyday living (perfect will))

* Method of Sharing:

1) Meet God (Know God, Restore God) -> Converse with God -> Walk with God – this sharing method naturally causes (not forcefully teaches / instructs) people to love God = Emmanuel

2) Centered on Cross + “Holy Spirit” – you share in a way entered on the cross and the Holy Spirit, so that once a person meets the cross, there are no longer any struggles. The cross is not a struggle, but is itself…

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Millenialism with respect to Missions

Here is my take of the 3 main views on millenialism with respect to “gospelization” and missions as I went through recent revelation overview.


1. Premillenialism (exalting true sanctification, as the gospel is the sovereignty of God)


– Honoring literal historical-grammatical interpretation of Scripture first

– believing Christ direct intervention after missions, thus believing what is more important is daily holy living and witness of the gospel while waiting for Christ’s return

– the focus on missions is on biblical grounding and correct teaching

– Christ’s coming could be hastened, or that Christ’s coming could come any time, so that missions work is so urgent for attaining crown

– emphasis on personal sanctification and worship, that bible study should guide missions






2. Postmillenialism (exalting cultural transformation of the power of the gospel, thus gospel is important)


– Presuppositionalism interpretation?

– hope of societal transformation through the gospel right now

– The power of the gospel to fulfill all promises of OT one day

– Puritans

– binding of satan makes missions and evangelism possible

– Early modern missionaries hope of all nations to be filled with a knowledge of the glory of God




3. Amillennialism (exalting back towards the core of the gospel, regeneration itself is the gospel)


– The optimism of the power of the gospel right now

– bleak end times and Satan attacking the gospel core, but gospel is already unstoppable after Jesus Christ resurrected

– focus on gospel doors

– whole bible overview and connection

– glory of the assurance of a regenerated and transformed life

– thus the focus of missions is focusing on building leaders knowing regeneration

– binding of satan makes missions and evangelism possible

– all amillenialists are reformed



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Psalms Overview (Chapter-by-Chapter)



Psalm Theme: The righteous and the wicked

** 诗篇大纲 **

1. <1-41> 个人诗 (祷告)

1. <Psalm 1-41> Personal Psalm (Prayer)

2. <42-72> 民族诗

2. <Psalm 42-72> Tribal Psalms

3. <73-89> 圣殿诗

3. <Psalm 73-89> Holy Temple Psalms

4. <90-106> 王权诗 -> 顺服

4. <Psalm 90-106> Kingly Authority Psalms -> Submission

5. <107-150> 蒙福 -> 赞美诗

5. <Psalm 107-150> Blessed -> Psalms of Praise




1. <1-41>: 个人诗 (祷告)

1. <Psalm 1-41> Personal Psalm (Prayer)

1) 诗篇序论: 义人 (弥赛亚): 凡事顺利

1) Prelude to Psalms: Righteous (Messiah): Prosper in All Things

(1) 诗1 蒙福的人 / 义人 <-> 恶人 / 罪人 / 亵慢人

(1) Ps 1 Blessed man / Righteous Man <-> Wicked / sinners / mockers

(2) 诗2义人 Vs 恶人的指标:弥赛亚 (基督)

(2) Ps 2 The Key between Righteous Man Vs Evil Man: Messiah (Christ)

2) 3-14叹息诗,主题:问题怎么成为答案?问题多 -> 答案 (耶稣基督)

2) Ps 3-7 Psalm of Sighing Theme: How can Problems become Answers? More problems -> Answers (Jesus Christ)

(1) 诗3-8 位格与位格交通交感

(1) Ps 3-8 Person-to-person Communion

诗3-7 叹息诗 <-> 依赖、赞美

Ps 3-7 Psalm of Sighing <-> Reliance, Praise

3 叹息里,唯独求耶和华的救恩

3 In sighs, only ask for the Lord’s salvation

4 畏惧神不犯罪,要肃静思想

4 Fear God and do not sin, be still and meditate

5 心里思想义人与恶人的结局而求主顺念

5 Meditate on the end of the righteous and wicked, and ask the Lord for consideration

6 心里大惊慌,快要陷入不信时,求主怜悯和医治

6 When in great distress, almost falling into disbelief, ask the Lord for mercy and healing

7 心里不受责备时,求主在怒中起来施行审判

7 When our heart does not condemn us, call the Lord to arise and judge in His anger

诗8 当谦卑 -> 答案 <来 11:6> = 发现上帝的全能,全知,全在,全爱

Ps 8 To Be Humble -> Answer <Heb 11:6> = Discover God’s Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omni-Love

(2) 诗9-14 回复蓝图 (以四大福音化目标驱使生活)的途径:跟主一起走 <诗篇化> -> 果子 Fruits

(2) Ps 9-14 The Process of Restoring Blueprint (Purpose-driven lifestyle of 4 Gospelizations): Walk with the Lord <Psalmify> -> Fruits

诗9-13 叹息诗

Ps 9-13 Psalm of Sighing

9 一心称谢神的作为,求主再动工

9 Praise the Lord with my whole heart, asking the Lord to arise again

10 神似乎站在远处时,确认而求主不忘记

10 When it is as if the Lord stands afar off, confirm and ask the Lord not to forget

11 投靠耶和华的根基

11 Entrust onto the Lord’s foundation

12 虔诚人断绝,神纯净的言语必保佑叹息的人

12 The godly man ceases, God’s pure words will preserve those who sigh

13 终日愁苦许久时,主在心里应允了

13 When there are lengthened sorrows, God answered in the heart

-> 诗14 当祷告(寻求神)=> 领悟/发现凡事上的以马内利 (苦难 / 无答案 = 正在成就)

-> Ps 14 To Pray (Seek God) => Enlightened / Discover all things Emmanuel (Hardships / no answers = Is Accomplishing)


3) Ps 15-24: Matching Psalms (Confirm over and over), Theme: Who can Enjoy Yahweh’s Every Abundance?

15=24谁能享受天国(耶和华的帐幕,圣山)= 正直、公义、实话 (面对神)

15=24 Who can enjoy Heavenly Kingdom (Yahweh’s Tent, Holy Mountain) = Upright, righteous, truthful words (face God)


16=23 The person who has total reliance on Yahweh God

17=22用祷告来依赖 (正直、立志、行为、脚踏、必应允、慈爱、脱离、保护)

17=22 Use Prayer to rely (Upright, resolution, works, steps, must fulfill, love, deliver, protection)

18=20,21 必蒙应允

18=20,21 Definite Answer


19 Praise: “Yahweh is my Rock, my Salvation Lord!”

4)诗 25-33:对句诗(反复确认),主题:与神和睦、亲密(建立与神的关系的祷告)

4) Ps 25-33: Matching Psalms (Confirm over and over), Theme: Reconciliation and Intimacy with God (Prayers to Establish Relationship with God)

33->25 求赦罪拯救(要明白5个祭的奥秘:燔祭,赎罪祭,赎愆祭,平安祭(和睦祭),素祭)

33->25 Ask for Forgiveness of Sins (Must understand the mystery of 5 sacrifices: Burnt offerings, Sin offering, trespass offering, peace offering (fellowship offering), grain offering)

32->26 赦免 -> 能纯全(无可指责)的奥秘

32->26 Forgiven -> The mystery that can make one pure (blameless)


27->31 The Lord is my Light, my Salvation… Therefore, I want to I may dwell in the house of the Lord (Converse with God Day and Night = Love to Pray)

28->30 ‘摔跤’(集中祷告)的奥秘

28->30 The Mystery of ‘Wrestling’ (Concentration prayer)


29 All things see Emmanuel (acquire evidence) -> Witnessing the Lord at all areas (Evangelism)

5) 34-37劝勉诗,主题:上帝是惩恶劝善

5) Ps 34-37 Chastening Psalms: God Is One Who Reproves and Teaches

34-35 认定上帝的公义与慈爱,寻求祂

34-35 Acknowledge God’s Righteousness and Love, Seek Him

– 34 心愿倚靠看见耶和华被称颂,祂拯救灵性痛悔的人

– 34 Heart willing to rely on seeing Yahweh being blessed, He saves those who have a contrite spirit

– 35 求看心灵里的证据:公义、审判、救恩

– 35 Ask to see the evidences in the spirit: righteousness, judgment, salvation

36 敌人来(问题来),只有察看自己有否正直的心,因恶人的罪是不受约束的

36 Enemies come (Problems come), only test and see if my heart is upright, because the transgression of the wicked is unbridled

37 不需因恶心会不平,自然会观察到敌人的灭亡(问题的败退)

37 There is not a need to fret due to evil, naturally will observe enemies’ destruction (problems retreat)

6) 38-41劝勉诗,主题:如何察看自己的心?(亲密的祷告)

6) Ps 38-41 Chastening Psalms, Theme: How to test and approve my own heart? Intimate Prayers

38 向上帝苦求,承认自己的过犯(认辩根治腐败与极其腐败),

38 Entreated God, Confessed my own transgressions (Recognizing radical corruption and utter corruption),

39 谨慎自首,求宽容(在求恩时,为了能叫自己心灵蒙恩,关注圣灵踏实化之事)

39 Watchful, Ask for Benevolence (while asking for grace, for blessing my own spirit, look for sure steps directed by the Spirit)

40 赞美上帝的信实,喜爱上帝的律法 (在试验里当儿,聆听主必要喜悦的,主发出声音时,就以此走向得释放)

40 Praise God’s Faithfulness, Love God’s Laws (In the midst of trials, hear what the Lord must be pleased with, when the Lord replies, use them to go towards freedom)

41 困苦中领悟:上帝是听而眷顾义人祷告的上帝,必保全/存活/扶持/医治有病的义人

41 Comprehension amidst tribulations: God is One Who hears and cares for the prayers of the righteous, He shall preserve/keep alive/sustain/heal the godly who is stricken with illness


2. <42-72>: 民族诗

2. <Psalm 42-72> Tribal Psalms



(1) 圣徒对教会爱慕的心

(1) Saints’ Adoration towards the Church

(2) 圣徒要带着怎样的心灵在教会生活

(2) The spirit the Saints should bring to live a church life

(3) 圣徒借着教会生活所带出的见证

(3) The testimonies brought about by Saints through church life

1) 42-44 爱慕以色列 / 肢体 / 圣殿 / 聚会

1) Ps 42-44 Adoration Israel/ Parts of His Body / Holy Temple / Gatherings

42 因世界黑暗,心忧闷而切慕想知道和见证神在肢体中的作为,神就用笑脸帮助我

42 Because of the darkness in the world, the heart is downcast and pants to desire to know and testify the works of God amidst brethrens, God then helps me with His countenance

43 因不虔诚的人,求主发出真光,引导到神居所

43 Because there are ungodly men, ask the Lord to send out True Light, so that I can be brought to His tabernacle

44 神应许说这时代是我们的,但民中以为神丢弃了,离开却外面受羞辱,才明白自己真所属

= 转向回肢体,为时代求救赎

44 God has promised that this era belongs to us, but the people think that God has rejected. They left and were put to shame outside. They then realized their true belonging.

= Turn back to brethrens, pray for redemption of the era

2) 45 君王的结婚 (弥赛亚 (耶稣基督) = 皇妃 (教会/圣徒/以色列) = 生产 (果子))

2) Ps 45 Marriage of the King (Messiah (Jesus Christ) = Concubine (Church / saints / Israel) = Reproduction (fruits))

3) 46-48 锡安 = 耶路撒冷 = 圣殿 = 以色列居住的 = 以肢体为中心生活

3) Ps 46-48 Zion = Jerusalem = Holy Temple = Israel’s Place of Living = Centering on Brethren Living

46 信神与子民中间更大的帮助,将问题带来避难和休息

46 Believe God’s greater help amidst His people, thereby bringing problems for refuge and rest

47 用悟性歌颂,因神确实可谓

47 Sing praises with understanding, for God is honestly awesome

48 看见神在肢体中本为大,所以思想神的属性

48 See that God is great amidst brethrens, therefore meditate on His attributes

4) 49 锡安的信息 = 传福音的信息:寻求富足或贫穷(为尊贵)中的都不醒悟

4) Ps 49 Zion’s Message = Evangelism Message: Those who seek riches or poverty (for honor) do not understand

5) 50 锡安的堕落 = 崇拜的失败 = 形式化/宗教化/戒律/神秘/人为:正路、感恩

5) Ps 50 Zion’s fall = Failure of Worship = Mannerism / Become Religious / Legalism / Mysticism / Humanism: Correct Way, Thanksgiving

6) 51 思想: (1) 真正的献祭/崇拜=燔祭, (2) (君王) 事工者的赎罪诗 -> 检讨 (言语、态度)

6) Ps 51 Meditate: (1) Genuine Offering of Sacrifices / Worship=Burnt Offering, (2) (King’s) Ministers’ Psalm of Sin Offering -> Evaluate (Words, Attitude)

7) 52-64 锡安里的稗子所带来的问题与求助者的祷告:稗子

7) Ps 52-64 The problems brought by weeds in Zion and the prayers to ask for help

52 快利能杀神祭司的舌头 <-> 倚靠神慈爱的赞美

52 Razor tongues that kills priests <-> Praise that trusts in the mercy of God

53 心里没有神的人变为愚顽 <-> 求纯真救恩的真理

53 Godless hearts become folly <-> Prayer for pure truth of salvation

54 自己民族却为外人强暴我命 <-> 献祭单因耶和华的名

54 Strangers of own tribesmen oppress my life <-> freely sacrifice because of only God’s Name

55 甚至不将自己交托与同伴,把重担卸给耶和华

55 Not even entrust yourself to your companion, but cast your burdens on The Lord

56 心里有主人的事实与应许胜过血气之辈的欺压

56 The heart that has the Master’s truths and promises are greater than mere flesh that oppresses

57 当逃难时,心用坚定喜乐倚靠至高无上神的恩典

57 When fleeing, the heart relies on steadfast joy in Sovereign grace of God

58 神的公义临到心,赶逐恶鬼!

58 God’s righteousness becomes my heart, drive out demons!

诗篇 59-64 因锡安里的稗子所带来的问题,求助者的祷告

Ps 59-64 Prayers to ask for help due to problems brought by weeds in Zion

59 心灵诚实求告神

59 Ask for help in truth and spirit

60 就算在圣战,也求叫人转向神本身

60 Even though war is winning, ask that people may turn to God

61 求永远的帐幕

61 Ask for eternal tabernacle

62 直到耶和华安息成为心灵的拯救者

62 Till The Lord becomes the heart’s salvation in rest

63 心切切要得着圣灵

63 Heart earnestly desires the Holy Spirit

64 求从敌人的暗谋保守隐藏,因他们必忽然绊倒

64 Preserve me and hide me from the secret plots of the enemy, because they shall suddenly stumble

8) 65-68 锡安城民的感恩

8) Ps 65-68 The Thanksgiving of the City of Zion

65 看见‘蒙’(得救、神为、活泉、年岁冠冕)而感恩

65 See “Blessed” (salvation, God-driven, springs, goodness crowned yearly) and give thanks

66 看见被试验(不义之处变为祂可谓的作为)而感恩

66 Give thanks for God has tested us (areas of injustice becoming His awesome works)

67 看见自己有能力(得了怜悯)而愿意福音被传遍(回复了神的心意)而感恩

67 Give thanks after seeing strength (receiving mercy) and the willingness to see the gospel preached (restore God’s heart) and give thanks

68 看见数算应允(主升上高天掳掠仇敌 => 生命化、福音化)而感恩

68 Give thanks seeing and numbering fulfillments (Lord ascended on high having captives led into captivity => lives gospelized)

9) 69-71 锡安城民的警醒

9) Ps 69-71 Vigilance of the People of the City of Zion

69 有时悲观祈求主,抓住被神救恩而安置在高处的,胜似献牛

69 Sometimes we ask in a negative tone, but grasp that God setting us up on high through salvation pleases Him better than offering bulls

70 明白搭救有时间表,但是为了肢体还是求主缩短时间表

70 Understand that there is a timetable for deliverance, but we still ask God to shorten the timetable for brethrens

71 年老的诗歌:直到老也要投靠耶和华

71 Elderly psalm: till old shall I put my trust in The Lord

10) 72 带领锡安的王 (何谓最理想的王)

10) Ps 72 The King Who Leads Zion (Who shall be called the most ideal king?)

<v1> 王的人格

<v1> The Character of the King

<v2-7> 公义的原则

<v2-7> The principle of righteousness

<v8-11> 对外的权柄

<v8-11> The authority to the people outside

<v12-16> 天然界蒙福

<v12-16> Blessedness of natural world

<v17-19> 赞美

<v17-19> Praise


3. <73-89>: 圣殿诗

3. <Psalm 73-89>: Holy Temple Psalms

1) <73-78> 圣殿、锡安: 祷告的奥秘

1) Ps 73-78 Holy Temple, Zion: Mystery of Prayer

2) <79-83> 问题里面怎么得答案? 呼求 => 应允

2) Ps 79-83 How to receive answer amidst problems? Ask -> Answers

3) <84-89> 宣告 (随时 => 永远)

3) Ps 84-89 Proclamation (Always => Eternal)

1) 73-78圣殿、锡安: 祷告的奥秘

1) Ps 73-78 Holy Temple, Zion: Mystery of Prayer

73 进圣殿 (至圣所) => 应允 (思想结局, 建定标杆)

73 Entering Holy Temple (Most Holy Place) => Answers (meditate on the end of things, establish the goal)

74 圣殿问题 => 一切问题

74 Temple problems => all problems

75 绝对的答案 -> 永远答案

75 Absolute answers -> Eternal answers

76 希西家: 集中祷告 => 死

76 Hezekiel: Concentration Prayers => Die to self

77 秘诀: 追想, 数算主恩

77 Secret: Consider all, Count of the Lord’s Grace

78 悔改 (更新, 转向神)

78 Repentance (Renew, Turn to God)

2) 79-83问题里面怎么得答案?呼求 -> 应允

2) Ps 79-83 How to receive answer amidst problems? Ask -> Answers

79 以色列的灭亡 (来之圣殿的问题) => 悔改(恢复祷告)

79 Israel’s destruction (comes from problem of the Holy Temple) => Repent (restore prayer)

80 流泪的祷告(哀恸,正直,开放) => 反转

80 Tearing prayers (mourn, upright, open up) => overturn

81 纪念帐棚节 (思想上帝在旷野的引导)=> 回转 => 蒙应允

81 Remember Feast of Booths (Meditate the guidance of God in the desert) => Turn back => See fulfillments

82 以色列领袖要悔改,圣徒要悔改

82 Israel’s leaders must repent, saints must repent

83 上帝的声音听不到(信息的问题)=> 外邦轻视以色列

83 God’s voices cannot be heard (problem in the messages) => Gentiles despise Israel

3) 84-89 宣告 (随时 => 永远)

3) Ps 84-89 Proclamation (Always => Eternal)

* 84 爱圣所,渴慕祷告的心 (创3问题 -> 唯一答案 -> 向往)

* 84 Love the Holy Place, adore the prayerful heart (Genesis 3 problem -> Only problem -> Yearn for)

85 认识上帝的救恩与属性

85 Know God’s salvation and attributes

86 确定自己的虔诚 (虔诚不等于完全)

86 Confirm the godliness of myself (Godliness does not equal to being perfect)

87 知道上帝要拯救万民的心意与大计划

87 Knowing the intention and great plan that God desires to save all peoples

88 叹息与问题进来

88 Sighing and problems come in

89 靠着大卫永远的应许面对

89 Relying on David’s eternal promise to face


4. <90-106>: 王权诗 -> 顺服

4. <Psalm 90-106> Kingly Authority Psalms -> Submission

1) 90-92 () 里面的祝福

1) Ps 90-92 The Blessings in God (King)


5 mysteries of Whom God is King of Kings: Creates, Maintain, Saves, Unites, Dominates

=> 认命

=> Resignation


Ps 90

<v1-2> 王永远不变

<v1-2> King eternally never changes

<v3-11> 王以外生活的人

<v3-11> Men who lived apart from the King

<v12-17> 王里面生活的人

<v12-17> Men who lived in the King

* <v12> 重生、成圣、冠冕 -> 智慧

* <v12> Born again, Sanctification, Crown -> Wisdom


Transcend: Life and death, poverty, romance, children, fame

91 王的恩典是当一个人仰赖祂时,才会看见的

91 When a man relies on the King, His grace can be seen

92 王里面的保障

92 The Insurance In The King

2) 93-99 & () 一切的统治

2) Ps 93-99 All Dominion in God (King)

(1) 关系: 身份 (神的儿女), 职分 (天国的执事)

(1) Relationships: Identity (Child of God), Role (Deacon of heaven)

(2) 目的, 计划, 时间表

(2) Purpose, plan, timetable

(3) 内容 (爱神, 爱人): 心肠

(3) Content (Love God, men): heart

(4) 察验而服从

(4) Test and approve and submit

93 耶和华为王!当我们依靠祂时,祂的威严,永恒,能力,法度,圣洁会张显出来

93 Jehovah as King! When we rely on Him, His fear, eternity, power, laws, holiness will manifest

94 耶和华是为祂子民伸冤的上帝!所以,祂的子民必有管教里的祝福。

94 Jehovah is the God who vindicates His people! Therefore, His people definitely have blessings within discipline

95 认命与耶和华的统治的人必会赞美祂

95 The people who Resign and are dominated by Jehovah will praise Him

96 耶和华统治万国万民(所欲,得着约《应许》的人,会统治万国万民)

96 Jehovah dominates all nations and peoples (Therefore, those who receives <promise> will dominate all nations and peoples)

97 耶和华审判活人,死人。活人是跟从祂的统治,死人是违背祂的统治。

97 Jehovah judges the living and the dead. The living are those who follow His dominion, the dead are those who disobeys His dominion

98 当以色列顺服统治者时,列邦万民都会认识上帝的救恩(有宣教的意思)所以,上帝的统治里有[国度,君王,子民]的目的在里面。

98 When Israel submits to the Dominator, Gentiles and all peoples will know God’s salvation (there is meaning of missions); therefore, there is the purpose of [Kingdom, King and People] in God’s dominion

99耶和华是为大的上帝,因为祂本为善(i.e. 祂统治的都是对的)

99 Jehovah is a great God, because He is good by Nature (i.e. All that He dominates are correct)

3) 100-106顺从神 () = 献出赞美与感恩的祭

3) Ps 100-106 Submission to God (King) = Offering The Sacrifices of Praise and Thanksgiving

态度 -> 思想变化: 照我本相 -> 领悟重新建造:新事!

Attitude -> Transformation of Mindset: Just as I am -> Realization of Re-format: a new thing!

100 序论:将生活中所做的一切变为赞美/感恩。7样赞美/感恩的根基:受惠者, 永恒, 耶稣基督 (绝对被爱), 肢体, 国度扩张, 按时供应, 苦难 (挑战)

100 Introduction: Let all things done in our living change into praise/thanksgiving. The foundation of 7 praises / thanksgiving: Receiver, Eternal, Jesus Christ (absolutely loved), Brethren, Kingdom expansion, Providence on time, Sufferings (Challenge)

101 大卫王登基时的告白:‘必要以耶和华的慈爱与公义行事’

101 King David’s Proclamation when ascending the throne: ‘must do things according to Jehovah’s love and righteousness’

102 神民(以色列)受管教之后所带来的赞美/感恩


102 The praises / thanksgiving that God’s saints (Israel) gave after receiving discipline. How can this be? Because having understood the reason of God’s saints receiving discipline: thoroughly realize eternity through the test of time

103 大卫因领悟了上帝永远不变的慈爱而赞美/感恩 (如鹰返老还童)

103 Because David realized God’s eternal unchanging love and thus gives praise / thanksgiving (youth renewed like the eagle’s)

104 在万物当中看见上帝的同在而赞美/感恩

104 See God’s presence in all creation and thus give praises / thanksgiving

<v1-4> 耶和华整个伟大的举动

<v1-4>: All of the noble and great acts of Jehovah

<v5-9> 地与海

<v5-9> Earth and Sea

<v10-18> 禽兽、草木

<v10-18> Birds, vegetation

<v19-24> 太阳、月亮

<v19-24> Sun, moon

<v25-29> 深海里的动物

<v25-29> Creatures of the deep sea

<v30-32> 自然界

<v30-32> Natural world

=> 看到一切的都是神的爱 -> 得着上帝绝对的爱

=> See that everything is God’s love -> Acquire God’s absolute love

105 看到整个以色列的历史里,上帝细密的带领的人的赞美/感恩

105 See that in the whole history of the Israelites, the praises / thanksgiving of the people God meticulous lead

106 以色列虽时常软弱,但上帝向他们列祖约过的却不废去(神始终留下余民Remnant)。以此赞美/感恩。

106 Though Israel was often weak, the covenant that God made with them before will not pass away (God will still leave behind Remnant). Therefore, praises / thanksgiving.


The life that has the King and Master has 4 evidences:

1) 安然


2) 凡事察验

Test and approve all things

3) 拼命跟从

Follow with your life

4) 新恩 -> 果效

New grace -> Efficiency


5. <107-150>: 蒙福 -> 赞美诗

5. <Psalm 107-150> Blessed -> Psalms of Praise

<弗 5:15-21>

<Eph 5:15-21>

1) 爱惜光阴

1) Love time

2) 明白主美意

2) Understand the Lord’s perfect will

3) 圣灵充满、口唱心合

3) Holy Spirit filled, Heart and mouth in sync to sing praises

1) 107-109赞美我们的救恩(耶和华的公义与慈爱)

1) Ps 107-109 Praising Our Salvation (Jehovah’s Righteousness and Love)

107:1 序论:你们要称谢耶和华,因他本为善。他的慈爱,永远长存。

107:1 Prelude: Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; His love endures forever

107:6,13,19,28 于是,他们在苦难中哀求耶和华,他从他们的祸患中搭救他们。

107:6, 13, 19, 28 Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress.


107:8, 15, 21, 31 Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men,

108 以色列经过管教之后,赞美耶和华的公义与慈爱

108 After passing through discipline, Israel praised Jehovah’s Righteousness and Love

109 大卫诅咒仇敌(显明他认识上帝的公义与慈爱)

109 David cursed his enemy (showing that he knows God’s righteousness and love)

2) 110-118 认识弥赛亚的人的赞美

2) Ps 110-118 The praise of people who know Messiah

110, 118 弥赛亚的诗

110, 118 Messiah’s psalm

110 弥赛亚照着麦基洗德的等次被高举坐在神的右边

110 The Messiah exalts to the right hand of God in the order of Melchizedek

118 匠人所齐的石头成了方角石

118 The stone which builders rejected became the chief cornerstone

114 出埃及的诗

114 Psalm of Exodus

114 以色列成为神圣所和国度时,一切创造都震动

114 When Israel became God’s sanctuary and dominion, all creation trembles

111-117 赞美诗

111-117 Psalms of Praise


Psalms 111, 112 and 113 start with “Hallelujah” as the first word.

111 你们要赞美耶和华,叫心灵的智慧在神的约上开端

111 Praise The Lord, telling the wisdom of the heart to begin with the covenant

112 你们要赞美耶和华,心爱神命令的必看见得胜

112 Praise The Lord, delighting in His commandments shall see victory

113 你们要赞美耶和华,祂超乎万民之上,却自己谦卑抬举贫寒人。你们要赞美耶和华!

113 Praise The Lord, high above all nations, yet humbles to lift the poor out. Praise The Lord!


Psalms 115, 116 and 117 ends with “Hallelujah” as the last word in the original Hebrew texts.

* 诗篇113和117结论:以‘哈里路亚’开头和结束

* For Psalm 113 and 117, they conclude by starting and ending with “Hallelujah” in its two verses.

115 确认偶像的无意而看见活人能倚靠要赞美耶和华!

115 Confirm futility of idols and see that the alive can trust to praise The Lord!

116 确认圣民之死因灵魂得救极为宝贵而要赞美耶和华!

116 Confirm the death of saints as precious due to the deliverance of the soul to praise The Lord!

117 你们要赞美耶和华,因确认了祂所施的慈爱,但却有存到永远的事实。你们要赞美耶和华!

117 Praise The Lord confirming His mercy, yet has truth that endures forever. Praise The Lord!

3) 119圣经最长的经节

3) Ps 119 Largest number of verses in the Bible

(1) 只有蒙恩的人才会赞美耶和华的律法

(1) Only blessed people can then praise Jehovah’s Law

(2) 只有蒙恩的人才会明白耶和华的律法 <v7,12,18,34,…>

(2) Only blessed people can then understand Jehovah’s Law <v7, 12, 18, 34, …>

(3) 只有蒙恩的人才会遵守耶和华的律法 <v5,10,29…>

(3) Only blessed people can then keep Jehovah’s Law <v5, 10, 29>

(4) 只有蒙恩的人才会因耶和华的律法活泼起来 <v93>

(4) Only blessed people can then become living and active because of Jehovah’s Law <v93>

(5) 只有蒙恩的人才会享受耶和华的律法 <v14,24,35,62,70,162,174>

(5) Only blessed people can then enjoy Jehovah’s Law <v14, 24, 35, 62, 70, 162, 174>

120-134 上行诗来聚会时的期待态度

Ps 120-134 Of ascent – attitude of yearning before coming to meetings

135-137 聚会的时候

Ps 135-137 During meeting

138-145 来听教训、信息

Ps 138-145 that listen to teachings

4) 120-134上圣殿时所唱的诗歌 (上行诗)

4) Ps 120-134 The Song that is sang when ascending up the Holy Temple (Song of Ascents)

* 期盼,仰望,等候耶和华的心态

* The attitude of expectation and hope, looking up, and waiting upon Jehovah

120 因世界都充满谎言,预备在急难中的求告

120 Prepare cries in the distress of world full of deceitful tongues

121 举目耶和华保护者

121 Lift up to The Lord your Keeper

122 因圣殿有连络整齐的宝座而欢喜

122 Glad because the Holy Temple is compact together in heavenly throne

123 以仆人被藐视的身份,破碎求怜悯

123 Filled with contempt, in brokenness ask for mercy

124 因为神站在我们这边,所以有希望

124 Because God is on our side so that we are still alive, there is hope

125 因耶和华也围绕祂百姓,所以心愿意正直起来

125 Because The Lord surrounds His people, our hearts willingly become upright

126 被掳归回的欢呼,叫我们忍耐不自己享受种子(生命)却带种子流泪出去撒种

126 The joy of return from captivity tells us to endure not enjoying the seeds of life we should have, but bring these seeds out to sow

127 求耶和华建造房屋,有果子接续产业,不然枉然劳力

127 Ask that The Lord build the house, fruits that continue the heritage, or labor is in vain

128 求耶和华赐证据给敬畏耶和华的人

128 Ask for evidences for those who fear The Lord

129 虽然幼年以来都屡次被苦害,都没有胜过我心里的耶和华

129 Even though there are afflictions from youth, they have not prevailed against The Lord in my heart

130 超过自己的过犯的,等候耶和华的丰盛救赎

130 Above even our own iniquities, wait upon The Lord for His abundant redemption

131 心里谦卑安稳,像断过奶的孩子倚靠主

131 Restore simple trust in The Lord with a heart that is humble but calm like a weaned child

132 求主不还给我们其他的,乃是神安息在我们锡安的居所

132 Pay back us, Lord, with nothing but Your resting place at our Zion

133 求有永远盼望的弟兄和睦同居

133 Ask for brethren who have eternal hope to dwell together in unity

134 在傍晚上行赞美耶和华的真有福

134 Those who ascend to praise The Lord in the night stand are truly blessed

5) 135-137 圣殿里头的诗歌

5) Ps 135-137 Songs in the Holy Temple

135 耶和华与万神的区别(宗教与福音的敬拜)

135 Distinguish between Jehovah and all other gods (the religions and gospel worship)

136 思想,赞美耶和华公义与慈爱的作为

136 Meditate, praising Jehovah’s works of righteousness and love

137 将哀求/祈求带给耶和华(也可说:把祷告题目,问题带来呼求耶和华)

137 Taking your entreaty / request to Jehovah (or: take prayer topics, problems to call on Jehovah)

6) 138-145圣君大卫的教训与苦难中的赞美

6) Ps 138-145 Holy King David’s teaching and praising within sufferings

138 神口中的言语鼓励我,使我心里有能力

138 Words from God’s mouth made me bold with strength in my soul

139 监察我、试炼我,叫我能坦然胜过仇敌、走永生道路

139 Search me, try me, so that I can boldly overcome enemies and walk the way everlasting

140 按神公义来过活,才能区别虚假奸恶与真实人

140 Live according to God’s righteousness, then you can discern the fake & evil vs the truthful person

141 若按着公义,心与言语还甘甜,得不好的结局,必会累积祝福

141 If you live according to righteousness, heart and words are still sweet, but receive undesired circumstances, it is accumulating blessings

142 重要是心灵:求你领我的灵魂出被囚之地

142 The Spirit is of importance: Bring my soul out of prison

143 在最低谷时,靠耶稣的复活,以神的仆人,会得心灵里的盼望,产生出信靠 (苦难必有截止日期)

143 In the deepest distress, rely on Jesus’ resurrection, as God’s servant, will receive the hope in the spirit, giving birth to trust (sufferings have an expiry date)

144 虽然已经有些证据,但心灵看见还有外邦人,所以挺身昂首,求神完全恢复

144 Although there are some evidences, but heart still sees foreigners, therefore girded up and ask God for complete restoration

145 感性、灵性、理性解释万物成耶和华的名,后代才能赞美神

145 Emotionally, Spiritually, intellectually explain all creation unto God’s Name, then the next generation can praise God

7) 146-150一生在凡事上赞美耶和华 (出圣殿后,如此赞美耶和华)

7) Ps 146-150 Praise Jehovah for lifetime on all things (after coming out from Holy Temple, praise Jehovah this way)

* 146:1-2 你们要赞美耶和华。我的心哪,你要赞美耶和华。我一生要赞美耶和华。我还活的时候要歌颂我的神。

* 146:1-2 Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD, O my soul. I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

* 150:6 凡有气息的,都要赞美耶和华。你们要赞美耶和华。

* 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.

146 因耶和华可倚靠得帮助

146 Because Jehovah can be trusted to save

147 因耶和华聚集以色列中被赶散的人

147 Because Jehovah gathers the exiles of Israel

148 赞美耶和华 – 从天上高处、地上深洋

148 Praise Jehovah – from heights above and earthly depths

149 赞美耶和华看见特别恩典

149 Praising Jehovah by seeing special grace

150 用一切气息随时赞美耶和华

150 Use everything that has breath to praise Jehovah continually

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Books of the Bible, Chinese, English and Compressed


Taken from


旧约 Old Testament

中文卷名 中文缩写 Book Name Compressed
创世记 Genesis Gen
出埃及记 Exodus Exo
利未记 Leviticus Lev
民数记 Numbers Num
申命记 Deuteronomy Deu
约书亚记 Joshua Jos
士师记 Judges Jug
路得记 Ruth Rut
撒母耳记上 撒上 1 Samuel 1Sa
撒母耳记下 撒下 2 Samuel 2Sa
列王纪上 王上 1Kings 1Ki
列王纪下 王下 2Kings 2Ki
历代志上 代上 1 Chronicles 1Ch
历代志下 代下 2 Chronicles 2Ch
以斯拉记 Ezra Ezr
尼希米记 Nehemiah Neh
以斯帖记 Esther Est
约伯记 Job Job
诗篇 Psalms Psm
箴言 Proverbs Pro
传道书 Ecclesiastes Ecc
雅歌 Song of Songs Son
以赛亚书 Isaiah Isa
耶利米书 Jeremiah Jer
耶利米哀歌 Lamentations Lam
以西结书 Ezekiel Eze
但以理书 Daniel Dan
何西阿书 Hosea Hos
约珥书 Joel Joe
阿摩司书 Amos Amo
俄巴底亚书 Obadiah Oba
约拿书 Jonah Jon
弥迦书 Micah Mic
那鸿书 鸿 Nahum Nah
哈巴谷书 Habakkuk Hab
西番雅书 Zephaniah Zep
哈该书 Haggai Hag
撒迦利亚书 Zechariah Zec
玛拉基书 Malachi Mal

新约 New Testament

中文卷名 中文缩写 Book Name Compressed
马太福音 Matthew Mat
马可福音 Mark Mak
路加福音 Luke Luk
约翰福音 John Jhn
使徒行传 Acts Act
罗马书 Romans Rom
哥林多前书 林前 1 Corinthians 1Co
哥林多后书 林后 2 Corinthians 2Co
加拉太书 Galatians Gal
以弗所书 Ephesians Eph
腓利比书 Philippians Phl
歌罗西书 西 Colossians Col
帖撒罗尼迦前书 帖前 1 Thessalonians 1Ts
帖撒罗尼迦后书 帖后 2 Thessalonians 2Ts
提摩太前书 提前 1 Timothy 1Ti
提摩太后书 提后 2 Timothy 2Ti
提多书 Titus Tit
腓利门书 Philemon Phm
希伯来书 Hebrews Heb
雅各书 James Jas
彼得前书 彼前 1 Peter 1Pe
彼得后书 彼后 2 Peter 2Pe
约翰壹书 约一 1 John 1Jn
约翰贰书 约二 2 John 2Jn
约翰参书 约三 3 John 3Jn
犹大书 Jude Jud
启示录 Revelation Rev

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Unreserved Holiness


There is an unreserved holiness that only brings wisdom and praise out from the innermost soul and from everyone around you. It is not only a destination; it is the light brought about by the scepter of Christ!

1. The search for the complete gospel that has already found me

You can refer back to my previous year 2008 blog where I wrote about bible verses that impacted my life:


I remember I was searching for the verses that illuminated St Augustine so that he was converted. I heard from my senior pastor Rev Leechull spoke about the bible verses that influenced St Augustine to conversion. At that time, the orientation of the church pulpit message kept on consoling the congregation, and gave me the impression that to accuse people would be the last thing God desires. i.e. how can these verses fit into a person’s life so as to make a person convert? Are not the verses below a result of conversion (born again) rather than something that converts (makes one born again)? Therefore, I could not fully understand why the following verses actually caused St Augustine (the way I interpret – the start of Christian theology that accords to his own experience, i.e. he wrote “The Confessions”) into conversion. Therefore, I did not list the verse down in my previous year 2008 blog. The following verses were what happened when he was prompted by a childlike voice, and took it as a divine command to open the Bible and read the first thing he saw:

Romans 13:13-14
13 Let us walk properly as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and sensuality, not in quarreling and jealousy. 14 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and
make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.

God changed him then at 32 years old through his mother Monica’s prayers of despair but continual hope since young.

Even though I cannot fully understand why the verses nailed St Augustine’s conversion, I kept the above verses deep into my heart. I just cannot forget them as they are from the bible. I cannot twist what I read from the bible to fit my own theology or what I, if my weak mind, has heard.

Along with the above verses, I remember

Psalm 19
1 The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
2 Day to day pours out speech,
and night to night reveals knowledge.

8 the precepts of the Lord are right,
rejoicing the heart;
the commandment of the Lord is pure,
enlightening the eyes;

12 Who can discern his errors?
Declare me innocent from hidden faults.

14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable in your sight,
O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

For all these years, I realized one thing is absolutely true – the Lord is Holy and His glory is such that I must never show consideration for my weaknesses so that I worship God with compromise. Your weaknesses may come from the conditions and fields God has given you. But those are not for you to compromise God’s greater power through you to open the doors of evangelism. Those weaknesses are placed not for you to show consideration to (as if God loves you so that He will forgo every weaknesses as His favored child of God) so that you can live a more carefree life less of guilt or reproach from God. (If you hear no grief of the Holy Spirit, you either already have your conscience of faith tainted or that you are not born again.) Those weaknesses are placed for you to understand your spiritual calling, to be willing to suffer everything and to go to your end to face God in prayers, so as to attain Christ’s resurrection in getting practical wisdom.

2. Not to abolish the Law or the Prophets, but fulfill them

The 36 lessons are not an end to your conversion, or the experience of the “second” born again. They are a guide, and only a guide. They guide you to live unreserved from the Lord, to the Lord, and in the Lord.

If you really want to evangelize to the unreached, the young that is out of your generation, or a culture that is far beyond yours, you must really know how much you must suffer in the Lord to hold on to God’s promise. Do you value the gospel and the promise of gospelization more than anything else so that you test and approve the things you must do in your work place? When you test and approve, one must know what the absolute conditions are and what the relative conditions are. i.e. when you are at your work place, the relative conditions are about doing your best at your office work. The absolute truth is that you cannot be a slave because you have a gospel too important to compromise. When I face the Lord with even my closest ones worrying for me, I realized I had to do it my way – the way the Lord has shown to me. There is a peace in me that I am not disobeying the people around me, but a peace that God will bring me through, and God will definitely bless the people and company many folds through my obedience. It produces some anxiousness, but I slowly confirmed that those anxiousness are as a result of Satan’s attack as I obey the Lord my God.

If you find it hard to live in your workplace, then make it a point to have a church-centered and brethren-centered lifestyle. Then your perspectives can be build on solid ground and you will not waver like a ship among waves. You might be disobeying the earthly authorities if you keep on having a pulpit-centered, brethren-centered and serving-centered lifestyle, but be sure that if you follow the Lord this way, the Lord will not only deliver you out of it, but the Lord will give you your heart’s desire in the gospel promise of God.

This, in a word, means “unreserved holiness” in all things 24 hours, a point made to focus there and go towards there.

Matthew 5:48
48 You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

“Unreserved holiness” created in me a new heart. There is a New Creation. That new creation is not by grace that has been made cheap, but by death and resurrection – grace that is made sovereign, and glory that makes every word in the bible alive in you.

3. Praising in the Gospel vs Conscience-Pricking in Religion

The greatest difference between gospel and religion are two folds:
– The gospel is that God has already found you unconditionally, and religion is that you need to keep on trying to find God.
– The gospel is that you can live in unreserved holiness that surpasses every law, but religion from man can never perform this miracle.

An unconditional love may have started to produce unreserved holiness, but a person is transformed when he is trained to go into a total willingness to produce unconditional appreciation for unconditional love of God gives praise from the innermost soul.

Do you notice how the Christian faith differs from all other religions? We praise God! Religions that rely only on the conscience will ponder why their gods need praises from men. (If they praise their gods, their gods will be embarrassed because their gods rely on conscience to help the earthly people.) Do we praise God out of a conscious debt of His love? Frankly speaking, no. God is not a judge who checks if He can impute to us His judgments, for He chose to impute all on His Son Jesus Christ already. We praise the God of Yahweh because we find Him awesomely amazing many times, and we especially find Him awesome because He is steadfast and faithful to us all the time. You would not praise a friend who helps out as a friend in need, but you will praise your own father who has always been so awesome and steadfast by your side, who will make sure you walk right, and who will even give his life for your true happiness.

Psalm 108:1
1 My heart is steadfast, O God!
I will sing and make melody with all my being!

Psalm 109:30-31
30 With my mouth I will give great thanks to the Lord;
I will praise him in the midst of the throng.
31 For he stands at the right hand of the needy one,
to save him from those who condemn his soul to death.

The child of God does not praise God only because he finds the Lord awesome. He only desires to find praise to God.

Sometimes, he may be unconvinced to obey God’s word. However, if he is born again to seek the unconditional love and unreserved holiness of God, you can be rest assured that he will never be at peace unless he submits with an unreserved love to God.

Therefore, pastors, elders, deacons, small group leaders and coworkers, you must teach the sheep how to praise God. Keep your focus right there, and you will forget your own troubles. We do not get crazy for the gospel only when we find it amazing. We know the gospel is our life so that we live in the gospel through praising God.

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The Know-How of Unseen Strength in the King’s Authority


The mystery of strength in the Holy Spirit lies in submission to the Kingly authority. The strength also lies in the power to say “No”. Not sacrifice, but mercy flows from the King’s throne, for that is His greatest desire.

1) The King eternally never changes but we change -> get the first light of wisdom for Christ’s finished work on the cross

<Ps 90:12> Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

God works in imperfections. Limitations give unlimited wisdom.

There are whole lot of difference between men who lived apart from the King and men who lived in the King.

2) Face the King and receive His approval of praise, for strength from Holy Spirit neither comes from knowledge nor fervor

<Ps 91> When a man relies on the King, His grace can then be seen

When there is an opportunity to give up your closest and your life, will you lose to have faith in that chance?

3) Evaluate: unless you have a life of transparency before and rooting into the king of Kings for all things, you will react at certain things by escaping

Experience His grace in all things. Then you can see all assurance, guarantee and insurance in the Lord in all things <Ps 92>. All things empowered comes this way.

4) Do not depend on feelings, but stay inside of this Kingly authority by following the truth, then He will manifest on you

Do not say, "Follow the Lord" yet you do not know what to follow. You have to know His word, for He uses His word to dominate. God has fixed everything. Therefore, do not be muddle-headed to follow.

But take Jehovah as King! For when we rely on Him, His fear, eternity, power, laws, holiness will manifest <Ps 93>. He reigns, therefore, do not fear and worry.

5) Do not become self-defensive when you discover the King’s revealed discipline on yourself

Once we resolute in our hearts, we will meet with problems. Evaluate your own life, for it is somehow a discipline. Face the Lord. Even if you have prayed and your family or the church has not received the kind of protection, take it as discipline, represent your family / church to repent, and receive transcendent peace that God will have blessings. Why become self-defensive? God opposes the proud. Be humble. There is definitely blessings if it is discipline to a child of God. <Ps 94>

6) Be humble to the point of being dominated by Jehovah King

Are you willing to surrender, be left totally contrite, and be dominated by Jehovah?

<Ps 95> The people who Resign and are dominated by Jehovah will then praise Him. If you do not harden your hearts Today, “Oh, that today you would hearken to his voice”, you will hear the Holy Spirit. That gives way to surpassing special grace that abounds.

7) Train and exercise yourself to witness and preach the gospel in and even when out of season; then the King’s domination to all nations flow through you

Allow the King’s domination of all nations / peoples descend into you.

<Ps 96> Jehovah dominates all nations and peoples. Therefore, those who receive the <promise> will dominate all nations and peoples. Not only that God dominates His saints, He also dominates all nations and peoples through His saints.

David sang this Psalm till his pants dropped when he brought the ark of covenant back. Why is He so much in joy? "This is because the Lord is going to dominate all nations through me who brings the ark of covenant back!"

The foundation of all praises come from the cornerstone of the Messiah. Therefore, in all things, find and restore back the cornerstone of the Messiah that is present in all things. The message of His blood is the center of all your evangelism.

8) Judge the hearts of all living AND the dead through the domination of the King

<Ps 97> Jehovah judges the living and the dead. The living are those who follow His dominion, the dead are those who disobeys His dominion.

Judge the hearts of all. There is a dead part in them and there is a living part in them. Make them realize both the dead and the living parts. Some of them will rise from the dead and awake from their spiritual senses.

9) But realize that the Gentiles and people around you are not saved and harvested because the church has not submitted to the King’s authority

Total submission to God and to the church God has planned for you. Then you will definitely influence the people around you.

<Ps 98> When Israel submits to the Dominator, Gentiles and all peoples will know God’s salvation (there is meaning of missions); therefore, there is the purpose of [Kingdom, King and People] in God’s dominion.

When Israel totally submits to the Lord, the nations become saved. Why are the Gentiles not saved? This is because the church has not submitted to the Lord. When you submit to the Lord, you will definitely influence the people in the office.

10) The absolute power of Entrusting and Exploration, since all that the King dominates is already correct because He is holy by nature

<Ps 99> Jehovah is a great God, because He is holy by nature (i.e. All that He dominates are correct). Entrust everything to God, for everything that the Lord has done in your life is not a coincidence, but He has dominated it by His Holiness. Therefore, be totally creative and flexible in exploring on how your ministry can become the core of every gospelization work, since you cannot go out of His dominion.

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Rejoicing in Sufferings?

Through 10 years of discipleship training, I gathered the “revelation” from God how He led our Christ Life Churches through.


1. Being loved and whether our motives of living on earth as honorable children of God are right




Despite being blessed believers, the attacks of the Enemy do come in very real, very tangible ways when we honor Christ with our lives. But this only means that we are true believers, as Satan thinks we are worthy to be attacked. This is on the basis of the identity of the child of God and the promise of God to the ends of the earth, and what we have been learning since the beginning of the church, to be steadfast and be firm in it. Do you have the Spirit of a child of God? We can see it in our motives and our actions, whether we are touched and have the greatest joy when our spirit becomes aligned and restored more with the Spirit of the child of God. This is why we fear God: because a child of God desires to please God. Accusations cannot remain long because it is disconnected with the feeling of how a child of God faces God. God is on our side as we are a child of God, more than how any relative conditions are with us.


2. The truth is still the greatest power even though there is sufferings



Yet, choosing Him doesn’t mean you will escape suffering—it means He will help us be strong enough to endure it. This is the promise that the Holy Spirit is with us. How will He help us to be strong enough to endure through? It is because the Truth and reality that He is with us is still stronger than any of our conditions and sufferings. Through the process of healing, Emmanuel causes us to overcome each and every situation. Over and over again, we become less and less affected by the sufferings, but only look to and value the presence of God more and more. It is through the process that we realize that the truth is still the truth, and that absolute truth can hold everything together just because God is in it. Christ is the only way, the only truth and the only life. We just cannot deny this above all things else.


3. Submission to God in all things is our remnant belief




And with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to celebrate that we are getting lumped together with Peter, the disciples, and those who truly suffered–first and foremost, Christ. This is victory, that we have submission already in our basic belief. Even though we are not yet healed or have not overcome in certain parts of our body, we can submit to God. Submission to God is the only matter that can still remain in our lives even if everything fails. This is where the glory of God is manifested. We can have no faith, but God is still faithful to us. You can be weak, but you cannot be weak enough so that you do not desire to submit and walk with God. When this reality dawns upon you, through training, exercising, facing and obeying the Lord over and over again, we then understand that we are people who cannot but submit to God. It just cannot stop at the heart. We preach the gospel not because we are equipped enough to do so, but because it is the commandment of the Lord for us to follow Him, we can still be witnesses because the remnant of our belief is to submit to God, our ever-Almighty Father. One day, our nature just becomes that of one who just listens and follows God as closely as possible, never leaving His sight out from us.


Where are we moving to?




Lastly, God not only allows sufferings. Sufferings are actually shown to be the glorious plan of God. Paul received the promise that he will receive overwhelming understanding how much God can stretch him through how much he must suffer. Through Revelation that Jesus Christ is coming very soon, the reality of symbolism becomes ever closely to discerning each and every Spirit and timetable. It spans the whole history of mankind. It opens a wide variety of understanding that must change from a Gentile mindset into a blessed God-people mindset. All our thinking has to change. This, not only in the content or process of it, but the very whole “chemistry” of it. What I mean by chemistry is this: God’s love Jesus Christ proves that God is already with us before the creation of the world. It is in our spirit that we desire to submit to Him. However, the slightest bit where we cannot see God in this world makes the whole world and ends of the earth groan for Jesus’ second coming. The slightest bit where we cannot see, rely and submit to God is the greatest sufferings. God must show us how much we must suffer. The book of Revelation reveals a great truth: every burden of suffering becomes our burden to complete, preach and give the Spirit as much as possible the purest gospel message. In other words to people suffering, “Rejoice! For you suffer more as you yearn more for the second coming of Christ” and “Do not look at things on earth, but set your eyes on things above.”