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Teacher 19: Healing Message 4 – “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk!”

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Our Lord Jesus Christ has already let us seen all the eternal glory of our Father, and has already died and resurrected, and He is now throne dominion having authority on heaven and earth, and He has also prepared eternal good things so that He will continue to reveal to us daily on earth. Therefore, Jesus Christ’s gospel is already completed and perfect! If we know it very clearly, we will be able to see His blessings, help, His accomplishments every now and then, and this is for the sake of letting our life be more blessed. Inside our life, there will definitely be some problems, or diseases, and even for illnesses, God will slowly remove it according to His timetable. However, I discover a very great mystery and this is that if only a person really brings a heart of loving God, a heart that continues to seek for God, and a heart that submits/follows Him, there are absolutely no problems!! And then, he will totally be able to continue to receive the love of God, and absolutely be able to enjoy living that is simple, easy and very light, yet with much power and efficiency le.

Normally in our life, there are some annoyances or entanglements, fear or some unpeace, some dissatisfaction, some unjoy, all these are the consequences of our life not fully receiving healing yet. Therefore, we must learn the mystery of the gospel for lifetime.

The Holy Spirit is the great unlimited power. If a person really knows the great power of the Holy Spirit, very simply said, “Those who believe there is truly a God, God is living, God is One Who loves him, God will definitely reward him who seeks Him”. Actually for one who even does not know the whole bible, only that He knows this one message, and this is actually the compression of all our gospel messages in the most simple form. God is living and thus is loving you, and in the future, He will definitely bless you. This one sentence of God’s word, if you can grasp, you will lifetime absolutely be able to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit works through the understanding of that person that descends into our spirits, and accurately speaking which in the past we do not know in full, that it is not that we do not have life inside us, but the Holy Spirit comes into us to make us alive, but the meaning accurately is that the Holy Spirit that is always with us, our spirits understood le, and therefore, from then onwards, our spirits will unleash that function and usage. When unleashing that function (love God, want to seek after God, want to submit God), the Holy Spirit that is always with us will unleash His great power out, telling our spirits to be strong and courageous, and then, the things we see, the words we speak, will receive the same work of the Holy Spirit for those people around and with us – this mystery.

However, if you only know simply this way, “God is living, God is One Who loves me, God is one Who rewards me” – though you know, you will not be able to concretely and meticulously receive the convictions of the Holy Spirit. This is because there are a lot of contradictions in our lifetime. “Why if God loves me, this thing has happened in my life?” “When I meet with this scenario, what should I do ah?” If you need more concrete answers in the gospel, we will receive clearer Holy Spirit’s convictions liao, right? Not muddle-headed, not foolish, but we will receive wise, intelligent, and when we have more understanding in God’s plan, that plan may even be like Daniel’s 3 friends who went into the furnace, but the hearts will be strong and courageous in going into the furnace one! God’s miracles, signs and protections, blessings will immediately follow one. The more difficulties are met, the bigger the problems, God’s power will manifest even greater.

Therefore, if we really know more of the gospel, the consequence is healing, changing us, giving us power, and then, through our life, will bear abundant fruits. This is the mystery of the gospel. Of course, when we enter into the heavenly kingdom, there are no more battles, no cries, but for eternity, our likeness will be fixed le: our crown. The remaining days that we have more years of life to live, and then having more days of health, are actually very great blessings that the Lord has given us actually.


Daily battles

Our motives on earth are not aiming for no problems, but daily are fighting, martial arts, battle days. Gospel is this, so that there is no fear in all things, even unto death, so that once met with problems or high risk, immediately can see and exemplify God’s power to bless self and many others. I really have compassion on people in the church who carry heavy burdens, slow in walking, complains, tired, etc. No matter if we are willing or not, or know or not, our days on earth are actually battles, and these are against our flesh and Satan’s forces of hints.

Battle must know authority

If we must fight, we must know about the authority. All things are fighting of authority. Some people do not even feel that some accusations are anything, but some felt that the accusation caused them death! Some sorrows to some are even joys, but for others, it seemed that it will burn them up so that the bones seemed all dried up! This is because the power in them is different – there are definitely some forces of darkness in this environment of today’s Garden of Eden. To some, no matter how they are flogged, bounded in the prison, they can revert to praise the Lord right there. To some, no matter how much money are given them, they do not waver but they cannot be compared with one person’s life or one disciple. For such a person, he is really the master of the age, even for eternity! His power, glory, wisdom, authority can be exemplified. I chose this, even if I live only for a day.

Holy Spirit filled – answer to higher vision with more attacks (of course)

Of course, there are many attacks that come to me, as the higher vision I have, the greater the attacks. I even prepare messages when I dream, wake up 2 to 3 times to write some messages that come to me; some prayers that I prayed before I sleep that I have not fully get an answer through, not that fresh, my spirit not able to be blessed or convicted, I cannot speak, because this is not done by the Spirit, but only with my knowledge. If I cannot be filled by the Holy Spirit by the message I prepared, how can I speak about the message? This is the reason why I do not look at the message I prepared and written down, because I spent so much time praying and penning down. It is not because it is that I speak messages so easily and with flow. For speaking 2-3 hours message, I must prepare for 10 hours so that I can speak with conviction. This is called HS filled. Before speaking and during speaking for you small group leaders, must be Holy Spirit filled, for every time, there must be new grace for each message. Message to grasp, must apply it by digging out all your life, and then apply on your group members one. If Holy Spirit worked, people will repent, healed, blessed at that meeting. This is the actual gospel work. For people who’s vision are higher, ministry challenges are greater, just like Joseph Daniel David, will definitely see the Lord leading them beside pastures of green and quiet waters, even preparing table of banquet before enemies, valley of death will see anointed, full cup, staff and rod – the mystery to see all these must be acquired!

Must be shocked by the gospel – faint and get up a few times -> aim to pray for anointing to shine their spirits

For some people, before they even start to do something, I see that they have already failed, just by looking at how they start to think. So that they lead spousal living, children nurturing – to disturb them, pray for them, or to be deacons elders pastors and wife, it is really of much suffering because there is no way to see the Holy Spirit’s fruits. The whole week to receive strong and courageous heart – don’t have. This is acquired by the Lord’s perfect will, power wisdom supplied timely surely – with this in the heart, there will be strong and courageous heart inside. Self living is easy, simple, very comfortable, very peaceful, and the fruits brought out are very great. And then, through that that you transform a person’s life so deeply, so that even if you do not continue to minister to him anymore, ten thousand fruits still continue to come. If you do not have enough power, you only tell him to be born again, healed, but there will be no fruits thereafter! This is because the great light of the gospel has not yet shone on the deep realms in his spirit, still cannot attract him over to the great gospel’s side. The person who hears the gospel must receive it, faint and be shocked a few times, and then get up one! This is only correct for such happening. This is transforming heaven earth times eternal universe! Yet know this but yet not so serious, like pushing him to receive this God’s treasure, “Please take it”, not knowing the importance, so that he just throws away at home, and only go in search of dog’s shit – bars, discos, man’s entertaining area, also in unlucky situations, broken relationships, lifetime continue to be dragged along, very tiring so much – is what I see many times! Why do I know so clearly? This is my past! I know gospel faint and get up is at age of 33 years old le.

To Gain the Best Answers of Healing – do not hold back

Gospel will surely receive healing one! And since we are to be healed, we shall go forth to receive the most absolute answers of healing, the answer that can in all situations, things, scenarios, etc work! We must not only get the water, but we must get the original source of all answers! Why shall we only touch the water that comes up, and later, it dries up with no more water? These 10 healing are what I have found out from the bible! However, I cannot say that what I have discovered from the bible is absolute, but I open to you all, to all teachers, so that if you have more perfect, general answers to it, please give them to me, please do not selfishly just hold it back, for yourself to use stealingly.

Yet, I am now in healing to give these answers

However, right now as I hear the word of the Lord and His voice 24 hours, preserving my very heart in the Lord’s peace and joy, and my body also in rest and stay, and then with all orderly in living so that I gain fruits – a day to pass with a day of fruits with a day of crown with 1000 days in heaven. And I have received the perspective to discern the spirits of men. Therefore, there is no need that the Lord tells me to stay with evil disciples, evil matters and people to be together. Even for my parents and siblings, as their timetable has not reached then, so I stick my life and living on those who want the truth of the Lord only, and centering them more closely than my own flesh and blood of family, I continue and discover that they are the jewels of the era gaining vision for this era. And then, together at the same time when I receive power, for those I love as my flesh and blood, I believe and see that my children will chase after the God that I seek just like how Isaac sought for Abraham’s God, and how Jacob and Esau fought over the birthright of Isaac. This is a very important principle.

Today, we talk about three healings on the foundation of the past 3 healings that happened in the spirit and heart.

Treat every day as learning = seeking perfect will of God

For your daily living, if you see some contradictions, write them down. E.g. why do I have this quarrel, struggle with my husband today? Why do I speak some words to my children and they do not want to listen? Why do I have some relationship problem with my coworkers? Why do I meet with some problems in my encounter today, and when I meet them, it seems that I am dragged down in weaknesses and lose all my strength? Write them down. Therefore, treat daily as learning. We are in the classroom of learning Jesus Christ, and this classroom is in the whole universe, of all eternity, and daily we are learning heaven and earth things. This is called seeking for the perfect will of God. When you continue to do this, one day, you will find that your life has totally turned and been transformed – often in great rejoicing.

Testimonies of the power of healing

The best words I heard from a sister, who has ever tried to commit suicide, wrote to me is that she said that she is like me now, no matter how she tries to be in sorrows, she cannot find the way to do it already! And then, previously she was labeled as the most lightning and hardened person around, but right now, she is labeled as the most gentle person in this region. Really healed by the gospel, which can definitely give healing le! In the past, was very muddle-headed, but right now, in clear understanding le! Gospel has such a power one! In the past, only flies and mosquitoes come to me unfortunately, but right now, only bees and butterflies come to me!


Healing Message 4 (Physical Healing)


First thing to proclaim: blessings hidden within illnesses – for sick and for the people around sick

Here, when we are together in the small group, first to see that the flesh disease is what the Lord is using one. In the bible, there are such people – 38 years lame, born with blindness, 12 blood and flesh disease. All these diseases bring about very great blessings. Another is that a blessed minister in the road of serving has met some illness in the flesh, for such, there is definitely God’s perfect will inside. For me, I almost never got sick before, and I almost never stepped into the hospital before, and this is also the grace of God. However, e.g. when flu (which also don’t really have) comes, I am always blessed 100 times after that ah. Surely there are blessings to come right after flesh illness. Just like Hezekiah, Moses going to arrive at Egypt, there must be very important blessings. Especially, when there are people around you whom you love that has come to have some illnesses, God actually finally beat yourself. Therefore, for people around you who has flesh illnesses, there is God’s eternal plan for this group hidden. Let all come together know about this at first. Just like the centurion before public whose wife has gained illnesses, just like the friends of the paralyzed who tried to bring him down from taking apart the roof, just like the father of his son who was demon-possessed when healed – he received very important blessings. Therefore, when such sicknesses arises among your own fields, you must start to pray liao, because there is God’s very important blessings within this. Therefore, inside the small group, the restoration to pray together must be received.

Motive of this Lesson

1) For the person who is sick, give the assurance of life.

2) Let the family or friends around the sick person restore accurate prayer topics.

3) For healthy, tell him to be HS filled for lifetime, do not even worry about any health things for lifetime for God has power to lead your life.

=> These 3 assurances must be gained by those after hearing the message!

John 5:1-18

“Get up! Pick up your mat and walk”

-> You must do this today. When you read this, proclaim, “Today, you must do this.” Then after the small group, there is no more illnesses liao! It can also be said that no matter what illnesses, you have received the Lord’s perfect will already. Therefore, receive the Lord’s love will do, no matter long short life. “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk” This is the mat in our spirit, when we take it up, our body will also receive healing.

The physical body is only a tent or instrument where our eternal spiritual body dwells temporary. More important than the physical body is the life inside the body and the eternal fruit that is bore from that life.

-> How much your body, hands and legs, bear eternal fruits (have you counted)? Here, ask them, challenge them, left 10-20 years, the things what this vessel is going to take up. There is honorable vessel and inferior vessels. We are to become honorable vessels. In these jars of clay, very important life. 2Co 4 says, “集中无比永远的荣耀” is in our lives.

Regardless of the state of the body which God gave us, if we could use our body to glorify Him, bless our eternal life, then the function and purpose of the body has been fulfilled. It is important to first understand this perspective in the ministry of physical healing. Then will be able to resolve many contradictions that always arise in the process of healing ministry and also bring about beautiful healing effects which are driven by God.

-> In this era, all problems and contradictions are because problems result from the healing methods not being correct! Hospital problem is? Man coming to hospital is best opportunity, right? Tell him to what his life is, life has been born again, know Creator Who created his body chance! Hospital cannot do this! Church use very mystical ways, “must be healed methods”, misunderstanding methods, so that those people who has yet to be released from their illness remain in puzzles, even to lose God’s love and grace – such healing methods, bringing a lot of problems.

Illness comes? It is a great opportunity!

When diseases come, we must know that the Lord looks very importantly at our health and peace. Therefore, when they come, we must not fear but know that this is a very good opportunity! God gave problems to Job, but already prepared eternal blessings, till this very day, to tell LC to speak about this, right? After receiving healing, their family received unlimited blessings le! He discovered, “naked I come, naked I go”, and he discovered, “after my body perish, I will see my Redeemer”, and most importantly, “in the past I heard of You, but now I see You face to face!” After restoring this, his child, his materials, servants, fame doubled! Therefore, this notion is very important, that there are important blessings awaiting!


Good opportunity for your small group! -> miracles!

When you lead this small group, if there are sick people among the group, it is a very good opportunity that God has provided! “Today, take your own mat and walk ba!” “Today, let us not be in sorrows for these illness, but to exemplify the Lord’s glory!” And for those who are worried about their family members, or children, “Today God will surely heal! First to heal and anoint you, and then He will heal the people you love, and then He will restore the truth to drive us into prayers.” Therefore, there will be miracles and signs. The first miracle is the spirit transformation. Body healing miracle, testimonies come, so that can bless all nations – these miracles. Simply said, illeness come? This is a great opportunity! Mary, etc – the first words I tell them, “Opportunity comes!” “Till now, God does not give me such a chance for me, if God gives me the chance, I will take it to concentrate pray in find myself in the heavenly realms! Till now, I cannot, because I am very busy on working, taking care of things, and I cannot concentrate on other things.” Because if illnesses come, I myself cannot move mah. All my family members, siblings, parts of Body of Christ, they will all help me one! Then right now, I want to fully face God and concentrate pray!

Matched to the truth of God, proclaiming -> all authority comes!

This is the very first word that I speak, so that all authority comes! When ill people come and say, “So how?? What to do???” He becomes very pitiful person, and if he continues to think wrongly like this, another attack will come. For those people who are sick, we strengthened them saying, “How blessedly loved you are!” Even for blessed people, there is God’s perfect will for even one hair to drop off. For you who received such an illness, it is a very good opportunity already! Perhaps through such an illness, you carried your own cross, many of your children, generations, people around you, will all receive great blessings one. This is not extreme, right? Because this is matched with the Lord’s truths.

Therefore, we must understand the 10 important facts here in first point. Then in second point on how to diagnose, and then third point on the method of healing will be very clear. Point 4 will bring unlimited blessings to your own life and those you love. Actually, this message you just need to read, and all to understand, and it will do. When you read, the HS will convict you all, and you just speak accordingly to the convictions, and it will do. Of course, before you go to the small group, you already confirmed everything inside your living, and then grasp the main points, and then share, will do.

1. First, we need to understand a few important facts

-> This is the truths that we organized out just now (bring all these here).

1) Our body is an instrument given to us by God during our temporary stay on earth for the sake of His personal glory and also to bless us <Ro 14:7-9; 2Co 4:7-10, 16>


1) Who am I? Identity, Purpose, Contents (Perspective), Personality

Confirm together with those who hear the lesson.


Who is Leechull? It is what is invisible to the eyes that make him up. Of course can have idea of resemblance, but if you know him already, you will know that appearance is not very important already. Towards blessed people, if you think of him, Leechull is his lifetime purpose, contents in his life, his perspective, his response when problems comes snaring at him, his heartbeat, his personality (人格), his character (品格). This is eternal one! Inside after knowing Jesus Christ, and then knowing more and more about Jesus Christ living in him, which means becoming more like Jesus Christ, this Jesus Christ will exemplify out from his own life. Who am I? This is very important in flesh healing.

Who is he?

Identity – Child of God, Royal priesthood, Jesus Christ’s body (= one living out Jesus Christ), HS temple (HS often convicted place)

Know another person like this – important.

Lifetime purpose

His purpose is not on worldly success, materials, but his purpose is not earthly blessings, but to gain eternal blessings, to leave this blessings behind to his descendants, later generations. Therefore, must really know clearly who he is.

Life contents = perspective -> fate

Life contents can also be said as his perspective. This actually determines all his fate, right?

Personality 人格

Only that blessed people love us, and this will do! JX also has enemies. Therefore, only blessed people will do, and will all love him.

=> Who am I? I am not the flesh actually.

2) Every strand of hair and every cell is being accounted for by God, and is also under the control of God <Mt 10:29, 30>


3) God also greatly values the health of our body and its sanctity <1Co 3:16-17>


4) There is a spiritual background and reason to all physical illnesses <Ge 3:16-19>


5) If anyone is in Christ, He is fundamentally healed from all illnesses. Instead, there is another significance <Isa 53:5>


2) Circumstance of the spirit -> circumstance of the body (including health, beautiful appearance)

Healing of the flesh is the circumstance of the spirit to bring about the circumstance of the body.

Healthy, Beauty

Absolutely, there is a principle. Even for healthy, beauty. Actually to blessed people’s eyes, when we see people, it is not the figure statistics, etc. What we see is the spirit’s joy, right? At this, men is really very beautiful one. In my eyes, men are all beautiful actually! And in my eyes, I see that I am the most beautiful, because I am most unique one! 6.1 billion people, all of them are unique and beautiful one! Dogs are the favorite pet of men, but in my perspective, dogs are really very ugly, so small, so flurry so that the eyes cannot be seen. Yet to the master, they look very well. Bull-dogs fierce, but to master really ugly. To me as a parent, my children are the most beautiful, because they are parts of my body. In the eyes of God, it is the same! And even for health, and beauty, these are determined by the spirit.

Flesh = Vessel

Another we must receive in this lesson is that for the flesh to receive health, is that you do not care about yourself, but hand everything to the Lord, and after that, according to His teachings. What is the flesh? Actually, it is a vessel only. Therefore, according to the Lord’s will, e.g. I receive cancer, diabetes that come, I cannot heal them right, for I am not doctor nor God, but what can be changed for myself? This is the circumstance of the spirit, and the likeness of the living can be changed (lifestyle).

6) In the whole process of the healing ministry, there is a need to search for God’s perfect will through the spectrum of the eternal Kingdom and God’s plan <Job 19:26>


7) Compared to physical healing, God instead places more value on the healing process and procedure where our lives undergo changes <2Ki 5:1-14>


3) Believe and rely the Lord -> Be blessed yourself first (Spirit -> heart -> living) RSYRJG + medicine (add one more)

Focus – self to be blessed: spirit, heart, living (RSYRJG)

Therefore, the focus of this content is that we must first believe and rely on the Lord, no matter healthy or sick, self to focus here – self to be blessed first.

If your spouse or children is sick, do not care about them first, put focus on your own blessings first. Where blessed? Inside your spirit. Heart to be blessed, and then your living blessed, and it will be good enough! In this lesson, what is continually emphasized here. If you whole living is towards RSYRJG, then when sickness come, “I am the Lord’s blessed, the Lord surely loves me, through this, He will accomplish Ro 8:28 important effect, important blessings await for me” Therefore, family has some people sick? Don’t care, but concentrate on your own blessedness. If I am blessed, those I love and daily think about, those are the ones the Lord daily most look highly upon le. If self is sick, self must be blessed – self hearts and minds to restore God’s plan, living to restore RSYRJG.

8) In the whole timetable of healing, God has great plans for the sick person, his family and people around him <Jn 11:1-15>

-> First thing to proclaim in the lesson actually……

9) Compared to God’s one shot miraculous healing, God instead uses more of healing methods that are more “natural and gradual” <Mt 12:39>


Receive help from medicine – reasons but do not 100% hear what doctors say

And at the same time, to receive the help from medicine. Why to receive help from medicine? (1) Because if we die, we cannot do anything already, therefore, don’t die, (2) if too painful, we cannot do anything also, therefore, if needed, eating marijuana also can, for the sake of relying on the Lord. So that whatever the doctor says, we just follow his words. However, do not listen to them 100%. Because our real doctor is the Lord and the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit accords to people and situations to illuminate us, to tell us to understand what this healing is about. Therefore, at times, other people may think that this is too extreme.

My testimonies on arriving in America

When I came to America with 5 illnesses, many came call me, want to bring me to doctors, because blood in urine may mean some problems in the inner organs. One auntie doctor told me, “Pastor, this is grave! Must see doctor immediately!” Actually, for normal times, I will listen and go in hospital, but that time, the Lord gave very clear convictions to me that this is a great turning point for me for ministry, and the very first passage that the HS prompted me is – when Moses arrives at Egypt = when this wandering missionary is about to reach this era’s Egypt = America, from now, do not be teacher or master, but to be father, to be pastor. This heart to totally change over – this conviction. Therefore, the Lord’s conviction on me, I want to be quiet before the Lord to have Him change my heart – I no longer must 3 days intensive training, then fly away – such a heart and attitude to serve the Lord. Instead, no matter what slow people, ugly, problematic people, really as a doctor, really accurately judge, to endure, to be gentle, having love, all sorts of wisdom and authority, to bring him around. What the Lord has given, I formatted and sorted them out.

– Day one, I was at Huiyan’s place, because of jet lag sleep only 1 hr, husband went off work at 4:30am, gave me shock how to do the Lord’s work like this?? Night time meeting cannot be! We have to have meetings daily one! Eat, drink, sleeping, living – all Weiguang has orderly, i.e. he has no problems in living one. And then, very respectful to people. Yet, for gospel work, more difficult, because too accurate. For me, I have less problems of jet lag (for most people 1 hr for 1 day) because my normal living has no order at all! Because for me, I accord to know when to sleep and wake up according to needs of serving, such living tells me to have some secrets. That day, I penned down a lot of things for praying, by which the HS convicted me, but after 20 days, 5 kinds of illnesses come. Maybe my serving attitude and method have not changed yet, therefore, the Lord wants to kill me – another circumcision, another born again. Therefore, for 3 days, Sunday service I came a bit later, I just talk a bit, and then. If now, I will just ask some elders to speak in replacement. That time, I drank water, and vomited the same, headache, yet cannot put down must go and speak. That time, I only speak 30 min, go back lay down again. And then, on Wednesday, the Lord freed me.

– Past I also have waist, shoulder pain, I know very important things await me. I totally kneel and wait upon Him quietly, but this painful piercing illness came, I really cannot take it. Therefore, for the sake of better prayers clearer, body to just take some medicine. However, at times, there is no need to take medicine by HS convictions. That time waist problem, elders worry, but if no piercing, I don’t care, if have constantly then need to go hospital, and I do not take pills. Daily, I still go jogging. Absolutely no problems, and even wrestling no problems. God gave me some special experiences here to me.

10) The reason which God allows the contraction and healing of illness, will be uncovered through a renewed life and living after healing <Ac 3:8-10>


Wait upon

Therefore, first to restore faith. Then finally, just wait upon the Lord, and this will do. Wait upon great and unsearchable things. Some people have this, but that thorn continues to come at him, then this thorn is his strength liao! He more do not forget, more do not be proud. For people who have more gifts like Paul, one thorn in the flesh for him, Timothy also has one thorn. They heal people daily but cannot heal themselves. God has important plan on them, therefore, once gained God’s important plan, however the Lord wants, it is okay already. Paul told Timothy to drink a little wine not only water – medical method – and then continue to rely and serve the Lord and it will do already. After receiving answers, pray for people beside.

The bible’s principle is that long life, health, beauty is blessing, but not totally necessary. Jesus Christ only 33 years old, but He is most perfect, all has the Lord’s fixed timing, therefore, researching on how to live more, so that more sin on earth, so that hell to go deeper. With eternal perspectives to see, this is not blessings. 10 more years, 10 more years of curses befall children and later generations to leave – many like this. Some tell people to become totally unlucky then leaves. Flesh, health, appearance is important, but spirit blessedness – to live one more day to serve Lord bless people is the most important thing.

2. Accurate diagnosis will bring about complete healing

-> 2nd thing is accurately diagnose, and if the diagnosis method is correct, then the small group will also help people, together to diagnose.

1) In principle, all illnesses are related to the works of Satan <Job 2:1-10; 2Co 12:6-10>

-> and it is definitely connected with the spirit.

2) Some of the physical illnesses come directly from the attack of the devil <Mt 9:32, 12:22, 17:15; Ac 8:4-8>

-> This is Satan’s messenger, also very clearly spoken in Job.

3) Many physical illnesses are related to the sins of men <Nu 16:46; Jn 5:14>

-> And it is related to sins. Most important diagnosis is you diagnose where your or your siblings’ illnesses come from. What is the most important evidence? Your spirit. Because the Holy Spirit will tell you. Therefore inside your spirit, if your heart does not condemn yourself, then you just go forth and find another reason. But if your heart condemns you, then surely before God, you must self-evaluate yourself le.

4) Anxieties and worries will also bring about physical illnesses <Pr 17:22, Ps 32:3>

-> Some illnesses are also because of prolonged anxieties and worries. For this, we go back to heart healing.

5) There are also instances where God also give illnesses in the event where lives need to be renewed or when there are changes to ministries <Ex 4:24-26>

-> If your heart does not condemn yourself – this thing. It is like you continue to serve the Lord and suddenly, this illnesses come. What is this then? This is surely God tells me to quiet down and concentrate pray, because there must be few things prior to this lesson that I must turn back to God, or some ministries that has a turning point, or some very important ministries.

6) There are also instances where illnesses are also permitted to bless the family of the sick and the people around <Ac 9:32-35>

-> God, for the sake of blessing family or the people around, sicknesses are also permitted. Therefore, when we receive illnesses, what do we do? Our family will be worried on us, right? We also see that in church where there are bro/sis in who received some illnesses and their families in Taiwan or China becoming very worried about them, it is a very opportunity to testify about the Lord. Through this thing, we will see family being blessed – often like this. Xue Mei only saved mother? – actually absolutely very valuable one! When mother has resoluted and accepted Christ, that day, I tell her that her illness has seen the worth and effect already. “Actually you can already go off right now.” We joke half like this. When we really bring eternality perspective to see, immediately God’s love and plan can be seen.

7) There are also instances where God permits a “thorn in the flesh” to show that God’s power is made perfect in the weaknesses of the minister <2Co 12:7>

-> Thorn in the flesh to tell the person not to be proud, or fearing that he would not seek for spiritual things.

8) There are also instances where illnesses are planned by God to exemplify His glory <Jn 9:3, 11:4>

-> Not the father’s sin, not the son’s sin, but for sake of exemplifying His glory. This must surely and only wait for His timetable.

9) There are also instances where illnesses come due to aging. As our bodies degenerate, we will receive the eternal resurrected body that God has planned in time to come <2Co 4:16>

-> Aging illness. But of course, elderly people who healthy live lifetime peaceful days, and when leaving the world, it is peacefully sleeping to pass away. However, man aged to bring all sorts of elderly illnesses will also have. Even that kind of illnesses is the same spiritual truth to restore first (the previous points)! – for self own environment, for own later generations, to pray even more one.

=> After this is understood, the later healing methods and healing procedures will naturally come.

3. Only an accurate healing prescription and procedure will bring about fundamental treatment

1) Get the sick person to understand that God thoroughly knows and fully controls the physical state of health <Mt 10:29, 30>

-> First thing to know is that God is in control. God knows everything. Must restore this first.

2) Get the sick person to receive faith that all diseases can be healed in Christ <Jn 5:6; Mk 9:23>

-> In Christ, all healing and can receive all answers, and to receive more of God’s love. This absolute faith must be given to the ill person.

3) Get the sick person to believe that by receiving Christ, he will be healed after sins are forgiven <Ro 10:10; Mt 9:2>

-> It must be spiritual healing to start. Not yet born again, not yet know God, to tell them to have sins forgiven, to be healed. Many people will have this period see themselves healed.

4) Christians who are sick to examine their own sins and repent. Illnesses are healed after being cleansed by the blood of Christ <Jas 5:14-16>

-> Sick people are already believers, already God’s children. Therefore, if ill, must first check your own sins. To repent? Repent. And then, to be purified. So that if the heart is not condemned, you can come with full confidence to the throne of God, to seek for another perfect will of God le.

5) Learn to meditate on God’s words. Will gradually be delivered from illness in the process of restoring faith and obeying <Heb 4:12; Mal 4:2>

-> Meditate God’s word, restore faith, inside the submission process, gradually being set free from the illness will also have one. Therefore, for some people, they meet God in their illnesses. However, at the same time when they are born again, where they totally are joyful because they are born again already, right, so that restoring God’s kingdom will tell them to be healed of their body too.

-> However, for many people, in the process of after knowing God, converse with God, serve God, one day, it just disappears! In the past where one often chooses the food, my own past illnesses, this is gone! My body weak also gone! Esp in 1994 after blessed, my weight increased 12 kg! All areas more sturdy, eat beautiful, move with strength, sleep with peace – this is brought by being blessed. Bring your testimonies out here.

-> Of course, if we have illnesses, we must see the doctor. If needed, for elderly, some medical checkups are needed. And even, if nutrients not enough, vitamins also to take in. However, my meaning is that when you speak about the gospel, try with your best not to talk about this!! This is totally discounting the God’s great power one! That time, even if we do not teach, they will know and do it secretly one. This is my meaning. Therefore, when I am at the pulpit to talk about the full gospel to exemplify, I .. one! Our Jesus Christ has never said, “However”, but He said, “Why are you worried with your one strand of hair ah! Look at the birds in the sky! Wild lilies that bloom in morning and fade at night, God takes care so well, how much for you all!!!!!” This kind of power to exemplify out one for your teachings! And then after your teaching in the small group, in the private time, they then ask you, “Then shall we eat the vitamin things?” At that time, you can then give alternative comments. Especially at the pulpit, this holy pulpit, the fullness of the gospel must be spoken, is very very important thing.

-> When I say that the body must not go through checking, it gave a lot of quarrels among us. However, the very first thing is the fullness of the gospel le (全备福音), and the second thing is that I have experienced it myself. Till now, there are totally no problems at all! I know my one strand of hair are all permitted by God, so that I am so beautiful today. I know what I am today is the best standard, if that is the love of God. Therefore, through this, to live like this in faith. Of course, there are some in the body like a thorn of flesh one, for lifetime, if cannot don’t eat those things, then eat ba. Everyone’s conditions are different. But on the pulpit, you have to speak all of the fullness of the gospel. Of course, I believe in God’s guidance in this way. But I believe that if you truly restore HS filled, all diseases will be removed! I often see this in my wife – many many of such examples! Therefore, if she has some headache, I don’t talk about that, but I comfort and talk about how we became blessed from 1990, that time God gave visions to us, so many jewels around us in Singapore Malaysia and now, then I see that her headache disappears already! And sometimes, not at home but go out, jogging, when in great praises to the Lord Almighty in the nature, when going home, she is so filled with strength to jump about, more healthy and powerful than me! HS filled is very important one secret of all secrets!!!

-> Our nature very easily turns to the negative

In the morning, when she says why there is some headache, I have a little bit of “huh, again??? In future do not say this again out of your mouth!!” Then in my heart, I felt whether it is a little bit accusing her, should not, ‘cos sick people are in pain. Therefore in the room where I am preparing messages, and she went out, I told her, “Don’t go out, first give me a kiss before going out.” Joke to tell her to be in joy before she goes out. Later, when coming here, “Oh!!!” and she stopped short of complaining when she looked at my expressions when in headache. I tell her that I know what she was going to speak about, haha. Really our nature is like very easily just complain and say negative stuffs. Even when I say this, many times I also speak like this, “Oh… so tired till tired.” This one must really remove out from our mouth one!!! This honorable mouth to speak out how can? Must speak honorable words, glorify, praises, blessings people besides words.

6) Through fasting, concentration prayer, and upon willingness to renew or resolute lifetime direction, comes deliverance <Ac 9:17-19; Isa 58:6-11>

-> The time has come le! For concentration prayer le! Very important timetable has come.

7) Do not pray for “the things on physical healing” but pray for the things that will glorify God and bless others through illness <Jn 11:4>

-> flesh healing – do not pray, but when problems come, immediately run towards the previous main points – spirit, heart, living RSYRJG. Because worrying brings fear, fear surely brings punishments. When illnesses come, “Oh, God, illness come, God permitted, surely must have good things.” Start from here, very important. Those painful in illnesses – emphasize more on blessedly love to heal him/her. Therefore, all the lessons before this have all influence one.

8) Cleanse the environment of the sick, and must also live a spirit-filled life that walk closely with God <Ro 13:13, Eph 5:15-21>

-> Cleanse environment. Especially spiritual environment, people beside HS filled. Very important.

9) Concurrently, heed the advice of the doctor, accept medication and therapy treatment <Jn 9:6-7; 2Ti 5:23>

-> Listen doctor’s voice, and then wait upon God. Surely very important things will arrive.

4. God’s entire purpose is on the life and living after healing (Prayer Topics)

-> Therefore, for healthy people, they just hold on to this one, to after closing of small group meeting, pray together. Our meeting cannot absolutely spread just knowledge. God is eternally with us, therefore, if meetings ended, use men’s words (main point 4) to grasp hold, to pray together.

-> For those already healed of their physical illnesses, pray like this also. Then our illnesses can bring an era’s blessings.

I also believe that the 2001 5 illnesses brought about a lot of people’s blessings, that my heart container 心地 changed, my pastoring method changed, and my whole heart attitude on being firmed and strong has changed, and this testimonies can later bless a lot of people, and bonus additionally, today I can speak on flesh healing can speak testimonies. Hearers will all be blessed.

Therefore, no matter what kind of situations, “take up your mat and walk and road ba”. For any people who have not gotten yet, speak again, “We pray first, later we speak again privately.” Surely our eyes must be opened here. This is the same method that must be used throughout our 10 healing messages.

1) For the rest of our lives, we must take good care to manage and use our body for God’s glory <1Co 6:20>


2) Be alert and careful to keep away from sins and to always use the precious blood of Christ to cleanse my own life <Jn 5:14; Mt 12:45>


3) Do not accept any anxieties, always keeping thankful and joyful hearts and minds <Php 4:4-7>


4) Continue to learn the word of God and obey. Converse with God to maintain a spirit-filled living <Eph 5:15-21>


5) Always associate with parts of Christ’s body who have faith. Serve one another and build up my own life in love <Eph 4:16>


6) Use my own life’s testimonies and gratitude to testify Christ and bless others


7) Strive to maintain a healthy and balanced living


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