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Teacher 8: Basic Message 7 – The Mystery of God — Christ

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Daily must acquire more mystery of JX. WE = JX. Daily = restoring JX days. God created the world to exalt JX, all for testifying JX, all that I live for purpose if put in JX, everything will just come. Do not put into seriously serving even, but put it into your life to restore JX peace, joy, and all ministries will come. Do not put purpose into changing your spouse, children, but I must restore the JX that is between me and my spouse, then your children spouse will renew faster. Some foolish people puts purpose on gaining more $, fame, success. Some cannot get what their ambitions, yet receive a lot of torments. Man’s happiness is definitely from there. 2 hours here not for any purpose but to restore Christ. We, 4-5 hrs, enjoy Christ’s love, for love to greatly exemplify, to bless our Zhang auntie. Our brothers/sis, no matter go where, 4 rivers will flow out in, when Adam restored, all flow out peace fame success, will manifest. When we live on earth, we must first understsand this to study, romance, family, bear children. If not knowing this, work hard all lifetime, yet cannot see any fruits that come out of it. More to restore Christ-center, wars and conflicts will stop, small things and darkness, no peace, fear will stop. Even poverty will stop, like Ruth. When she’s unloved, the place she goes, and after when she is loved, the place she goes is different. Thus she meets Boaz, David’s ancestor, so pitiful conditions, yet when restored JX, she restored David! This is the mystery that is ever emphasized in the Bible.

-> How to restore Christ? There is no way to restore unless it is by prayer, or not knowing prayer. When you restore Christ by heart (not by flesh), all things you meet are Christ’s things, then power comes. No prayer, do not ever think that lifetime will be successful. Our “us” is our spouses, for their sake, I must be more HS filled, preserve hope, my speech must continue to speak words of hope. I must become the channel where Christ’s mystery and glory can come out. Do not forget, for your whole lifetime blessed this way. The original principle of living of success if lost, all problems will be gone. If fishes leave water, it will die. If trees leave soil die. Man has soul, connected to eternal heavens and darkness, thus have to live in God.

-> Some likes to live alone. One person read bible HS filled. Yet when husband or children comes back from school, heart not correct anymore. This is not correct. Not only one person see hope, expectation. But when husband comes back, must more hope joy! This is what is meant by learning about Jesus Christ! When the third children comes back, flare up liao! When husband come back, like battleground? No. Must learn. Some likes to learn word of God, yet easily accused other places. Must be healed, as mental problem. Some continue to find people through phone, yet continue to stay in people’s places, so lonely. Such people, isn’t it so that kingdom of God is separated from them? Why sisters talk for 10 hours? This is another type of mental problems. Being living in brethren, father mother siblings, being with friends carpenters, doing work and praising God, all that He does are all in peace, ‘cos all lights from heaven comes upon him. In fellowship, naturally happy and dance about in church like David. Yet when suitable time, he kept himself away in quiet solidary to talk with Father. Early in morning, when all asleep, he went talk with Father to receive power, because got great mission to fulfill in lifetime. What other poverty worries persecution? Anything can success. There is no one conditions that is less than JX. He birth in stable horse.

-> My life grow in perspective life is how much degree you have known JX. Some beautiful outside, yet inside is empty. All jugements muddle-headed. When leave world, muddle. A famous actress when she married for 9-10 times, now 80 years, now appearance so evil looking, so fast, it has passed away. Some for 30 years continue to chase property, yet lost all his life. Some 30 years entertainment happiness yet wasted. Yet Paul through years get all in heaven, get 5, 10 cities in heaven! Some just foolish. Man grow not in fame knowledge position, but towards the knowing of Christ. For our life and all for purpose of JX saints gain and expand kingdom days. This is the day for that actual purpose only. Only hardships also for this. Only today I live, is for 5-10 cities.

-> For me, I blessedly love, I entered school that I should not at age of 12, mission school by America, Sunday must go worship because must have signature of principal. But when I was 20 years, I then understood that

(1) JX paid the ransom for me D&R for me. But I know it very much on the surface. Tf, my Christian living only not to sin, plus more to be zealous. Yet cannot see what God is doing on my life. When I was 30 years old, when I know JX another level, using whole history,

(2) He is the Alpha, Omega! He holds 7 stars in His church, center to Israel and history, and I 33 years old offered myself. For my lifetime, I must invest my life into this. Yet I offered everything then, even all my properties, because not needed but want to do the work of God. Yet strangely, dry in serving, cannot see effectiveness. I offered in emphasis and all bro/sis also received accusations and are stumbled. Yet when I was 37 years old, JX appeared to me again.

(3) This authority JX, power JX, I was in Malaysia experience this, always in Name of JX drive demons, spiritual messages in bible more read le. In the past, who won’t know about Mt 12:28, who have not heard and remembered? Words know, but spiritually realms do not know, thus do not know how to enjoy even in family struggles, when accused, when persecuted. Yet at 37 years old, when I know JX power, I in Name of JX drive demons, yet some areas just cannot drive away. Then I discover that I use strength and loud voice to drive demons in me. Yet heart not freed at all. That demon that tells me to hate him, yet I still hate. Some can, some cannot. Prayers just continue to ask, even HS filling x3, yet how is JX living in me, I have not discovered.

** More important than this material is the testimony from now:

A verse popped to me Col 1:15 JX is invisible manifestation of God, Is 7:14, Mt 1:21 Virgin will give birth to Son called

(4) Emmanuel. Invisible God will through JX see everything. See JX = See God. Verse by verse. 1994 end of year, then I discover I do not understand the bible at all! Jn 3:3 use water and HS baptize born again will see kingdom of God. Often speak JX, yet have not seen kingdom of God. Jn 6 Manna eat drink My flesh, the words I speak is not Mine, but God’s, tf, you have already heard God’s voice. For me, I am so slow, that I continue to seek this. That time, you will see that I am in you and you in Me, on time will remember the words I have given you. Then I understood fully on Jn 1. No one has seen God, but through JX flesh came, manifested: all mysteries timetable works all through JX manifested. All in world do not understand. Those who love Me will be revealed. I will reveal Myself to them in their hands and legs and fields. This word has never left the world. Yet the world do not know Him and reject him. Yet for those who received Him, He gave them authority to become children of God. Through His life, all of God’s glory came upon him. No one can seee, but those who upright love God, will see God’s plan, will, abundance, timetable will be able to see – everything! From then, my Christian living is to restore this. Then I also discover that 4 gospels will have big power. Become living sacrifice, become pleasing perfect will. This is the conclusion. In front of Eph and all espistles, emphasize gospel, then in all 7 fields, do not be muddle headed foolish, but love time, all time test approve perfect will, do not love the world. Then I find that I really have understood JX in Col 1:15. He is firstborn, He is fulfiller, at night, all crown to Him. All hardships attack me I can joy because there is JX in me, I am Jx le. All Logos become Rhema as I lived, and all touched me. All I find and I cannot find anything to stop sharing. I get this mystery and ahh.. I want to prove this out. Therefore, I discovered must let people know about what I experienced, they must know:

(1) Born again mystery must let people know. If one person do not know D&R with Christ, he has not started at all. Hair why don’t know. Only when this, then can know his own true identity. All changed then, perfect will of God can then start. Born again and transformation to start.

(2) Know God‘s works.

(3) Know self. I am created to be blessed, receive blessings, source of all, bless my people around

(4) Ideology. All around me history world values lifetime, all built up.

=> The above is one group, = format, build temple. Only by this converse with God, if not is worshipping idols, but with this, can become alive in God.

=> in more detail, it means to know more on

(5)(6) God’s word to know more.

(7)(8) JX through Him how restored on me, because I am Christ. Even Psalm says, Man are gods, even said by Pharisees to ask how can He be called Son of God? Only through Christ then we will truly know ourselves, know God how live in me.

(9)(10) Holy Spirit invisible method intercede and help me.

=> Then truly meet God

Many saints just live in church yet never meet God.

According to this format, how to converse and walk with God?

Converse: at least must know

(11) Child of God prayer, else is prayer of Gentiles.

(12) According to promise, become fixed perspective, thus all things become concrete and practical: why wife anger on me in morning, then how to see, so how I help her. If get promise, then have, else oppose both ways. The promise that God has given to me is through my life to bless my wife, children regions, tf perfect will what to do daily is so clear.

Then discover many things are really lacking in me and need healing.

(13) Healing centered on healing, as I easily judge accuse people, all these are diseases and must be healed. Cnetered on healing to pray. Then God’s glory will through our temple be manifested. But many dirty things, cleanse. Tf through prayer continue to wash, and it will become brighter.

(14) Living to see that all of what I am in is becoming fulfilled.

(15) Victory Prayer must tell my living victorous and successful. Center on victory to pray.

=> Got many, but at least the above ba.

Walk with God

If never test and approve, how to walk with God? Tf, must center with

(16) prayer in living, then can walk.

(17) In the midst of us, God is living. Tf, center on brethren

(18) Must in my fields living walk with God. In my office, morning, night. All must join together.

(19) Testify, all things in and out season evangelize.

(20) Disciples my life for getting this, and I learn the mystery of raising disciples.

=> at least the above must through.

Through this, we share Christ, 2 lessons.

Basic Message 7

Colossians 1:15-22

The Mystery of God – Christ

-> Christ is exemplified in me, in all my times, life, fields manifested Christ. If you read this 7, you will see that it is different from all materials. Must confirm: is my time of Christ, my family of Christ? Must confirm.

God is always with us,

-> all men do not believe, yet this is still the truth

and dominates heaven, earth and all, all upon all.

-> He dominates, even the cups in your kitchen. Tf, must restore even the thanks for the cups. When we talk on Christ, we must concretely restore. Some complain from morning to night, negative. We know whose life is his dominated.

His glory and power are all already manifested and also can be seen in everything and everywhere.

-> so easy and simple things.. yet…

Man, however, is bound by the forces of sin, flesh and Satan,

-> u must know the power. When the desires of flesh is activated, cannot stop! Only when you discover will you know how much you need JX. We do not wish to stay in extermination..

he not only cannot see the glorious beauty of God, but also lives in death and misery.

-> the world people’s problems are that they do not know JX. Your bitterness sorrows is not knowing JX problem.

If God had not appeared to man, man himself definitely has no way to see God and converse with God;

-> this is called revelation. This is another difference of gospel and religion, where man seek God, but gospel. God’s pel God initiated to tell us, so that we can know.

Christ is the manifestation of the invisible God,

-> U know at that time of writing, my heart is pumping! We must know the abundant meaning of these words one by one.

only through Christ can we then solve the root problem and come before God;

-> What is root problem? In the problem, you cannot know perfect will today, cannot repent give thanks restore hope. Religion tells man to get more property, but religions and moral ethics only cannot solve root problem of sin.

at the same time, also only through Christ, can we then get to know all the mysteries of God and enjoy the glorious beauty of God.

-> Word oneby one to know.

1. Man cannot see God <Eph 2:1-3, Ro 3:10-20>

-> Cannot by principle. Spiritual man when see people, JX see Peter “Satan”. Peter see Anaias and Sapphire, “Why Satan fill you so much” must clearly understand. When we see a person negative, we cannot say he is HS filled, but that he is filled with evil spirit. Some continue to have interpersonal problems in family cannot say HS filled family, but evil spirit filled. Often drive demons, get more experience, the more accused experience, will see more of how people other accused. Some continue to quarrel in family, like a lot of rats, some children complain to parents, spouse continue to mouth talk, husband cannot find peace when come back -> complain. Cannot say this is blessed family if see this. Can see Satan’s works to understand clearly that in your life the works that are manifested by Satan. Tf, how to free, sanctify him. Rely Spirit, Drive demons, restore heaven. Must know what is driving demons not vampires. All times, we are in battle. It is like boxing, must see the target, how arrows come flying to me, must see how retaliate. Do not just look at time, but bring heart on how to bless my life, family, generations. Will not ask pastor why long, but why so short, why so short. In the past, many people asked me to repeat the 36 lessons, yet when this time came, all never come!

1) Lost the word of God and Holy Spirit, thus became flesh. Man has no way to know God by flesh <Eph 2:1>

-> Till when then solve flesh problem? Use this to ask question. Till restore God’s word, HS living spirit, else no flesh way to know God. No way by religion and moral ethics. Buddhist, Roman Catholics, etc, even Christianity. Many people misunderstand. Satan is angel of light, deceiving our hearts eyes. He is truly working in even family church. I look at books on demons yet only on groups of demons. We practically to drive demons, must restore.

2) Dictated by the forces of sin, having no way to come before the Holy God <Eph 2:2; Ro 3:23>

-> Another problem is sin. Till when solve? Till you know God is really righteous and just, else no way to solve sin. Even so you did it, worship ancestors, it is worse, even than communicating with demons. Must be through JX righteousness then can do one. Not bound by Law, but under grace. If my children, yet rigid, want to touch father’s things yet don’t dare because fear father beat. This is worse of sins! Yet say cannot, yet touch, father just came in, smile to father, paiseh, I did it. This is what the Father likes! Those who lives under grace, love communication between one another. If not in Christ, one deed cannot do one. Deceive all in the world, if not, cannot overcome.

3) Bound by the authority of Satan, became his slaves, hence the man’s thoughts, speech and deeds are all naturally in enmity with God <Eph 2:2; Jn 8:44>

-> If do not know belonging problem, unbelievers will not be able to understand. Till “belonging” to Satan. All things in pirate ship are sins even in hospital. Unbeliever’s problem is belonging problem. Believers’ problem is pirate ship attacking us, often attack to and fro.

4) Received judgment and curses, fell into all kinds of illnesses and problems, live helpless and harassed days on earth <Eph 2:3; Mt 9:35-38>

-> May we teachers of this era, be like Paul have spiritual perspective, see bondage of desires of flesh, satan, sin. Even expressions say, and once said, how till can see demons of foolishness “stocks”, ghost of greed, ghost bondage. He already cannot see the Providence Provider. If God gives him more, he will surely come less for church, because he will want to go for tour, find mistress. Money god can buy anything in the world except for kingdom of God. Tf, if man not overcome money after born again, cannot. God gives Ab this test in the beginning. Lot brought along, all famine, to go Egypt inevitable beggar, even to sell wife, deceive, yet get so much, then tell Lot u left I towards God, u east I towards God. Where God is, there is everything. We can know easily what kind of ghost the person is bounded by. Get wisdom, not only this here there evil spirit! One shot kill blood must get, words will speak. Must be able to see. In church, see so clearly, his life is backwards. He continue come less meetings, yet say I always hear messages, excuse, compromise, fair talk, worries will for him. Pastor, pls pray for me, then will not be ashamed. Meng2xiu1. Spiritual people will see. Some people fear pastors eyes, but this is needed so that the demons of excuses will just keep flying around. We must protect the pastor’s authority, do not expose in open, speak in dark, God will take care and even meng xiu the pastor. However God teach, we live. We live comfortable and in joy.

5) At the same time man leaves this world, he has to face the eternal judgment of Hell <Heb 9:27; Lk 16:19-31>

-> Heaven and hell is true, yet even saints can forget. 250,000 leave world daily. Lazarus and rich man. Lazarus in bosom JX, yet rich man hell. How do we know? Because Christ came to earth, been there before, and tell us. Gospel true message continue to speak kingdom, and say, this is the last day on your earth. Till know numbered days left to heaven or hell. Some says like heart like dug out, dropped down. Yet workers hear so joyful. Must speak one, for the Lord tells us to be careful, do not muddle headed, not only on food where entertainment. We must recreation, but spiritual, for we must run, fight, struggle, .. In my life, many times, temptations tell me to rest a bit, but continue to battle to victory. When victory, the joy is so great.

6) Will also leave behind the sins he himself had committed and the spiritual inheritance of curses for all his life to his own descendants <Ex 20:4-5>

-> This is not future things, but today things. Till know “today” get more crown, bless more people. Restore Christ living, then more bless descendants. Lot’s descendants and Ab totally different. Isaac and Ishmael. David’s and Saul’s like black and white. Those who follow Esau and Jacob, though we have not reached there, we will know surely. Even hell has levels I believe, ‘cos by actions. 9? He saw even Confucius and Sikamony. Who’s sin more? Those in church more teaching worse than those teaching religions bounded law. If we do not teach, better? Yet, we cannot run away, for if no teach, no gifts from heaven. In the hands of God, therefore, quickly ren4ming4 fate! If not, how can you obstruct God? Paul kicking against goads – so much painful.

Main point 1 is that all man in bad situations, cannot see God. In Christ can see. Some srious on serving, yet cannot see God. Tf, I emphasize manifestation of JX here.

2. All mysteries of God had been shown clearly to us through Christ 7 great mysteries<Col 1:15-22; Jn 1:1-18; Jn 10:30>

-> All in the history talked most content for the above verses.

-> All created by Him, rely Him, through Him, dominate all. Must see.

-> Some continue to say lacking, yet hear Christ continue to speak to him yesterday today. I do not believe as this is mysticism. No way unless through the only way of Christ. If not pass through Christ, sure religious mysticism prosperity (see I serve and get big house) legalism. JX only has one cloak His property. His living is His serving. I see advertisement in TV: sell holy water, handkerchief place on sick people how get healed, testimony, open new business holy water. This is too much, and Christians will get angry. Yet he is a pastor! But appearance is like antichrist also, different from mine, dark eyebrows, big mouth like fortune-tellers.

1) God Himself became flesh and came into the world, in the same way like us, He was born, grew up, spoke, lived and served <Jn 1:18, 14:9>

-> Have I grown? Have I family church living serving ? JX gave us see everything in living. Do not only count after born again. But even before born again, birth He is there with me. How same different for me birth. I lived in great darkness, then God found me 20 years old, step by step, God opens eyes, revealing to me. I have 5 fingers, JX has also 5. I have father, mother, siblings, 24 hrs, lifetime, He also 1 lifetime. Great mystery in became flesh. If not accept this flesh (John says), they are cult, antichrist. God became like man. Son of Man likeness, but actually is Son of God. Is He the Son of God? -> to prove in his 33 days = his purpose of living.

2) Through many miraculous signs and wonders, the [creation power] and [healing power] of God that are always with us was manifested <Jn 20:30-31>

-> JX performed many so that proving He is really from above. Teaching, spirit restored, miracles will follow us, creational wisdom will come. Not necessary that we will also walk on water 5 bread. Today, He will not do also. If JX gives you conviction, you command, sure. Not Paul Peter all ministries till now, then don’t have lame people? Miracles and signs – when we Mt 12:28, it means so, kingdom heaven restored one.

3) He had taught the words of the Bible and the essence of the Law, and all of them are fulfilled on His Own Body <Mt 5:17-20, 22:34-40; Lk 24:44>

-> All God’s word testifying Me. God’s word essence is “Love God love men”. Put your purpose on this. Is your purpose today this? No matter how bible all memorize, if cannot love your spouse, children, brethren, it is wasted.

4) He had taught God’s “gospel” of righteousness and love, all have been fulfilled on the cross <Ro 3:21, 5:8>

-> Through cross one – this righteousness. This gospel is accomplished on earth.

5) He had taught God’s mysteries of the [arrival of the Kingdom] and the [expansion of the kingdom] <Mt 10-13; Ac 1:1-11>

-> Especially through disciples, teach us. Especially kingdom today must enjoy. That time, don’t bother, but when HS comes upon us. JX emphasize is today kingdom. Just now sorrows, now peace and joy. Have hope, this kingdom came upon me. Through living days on earth, more, our inheritance more – kingdom expansion. JX says some gets 1 cities, some 10 cities, that time, you all will see.

6) Prophesied the mystery of the [everlasting Kingdom that is to come] and [God and His people receiving glory together] <Mt 24-25>

-> Prophecied also. Tomorrow good things continue to wait till everlasting kingdom for us, with this hope, we enjoy now.

7) Presently, He still controls the authority of the heavenly throne, is with everyone who believes, governs everything, and is establishing the Kingdom through them <Rev 1:20; Mk 16:19-20>

-> JX brings 7 stars lampstands going around in my life, JX is still doing work. 7 is perfect number. 144000. 3 is God’s number, man’s number is 4 (NESW), = 7. Less one is 6. 3 times 6 = 666 is worst. 3×4 = 12. 12 tribes, apostles. 12×12 = 144,000. This meaning is the perfect number.

Main point 1: all men cannot see God, therefore I use 6.

Main point 2: JX 7 great mysteries. Incarnated, miracles, D&R, today enjoy kingdom, later future kingdom, dominated.

Actually I prayed much for especially this lesson.

3. Incarnated to us: good examples of the life, living and serving that should be on the body of a “man” who has God’s image

-> Use in your today life.

1) Incarnated clearly the life and living of the blessed and beloved son <Mt 3:17>

-> Jx Son of God how to become Son of Man – other people’s son, brothers, friends, teachers. Should we restore? We should. JX conditions and us? We better. JX ti3tie1 man’s weaknesses. What kind/category of days are you living? Sure to learn more about JX days.

2) Incarnated the perfect image of the faithful servant; faithfully conveyed the will of the Master to men, and totally submitted till death <Php 2:5-7>

-> The Lord is in living days on earth, God gave Him the role of? Other’s son, child, youth, adult, church leader, He faithfully did all of this. How faithful servant eat? He just eats happily and give thanks! His works all – daily, normal, always must restore. Then can today, we can tell the Lord to live. Tell brothers to check, God gave u holy roles is? Be parents, grandmother? Become the prayer power of the church. Become the back support of those running. Immediately will discover how God lay on us. This is important identity, God-given to us. Really play well to be husband, brother, pastor, elder. Man’s like is happy one. Does JX have crying? He cries when appropriate, not when not.

3) Incarnated the image of the most loving Shepherd; diligently shepherding and caring for them day and night, and loves them to the point of dying <Jn 10:11>

-> the sheep God gave us is children and the later generations (that come later than us), towards church people younger believers, unbelievers, and other church believers.

4) Incarnated the image of the absolutely victorious King; broke all the forces of sin and darkness brought by Satan <Mk 1:27>

-> When JX conversed with the teachers of the temple at that time, He acquired the best answer. He is perfect King. Know that when I preach, I know God has entrusted to me, so I just use king authority to do, speak, express. I.e. without prayer, he will easily become flesh, not priest to live. Always, He is victorious, never sorrow on His Own self.

5) Incarnated the image of the highest-intellect Teacher of disciples, had taught the mysteries of spreading the gospel, healing people, making disciples and expanding the Kingdom, and also actualized them Himself to let His disciples see <Mt 28:16-20>

-> Today, He is still working in us. Our church is disciples church, together learn, confirm, pray. Last night talked disciples fellowship arisen with Lei tai tai, admire us, want to come see us. Some thinking so pressurizing to come here, go other churches really good, yet in this church like a black sheep. U know why? Because you are elites. Really, people come here and see that this church is really different. But I know the weaknesses you and I have, we have to renew and grow – there are many areas.

6) Incarnated the image of the most zealous believer; let people see the secret of acquiring power in living and serving: scheduled prayers, continuous prayers, and concentrated prayers <Lk 6:12>

-> Scheduled prayer. JX is God yet why need to pray? I pray like this is for your sake, let you see, be example to you all. Let disciples hear His prayer also. Tf, for us in our living days, if no scheduled prayers, no one can be victorious. Because we in prince of air world, in flesh, cannot one. There is no hero nor general that can overcome the desires of flesh, persecution. Therefore, must scheduled, continuous, when not enough disease come concentrated.

4. Through death and resurrection, demolished the wall that go between ourselves and God, opened both new and living road <Eph 2:14; Heb 10:20>

-> JX 3 miracles: incarnation, d&r, throne dominion, 4: come again, 5: unite all dominate. But most important is 3. D&R High Priest here. Lesson 8 King.

1) He substituted our sins and bore judgments and curses, as well as bled and died on the cross <1Pe 3:18; Gal 3:13>

-> Tf, we to come out from all accusations, to become free eternally. We have to cleanse to rid of guilt. Need at least once a day, evening. Because through battle, some dirt will come on us. More serious than sin is guilt. Guilt tells man to become totally powerless. Like conscience to have guilt? No guilt have more power to do more good deeds. Have guilt become total slaves, such serving is not acceptable by God. With thanks, God accepts. Satan use sin to accuse us like this. JX used the demonstration demo especially revolution to tell us not to forget. Eternally, we are no longer in law but in grace.

2) Through resurrection, eternally and thoroughly shattered the authority of death and Satan <1Jn 3:8; Heb 2:14-15>

-> Eternally and thorough. Those who fear death becomes his slaves. Common points: all blessed Christians wait for death, when Christ will come, when I will be freed from flesh. Those fear death are sinners. Satan is king of dominating death. JX can shatter Satan’s hold to deliver us. Satan is judge sin’s law. When will the marathon stop? I know, morning wake up battle, night yet know tomorrow need battle.

3) Brought to us the [word of God] and [Holy Spirit], making us reborn to be able to know God, and be able to converse with God <Jn 14:6>

-> Tf, know D&R will then be able to be born again. Founded, to know God. Our old flesh surely cannot let us know God. Tf, big work of Christ on cross.

4) Forever solved the problems of illnesses, poverty, misery and so on for us <Isa 53:4-6; 2Cor 8:9>

-> Do you still have illnesses? Disease? Still have problems? Don’t have. All that we meet are things that what I can bring Satan’s authority drown in Big sea, get crown. Paul get mystery to tell all disciples to enjoy. He is abundant. He gets freedom on all. For those who wants bigger house, car, will not have freedom. No one can withstand greed. Alexandra the great cried when conquer whole world. Our cries different from them. Because no more lands to conquer. Greed really bad. Snow white step-mother, mirror: who is so beautiful, no one as beautiful, yet.. this one hurt her, that Snow white is a bit more beautiful. Jealous heart comes. Don’t know satisfaction will all. Learn from me. I totally enjoy. I know the life I run, God will provide you on time. Hey, pastor, we provide one. Ok, you stop, you see what happen.

-> Elder Lee said be pastor best, we run all then work and give provide, tf all my generations all want to be pastors! I really hope that all of you be pastors! Really be equipped and lead a few small groups, and you already become pastor already. When church comes up, who will be the pastor? With a Zhu Ge Liang and a small dog, of course zhu Ge Liang because he has the know-how the most. In the 50, of course one elder. No matter where I go, everyone needs. Elder Lei tai tai says calm, no anxious ‘cos enjoy ‘cos all people wants, and all people wants more. All day talk and God provides all. All doors. Then I understood that once I got JX, I get whole world. Really for you young people, equip this. Your lifetime 5 to 10 years left, where do you want to invest? If all be pastors, who do computer? Computer, lawyer part-time pastor, etc. Till when? Till cannot be lawyer anymore. More $ than lawyer. What I needed is 3 bowls. For me now, 2 bowls, and 1 plate of fruits. The Lord will provide if need house or car. Still have any more problems? Absolutely don’t have, as He has taken all on Himself.

5) In Christ, all of our past, present and future problems all get solved, and had all changed into blessings <Eph 2:4-7>

-> When we lead, lead the hearers to proclaim, “Eternally, I proclaim towards Satan, We have no more problems!”

6) Restored the purpose and perfect will of God on our lives for us, and gave us the most perfect living, and method of serving <Col 3:1>

-> Tf in all things, we build up on the root of Christ. Else why we work, family, raise children? All won’t know.

7) Bestowed us the secret of rejoicing always, giving thanks in everything and enjoying all abundance of God <Php 4:4-7>

-> Eternal love of God appeared towards us, all give thanks, for all given by God.

5. We can enjoy all the mysteries of God through Christ

-> All these to proclaim

1) If we are willing to die and resurrect with Him, we can acquire the eternal life of God <Jn 1:12>

-> Starting out D&R must be correct, then all correct. Some believed 15 years yet have problems. Why? Because have not died yet, tf no new power, identity, heart, purpose. Aunt Zhang believes so few years, yet all words are thanksgiving, because start out correct. For natural people, religion, because no D&R, tf, must train xiuyang, bring a lot of problems. Worse situation is seen in churches. Light has come, we must die first.

2) If we are willing to hand the sovereignty of our lives to Him, we can enjoy the power and authority of God <Gal 2:20; Jn 2:5-11>

-> Secret is in (1) entrust (2) believe, rely on His wisdom to me, His words, then (3) all authority comes out. I pray recently on this that His authority can continue to come out of me.

3) If we are willing to live witnessing for Christ, we can acquire all the abundant blessings and inheritance of God <Ph 1:12-21>

-> Many times, when we bitter, sorrow, that problem you meet take it as training, serving, then becomes testimony.

4) How much you know the mystery of Christ, determines how much you can enjoy the mystery of God <Eph 3:14-21>

-> You will know yourself. How much have you restored Christ? I have started to share my testimony. Growth not fame but power hope wisdom authority.

(1) I started Christ replaced me.

(2) Then I started know Alpha Omega.

(3) Then serving no power, know Name of Jesus authority.

(4) Then Emmanuel. When I discover Emmanuel restored, even cleanse sin is in this, for the things I follow God is actually cleansing myself. Tf, often talk no effect, bring more worse effects. See Me is See God. You already see God’s voice. My sheep hears My voice. I restored, in my lifetime, He took dominion. My morning night, prosperity, hardships He took responsibility, married, bear children, live in church He takes firstborn. I am not perfect but I am continuing to learn. NBut more than past year, I restored more. I hear more, I more restore. This proves that we are blessed loved. Tf, our tomorrow will be more good. When we end this lesson, must give this assurance to them. Many hear JX but all different. Important is teachers must be more enjoyed, confirm.

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