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Teacher 6: Basic Message 4 – The Ideology in God

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Meet God (1-10)

-> Purpose is = Converse with God (11-15), Walk with God (16-20) Authority life and living

Basic message 4

What is in your mind will affect all things that you live. All words and construction materials have all been given to us by God. Have to organize up.

Build Temple -> Holy Spirit -> Perfect will

Without building temple, it is worshipping golden calf. God had already prepared all the blueprint, yet Israel could not wait but build a golden calf, saying, “this is Jehovah who lead us out of Egypt”. It’s not other gods, but same name, yet God was so furious. Abraham, according to God’s instruction, built altar (who created you, where you come from, your thoughts, your conditions, etc.. given by God). David brought ark of covenant out from Philistines, so happy till pants dropped, Micah wife laughed and no more loved by David. Why everlasting, generations of blessings for David?

I was so furious that I have the bible but yet live so slowly (迟钝). Therefore, I was so angry till I was so zealous to build the temple once and for all. This is where my strength, even while tired, comes from. According to the word, constructed the Most Holy Place, Holy Place and courtyard. Jesus Christ – destroy it and I will newly rebuild in 3 days’ time. Therefore, we must quickly rebuild up the temple.

The Ideology in God <Philippians 3:7-21>

By looking at a person’s heart and mind, we can predict what his tomorrow will be.

-> Muddle-headed? Future likewise. Fearing will meet punishment. Go religious areas, will see noble Sijiamoni’s later generations. History of Israel, though left God, yet 70% noble prize winners Jews. The ideology thoughts will bring about everything in our living.

Errors in man’s system of thoughts will bring about all errors in judgment, speech and life.

-> Therefore, all living comes to nothing.

We have already discovered that the ideology we possessed in the past, not only does not have beginning and ending, but also without direction and system. Therefore, after getting saved, we are to use the word of God to build up the correct system of thoughts as fast as possible, in this way, we can then start conversing with God, walking with God, and enjoying God’s prepared eternal bliss in accordance to God’s intention.

1. Prior to salvation, I was living in total irony, chaos and darkness

-> Totally a piece of clay, dry bones. Therefore, must totally destroy. Gospel is knowing definitely about this so that one will go on to destroy everything, then rebuild everything according to Jesus Christ. Paul says that he only talked about cross. Not that he tries to emphasize cross here and there, but it is centered, started from cross, motivated from cross.

1) Man cannot rely on himself to know anything, at the same time God’s word is lost, man falls into deep and chaotic darkness <Pr 1:7>


2) Man has lost the perspective that can discern “absolute and relative”, “important and worthless”, and “eternal and temporary”<Eph 4:17-19>

-> Therefore, most people, unbelievers have portion of knowledge, but no absolute/relative, importance/worthless. If many materials come together, worse. Electricity wires jumble up, if connect electricity, disaster. We can see that believers also have periods of time that they cannot discern between “absolute and relative”. If one uses “absolute” to view everything, this is called fixed perspective.

3) Although man went through continuous research and sheds some partial light of knowledge, it not only fails to reach the origin of truth, but also causes man to fall into deeper doubts and contradictions <Col 2:2-8>

-> Israel till Passover, knowledge of humanism by being gentle/zealous to Pharaoh, yet Pharaoh hardened. Even using miracles to compete, Pharaoh also hardened. Until Passover, world humanism and knowledge did not work but cause Pharaoh problems. Therefore, all worldly knowledge and ideology are wrong.

4) Man himself creates many religions and superstitious myths, falling into deeper darkness and misery <Mt 12:43-45>

-> Reason is that when a person wants to be committed, evil spirits will fear and go away, but left empty through “training”, when evil spirits come back, will discover clean, so bring even more evil things in. Look at religious places, look at Confucius disciples. All filled with laws, bondage with fate. Satan comes to stay with the beliefs of man. Therefore, he can even stay in the piece of paper. With 8-characters, fortune-telling, devils will stick to that. Fortune-telling will even cross regions.

5) MUST KNOW Prior to salvation, I am in the state of “do not know God, do not know myself, do not know the world”, being bound by self’s sinful nature, the culture of the world and evil spirits and leading a slavery living <Eph 2:1-3>

-> That state, if not known, will not know why religions are not possible. Fate must be changed over. In order to change fate, must die. After believing, your fate is that of Jesus Christ.

-> Understanding, realizing and accepting this is the start of born again.

Many to be restored after believing in Christ, such as finance, spousal, children, but the most important is:

1) Time

2) Space

3) Important, Priority


4) 70-80 years



1) Perspective of History

2) Perspective of World

3) Perspective of Values

4) Perspective of Life philosophy

Build temple/house, by blueprint. Not just build by others, else build, get success, pride/authority – over parents / many wives, chaotic things must totally destroy, newly rebuild.

-> Holy Spirit vs flesh

-> Perfect Will

-> Submit

-> Fulfillment (Evidence)

-> Blessings of an era will come to him

2. Must establish correct historical perspective

-> Time

1) God is “the Alpha (Beginning)” and “the Omega (End)”, He has already fixed the ultimate goal and is leading the eternal history <Rev 1:8>

-> 70 years, must always, every moment seek out His perfect will to live.

2) Mankind’s history is the process of establishing “the eternally glorious kingdom that possesses love and righteousness.” <Rev 21:1-3> – Kingdom

-> Conclusion is new heaven and new kingdom.

3) Also the process of manifesting the mystery of Christ <Col 2:2-3> – King

-> Christ is manifestation of invisible God. Eph: Christ will unite everything under Him. Now separated, but that time, face-to-face. That history is to establish the king. Before Christ (B.C.), A.D.

4) In addition, the process of winning over the people belonging to Christ <Mt 24:14> – People

-> After a day has passed, one day of gathering more of His people. More sanctified, more like Jesus Christ. Of course, some fallen. All crown, gifts descend. Today is the day where more rewards descend on us.

5) All nations, all peoples and all matters which appeared in history exist in order to accomplish this matter <Eph 1:10; Isa 43:1-13>

-> All these 3: RSYRJG is this one. Every time you come before God, pray, must remember this. Even the wars of Iraq, many armies of America, much sins and corruption in the world, hardened heart of Pharaoh -> all for Kingdom/King/People. Even the light of this place, this church premise. Are our 70 years in this? Must confirm.

6) God already has His fixed timetable, first are the Jews, then are the Gentiles and lastly back again to the Jews <Ac 3:1; Ro 11>

-> Just coincident? We are Chinese, most blessed in this era. In the past, whites nice, but now, it seems like Asians are most beautiful/smart. Whites in America less than 70% school good. Asians have vision, hardwork. The baton has come to Chinese. Who? In the fellowship of Christ, like you and me knowing heaven and earth power of D&R.

3. Must establish correct world perspective

-> Space

In the past, we know have sun, moon, stars, water, ground. Visible is only a shadow. What is real is heavenly kingdom that is with us.

1) Must understand that there is coexistence of “visible world and invisible world”, until the arrival of the new heaven and new earth <Ge 1:1; Col 1:15-17; 2Co 4:16-18>

-> There is 2 worlds now, but in future, only 1 world. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Heavens is the spiritual world. All heavenly and earthly by/for/rely Jesus Christ.

2) Must understand the coexistence of “kingdom of light and kingdom of darkness”, until the arrival of the righteous, loving and glorious kingdom (unrighteous and righteous, “law of sin and death” and “law of life and Holy Spirit”, blessings and curses) <Mt 12:22-30>

-> Invisible world also has 2 different: kingdom of light and kingdom of darkness. Tell hearers to experience in their hearts: can you know when the kingdom of heaven descends on you? When darkness arrives? Fear/doubt/worry/accusations/judge people. Kingdom of heaven? Mt 12:28 to let them experience, no in eating/drinking, but peace/9 fruits of HS. Those who are in Christ, only when willing, can enjoy kingdom of light. Why some just cannot be in worry? Because absolute perspective has, of course, sudden fear/darkness have, but very quickly will restore. Assurance/vision continue to see/speak prophecies – important things to come, RSYRJG things to come.

3) God is present with all, and is dominating all matters <Ps 104, 139>

-> God dominates invisible/visible, and kingdom of light/darkness. Evil spirit descended greatly on Saul. If only we restore God’s word, we will be perfect.

4) Christ is superior above all names; everything in heaven, on earth and under the earth kneel entirely because of the Name of Christ <Php 2:9-11>

-> Christ dominates. Jesus Christ is the barometer that tells us to know God, kingdom of light. This mystery of Christ, today reveals/manifests towards us. In His fulfillment, accomplishments, all have. “Lord, I love You!” together. All good things have already come to us, therefore, really follow Him, as there is no good thing that will be withheld.

5) The spiritual realms’ environment will affect men’s hearts and minds, men’s hearts and minds will affect the visible environment <Rev 12:1-12>

-> All in the hearts of man. In the Name of Christ, drive out. Sometimes, thought of some contradictions, just call in the Name of Jesus Christ to drive out, and darkness just leaves, kingdom descend. Proverbs, more than anything, to preserve hearts and minds, and all good things will come. Else, all bad things just follow.

6) At the same time, the state of men’s hearts and minds will also affect the spiritual environment <Eph 2:6; Mt 12:28-29; Mt 16:17-19>

-> Therefore, if you have negative/darkness in hearts, will not be good. Do not have words of bad things also. Unlucky things will happen then. Just born again person won’t know, thus just narrate, and tell them to confirm, proclaim, experience, doors to open. It is not that we announce in our mouths, but it is our hearts that changes. Those who love Me, those who do not love Me -> Ex 20:4-5. All talk about the heart. Mt 5 those who mourn in the heart, hunger for righteousness in the hearts, -> all hearts.

World perspective to teach how?

Until restore spiritual heavenly realms. 3Jn2, Dt 28:1-14 love God and keep God’s commandments, even flour, calves, children that he touches will be blessed. Those who love God with all their hearts minds might.

4. Must also establish correct perspective of values

-> Important/Light, Priority

1) Must value what God values: Ecclesiastes <Php 3:7-8>

-> Must look with importance those that God look with importance. One day, Paul sees that what he held as important is just shit. Have you passed through? If you have really passed through, the whole spiritual realms will change. Must pass through Ecclesiastes. Meaningless, only in Jesus Christ, and enjoy in God. Play as a father, play as a husband, play as a pastor. Play as a child of God, play your role, and your lifetime will be satisfied. Many problems, persecutions? Don’t care about that. Just follow, quiet and watch, and see how God will do.

2) Must be able to discern “eternal things” from “temporary things” <2Co 4:16-18>

-> In the past, overtime plus added time. Rat race only in temporary things, yet eternal never get. Only how much you sanctify, you can bring with you. Those temporary, you can’t bring along.

3) Must be able to distinguish things of the kingdom and things belonging to the world <Mt 6:19-21, 6:33>

-> Holy Spirit things and things of the flesh

Kingdom not in eating/drinking, but in HS fruits. Must be able to discern HS and flesh. I understand only these after years of belief. My real blessedness only comes then. My heart intentions are discovered then to be God’s convictions. Thus, thoughts itself is authority. Holy Spirit things and things of the flesh – if eyes opened, = born again. Using HS to baptize, will see kingdom of heaven. Christian living is to see the kingdom of heaven.

4) The things God values are man receiving life, receiving power and receiving inheritance <Mt 16:26>

-> For acquiring life, power, inheritance, we learn eating, working, resting. Interpersonal relationships are also for restoring this.

5) The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field <Mt 13:44-46>

-> Some once believed, see immediately. I admire those who get it quickly – “teacher is really good” – Xiaodong. And really totally change over. Another admire: the parents, friends are so blessed because they can understand the same language of Chinese. Therefore, when some people hear Christ, they immediately become very earnest. Like me who is slow, my teacher is not that good? This is for comfort, expecting slow people. If I count from year 12, it is 42 years old already. Must earnestly receive word of Christ, miracles follow him, doors continue to open for him.

Tell them to choose: sufferings a lot lifetime, or blessed lifetime that battles sweat sow reap. Which one will you choose? If you choose the latter, your future has no more problems. You must confirm. In this, your 5, 10 years all change. Must firm it up, if really true, to treat word of God with more earnestness.

5. Must also establish blessed life philosophy

-> Confirmation time

1) Saints blessedly saved have possessed all of God’s treasures in their own lives <2Co 4:7; Eph 1:15-23>

-> All Treasures (of past) already

Not to get more, but today’s conditions. Past is all materials for blessing. Past 80 years of Moses wilderness can then lead 40 years Israel 3 million and many cattle. No water, rice area, Moses can become a government and feed them. Wilderness tear, etc. Therefore, when one is blessed, all past becomes a material and blessings.

2) Self’s eternal belonging, direction and method have entirely been fixed <Eph 2:6; 1Pe 2:9; Mt 28:18-20; Jer 33:3>

-> Most Successful Already to start

There is no need for us to fix ourselves. We are eternally successful. We already sat with God at right throne. Chosen race, honorable high priest, eternally belonging to God kingdom. What is more successful? Lifetime not to become more successful, but to enjoy my utmost success to tell others to be success, to tell kingdom door to open, and to acquire this success. Really too good!!!

3) Our time on earth is limited, and eternal meaning is hidden in each and every moment <Ps 90:12; Jas 4:14>

-> Eternal meaning of joy every moment

Even today morning, afternoon, now. Sometimes, I change again and again the scripts. My percentage is always 50%, but what God has given is 5 hours. Lie 2 hours, yet wake up, do, yet have not finished. It is like always walking with God, so joyful. It is so beautiful, and God’s time is like waiting for us also at home.

4) Life should be lived for getting saved, getting healed, equipping, serving the Lord and testifying for the Lord <Php 3:13-16>

-> 4G by nature, sanctification, learning for lifetime

Paul acquired it, and we must also get it. 4G – Abraham, Moses, David. Like Jesus Christ, families blessed, regional like Rome, world communications. We are called to be this, our purpose itself is holy. Some not holy in nature, therefore, chaotic. If God goes east, if one goes west in earnestness = not holy. Where to learn this? Use all things that you have. Therefore, how much you live, how much you just learn. 活到老学到老.

5) More importantly, we must spend blessed living of walking (on earth as it is heaven) with God everyday <Eph 5:15-21>

-> Most important of philosophy = walk with God. My purpose not others, not spouse, children, not even you all! My purpose is the Lord, to know Him, to discover more of His perfect will, to enjoy more power of His, to see more of His vision. For such, even if no fruits from fig tree, nothing affects him.

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